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Rifles With 19 mm Dovetail Mounting Surface

The 19 mm dovetail is commonly found on Czech centerfire rifles, such as the CZ 550, 537, 557, and Brno ZKK 600, 601, 602, among others. Like all dovetail designs, it has a wider upper side compared to the lower side, allowing for secure mount installation without the need for screws to penetrate the receiver.

The 19 mm dovetails also feature a recoil cutout for improved resistance against recoil in most cases. Unlike the 14.5 mm dovetails, the recoil groove on the 19 mm dovetails is positioned on the left rear side and does not extend to the top of the mounting surface. Additionally, the design of the 19 mm dovetail on Czech rifles often includes two separate parts, separated by an open-top ejection port.

Technical drawing of the Dovetail mounting surface
19 mm Dovetail on Brno ZG 47, Source:

Rifles That Are Equipped With 19 mm Dovetail

Below, we have provided a list of rifles that are equipped with the 19 mm dovetail.

If you have any additional information on models that could be included in our list, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We greatly appreciate your efforts and contributions to ensure our list is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Rifles With 19 mm Dovetail Mounting Surface
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Rifles With 19 mm Dovetail Mounting Surface
This article lists rifles in specific sub-groups under the 19 mm Dovetail mounting surface with interchangeable scope mounts.
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