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Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50


In this article, we will talk about the new Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 thermal imaging device, which was represented to the public on IWA Outdoors Classics 2018 in Nürnberg. Pulsar is one of the most popular manufacturers of night vision and thermal imaging devices in the world, thanks to their great price/performance ratio. The Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 is also a unique device on the market because of many features, which we described below.


First of all, we will talk about the unique binocular design. Because you can look through this device with both eyes, the viewing is much more comfortable than with a monocular. The most important feature for a comfortable view is the variable interpupillary distance, what means, that you can adjust the distance between the eyepieces. This is a must because every user has a different distance between the eyes, and because of this feature, the comfort and quality are improved.

For a great picture, also high refresh rate is needed so the picture has a smooth view, and you don’t see quickly changing frames when you move around. The Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 has a refresh rate of 50 Hz, what is very high, and it guarantees a smooth real-time viewing.

This device features also a high sensor resolution of 640×480 pixels, so your objects are crisp and have greatly defined details. The pixel pitch is 17µm, which is small enough, so you don’t see the pixels when you looking at the screen through the eye-piece. For a perfect picture without freezing in extreme temperatures Pulsar decided to build in an AMOLED display, which is, according to the manufacturer, able to retain all the colors without reducing the frame rate even in extremely low or extremely high temperatures. This display features 8 color palettes, so the user can decide which one fits him the best. The display has also a picture-in-picture mode, where a small but magnified window appears over the center for a detailed view of the target, but you still don’t lose the field of view.

Everything you are looking at can be also recorded thanks to the built-in video recorder, or you can even shot pictures for later on observing. You can connect the device also to the internet over a smartphone or a tablet and make a live-stream directly on YouTube.

Because of the strong microbolometer, you can detect warm targets even on extreme distances, with this specific device even up to 1800 meters.

One of the most important things on this device is, whatsoever, the build in laser range-finder. This is also a unique feature of thermal imaging devices for the civilians market because the most devices feature only a stadiametric rangefinder, which isn’t very accurate. With this build in laser range-finder, the user can measure the targets up to 1000 meters, and this very accurate. Because of this, shooting on longer distances after finding the target is much easier and much more accurate. The entire device is fully waterproof with the IPX7 rating, so it can be even submerged under 1 meter of water and will still be functioning as normal.


The Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 is a very universal thermal imaging device, and thanks to the integrated laser range-finder, engaging distant targets is much easier, especially when the sun goes down and you can’t use a normal laser range finder anymore. It is especially great for long time observations because you look with both eyes, and that’s why you won’t get so quickly tired like with a monocular.
The picture quality is also great, and the entire device is built for usage in all weather conditions. The warranty is 3 years long, but Pulsar will repair their devices even after this period expires. All in all, this is one of the most feature-rich devices from Pulsar, but unfortunately also one of the most expensive.

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