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Rifles With 11 mm Dovetail Mounting Surface

The dovetail is a unique design that facilitates the mounting of accessories on various rifles. It features grooves cut into the rifle’s receiver, barrel, or slide. Rifles are equipped with dovetails of different widths, including 11 mm, 3/8”, 12 mm, 14.5 mm, 16.5 mm, and 19 mm. Among these, the 11 mm dovetail is the most common, surpassing even the Picatinny rails in terms of frequency and recognition. It is primarily found on small caliber (rimfire) rifles, air rifles, and some centerfire rifles used for sports and tactical purposes.

Technical drawing of the Dovetail mounting surface

Although it is less common on centerfire rifles, the 11 mm dovetail dominates the rimfire rifle market. Over 90% of rimfire rifles incorporate an 11 mm dovetail on their receiver, a trend that is similarly observed in air guns. Dovetail designs generally allow for the installation of mounts without the need for screws. Scope mounts can simply clamp onto the dovetail with sufficient force to prevent movement from recoil. Some 11 mm dovetails, especially on centerfire rifles, also include a recoil lug to enhance resistance against the kickback of the rifle. Some rifles feature additional holes in the receiver, allowing users to opt between using the dovetail or securing directly to these holes.

Rifles That Are Equipped With 11 mm Flat-Top Dovetail

There are two main styles of 11 mm dovetails in the market: rifles with a flat top and those with a round top, such as many Anschutz models or certain Savage rifles. This distinction is crucial as it affects the compatibility and stability of mounted scopes.

11 mm Flat-Top Dovetail on Steyr Mannlicher Zephyr II

Below, we list rifles that come equipped with an 11 mm Flat-Top Dovetail.

Rifles That Are Equipped With 11 mm Round-Top Dovetail

It’s also worth noting that some rifles come with a round-top dovetail. An important consideration is that scope mounts designed for rounded-top receivers can generally fit rifles with a flat-top. However, mounts specifically made for flat-top dovetail rifles are not compatible with round-top-style receivers.

11 mm Round-Top Dovetail on Anschutz 1761

Below, we list rifles that come equipped with an 11 mm Round-Top Dovetail.

Rifles With 11 mm Dovetail Mounting Surface
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Rifles With 11 mm Dovetail Mounting Surface
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