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Pulsar Forward F155 vs F455 digital night vision clip-ons

Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. We continue on introducing the devices made from Pulsar, only we cover a new topic this time, namely digital night vision clip-ons. Specifically, we will focus on the differences between Pulsar Forward F155 and the new model F455.

The first model (F155), which is now discontinued, was introduced in 2017 and only two years later, in 2019, Pulsar decided to update their device. Pulsar is otherwise known as the company which updates their models fast.

When the F155 was introduced, it generated a massive interest on the market. A lot of orders came in that Pulsar could not keep up with, mainly because of insufficient amount of sensors. Pulsar, for this reason, decided to change the sensor in order to produce more of them.

Subsequently, somewhere around April 2019 Pulsar began with the production of the new model, F455, in hope of catching up with backorders and to stay ahead of its competition.

Regarding the external appearance, there is almost no difference. The only difference is the new illuminator. The illuminator on F155 was attached and detached with the help of a rotating ring, but on F455, the attachment and detachment is much easier, namely with the help of a lever. Also, the design of the illuminator is a bit different on the new model.

Otherwise, the outer appearance is completely the same. The menus are the same, the buttons are in the same place, the focusing knob is the same and even the bayonet for the attachment of the adapter is the same, so you can interchange an adapter between the two models. They both also use the same batteries (B-pack battery).

The interior, however, is different and more improved on the new model, F455.

The first difference is in the sensor. The F155 had a 702×526 CMOS sensor, while the F455 features a CMOS sensor with 1280×720 pixels. The user gains a wider field of view, as well as better image quality.

The sensitivity on the new device is also much better. The user needs less light to get an equal level of image quality. The user can also detect objects farther away than before.

Both devices use the AMOLED display, but the resolution is different. The old model had a display resolution of 640×480, whereas the new model has a display resolution of 1746×1000 and therefore provides better details.

Another improvement is the video resolution. On the F155 it was 640×480 and on F455 it is 1280×720.

The illuminator, although updated, still emits the same wavelength of 940 nanometers and is still invisible to most animals. This, along with a long lifespan and ability to use them during the daytime, is the biggest advantage of digital night vision devices.

Even though the F155 turned on very fast, the F455 turns on even faster, almost immediately.

In 2019, the price for F155 was around 1100 €. The F455 costs 1250 €, so it is more expensive, but it is a better device.

The warranty period on both devices is three years.

Currently, there is no real competition on the market in this class, so this device is definitely a good purchase.

This is everything for today. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, feel free to send us an email or leave a comment in the section below. We love to help. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content. See you next time!

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  • Hello friends
    because the FN455 does not record with sound, what is the problem?
    The F155 did record and it is rare that the F455 does not. How can it be resolved?

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