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Pulsar IPS batteries IPS7, IPS14 | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to yet another Optics Trade Debate. Today, we are going to talk about Pulsar’s B-Pack series of batteries – the whole range of batteries that power many different devices.

At the moment, there are five different series that this typical battery pack powers: Forward, Helion, Trail, Digisight, and Accolade. Why is it useful to have a battery of this type? Looking at other manufacturers in this category of digital night vision and thermal optics they all still have internal, integrated batteries. This poses two problems; the first one being that such batteries almost always lose their charge when you most need them. This can be solved by having an interchangeable battery.

The second problem is connected to the fact that batteries are the biggest problem of modern time. When the battery dies, for example on a cellphone, the whole phone is usually replaced. There are not many people who send their phones to a service to get them fixed, and the same goes for thermal optics. The only difference is that thermal optics is very expensive and buying a new product can pose a problem.

Pulsar IPS7 battery pack

The issue disappears with Pulsar, as you can just buy another battery – which makes the lifespan of the entire device much longer. So if you are out on the field and run out of battery, you can replace it in a matter of seconds. With the competitor’s devices, you could use a power bank, but it is more of a hustle.

When buying an expensive Pulsar product, you know it will work for at least 10 years because the batteries can be purchased at every hunting store, or on-line, and the device then works normally.

Pulsar IPS14 battery pack

Let us go through the models and which batteries for this B-Pack type are available. Currently, there are 4 types in existence: the IPS5, IPS7, IPS10, and the IPS14. Generally, the number next to the abbreviations stands for the battery life you can expect while on the field, the hours.

However, not all of these models are currently in production. In August 2020, you may still be able to find the IPS5 and IPS10 – the previous models – in some shops. At Pulsar, they just replaced them with the IPS7 and IPS14 for approximately the same price. Now, the IPS5 and IPS10 may be purchased with a discount, as the prices of the old and new models are similar (€95 and €119).

Does the bulkiness of the bigger models pose a problem with certain devices? If you put it on a Forward, it is a bit bigger and heavier, but with, for example, Accolade, it is the bigger the better – so it depends. The battery is also so small and light that you can always carry a spare one in your pocket.

We hope we covered most of the things, but if you have any additional questions, feel free to post a comment below or send us an e-mail. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and goodbye.

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    • The number next to the abbreviations stands for the battery life you can expect while on the field – the hours. So, for example, IPS7 would last 7 hours, and so on.

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