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Pulsar Firmware Update 4.7 for Thermal and 2.7 for Digital Night Vision Devices

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is a European manufacturer of thermal imaging devices, digital night and day optics. The company came up with the latest software releases that are available for Pulsar digital (Firmware version and thermal imaging ( optics. Technology is a two-way street. If we interact with it, it interacts with us – and updates are the perfect example.

Pulsar’s firmware update 4.7 is available only for these optics:

  • Thermal monoculars: Axion XM S, Axion XQ
  • Thermal riflescopes: Thermion XM, Thermion XQ, Thermion XP, Thermion XG, Trail 2 LRF XQ, Trail 2 LRF XP
  • Thermal attachments: Krypton FXG, Krypton XG
  • Digital night vision riflescopes: Digisight Ultra N450/N455, Digisight Ultra N450/N455 LRF, Digex N450/N455
  • Digital night vision attachments: Forward F455, Forward FN455

The key features included in the update are playing videos with sound while using built-in players on devices that run either the iOS or Mac OS operating systems. The users can now also share the recorded video files via a free application WhatsApp on iOS, Mac OS, and Android devices. The update works whether you are using the smartphone file manager, or exporting a video file from the Stream Vision application.

Finally, for the update itself and how to do it. It is fairly easy, as the first step is to simply download a free mobile application available in Google Play Market or the AppStore called Stream Vision. The second and final step is to connect your mobile phone to the thermal imaging unit via Wi-Fi and click update. Now, the new functions are ready to be used.



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