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Rifles With Sauer 202 Standard Scope Mounting Surface

The Sauer 202 series, manufactured in Germany, consists of two versions: the Standard and the Magnum. The Sauer 202 Standard, also known as the Sauer 202 Medium, features a bolt-action mechanism housed within a full alloy or steel receiver. It also includes a noiseless safety catch at the rear of the action and a single-set trigger mechanism that enhances user control. Additionally, the 202 Standard offers a take-down option for quick barrel changes. The rifle comes with a detachable three-round magazine and has a drilled and tapped receiver for scope mounting purposes.

Rifles That Have Two-Piece Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Sauer 202 Standard

The Sauer 202 is available in two versions, the 202 Standard (short action) and the 202 Magnum (long action), and features two-piece scope mounts that are interchangeable across both versions. Although the Standard and Magnum versions may have different B distances, they share critical mounting parameters such as A and C distances, radiuses, and BHU. This compatibility ensures that the two-piece scope mounts can be used interchangeably between the short-action and long-action models of the 202 series.

Technical drawing of the mounting surface
One-Piece Scope Mounting System

Below is a list of rifles that have two-piece scope mounts interchangeable with the Sauer 202 Standard.

Should you happen to know about any other rifle that shares the mounting dimensions with the Sauer 202, we kindly ask you to share this information with us so that we can expand our database accordingly.

Mounting Standards With Interchangeable One-Piece Scope Mounts

For one-piece scope mounts to be interchangeable between rifles, the mounting surfaces on the rifles must match all parameters, including the crucial middle B distance.

One-Piece Scope Mounting System

Currently, we are not aware of any rifles that share the mounting surface with the Sauer 202, therefore, we cannot provide a list of rifles that have one-piece scope mounts interchangeable with the Sauer 202 model.

If you know of any rifles that share the mounting dimensions with the Sauer 202, please share this information with us. Your contribution is crucial for us to maintain an accurate and comprehensive database.

Rifles With Sauer 202 Standard Scope Mounting Surface
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Rifles With Sauer 202 Standard Scope Mounting Surface
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