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Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today we are going to talk about Pulsar Quantum Lite devices.

Pulsar is a producer of thermal optics that got really popular over the last few years. One of their most affordable models are from the Quantum Lite series.

When people get used to the idea of using thermal optics while hunting they usually use it quite a lot. A completely new world opens up when you try thermal optics and you are able to see animals in low light or even in complete darkness, that are far away. On the other hand, the downside of all thermal devices is that their power consumption is quite noticeable.

With both Quantum Lite models, you only get two battery trays for 4 AA batteries. Many users noticed that this commonly isn’t sufficient. It is hard to be completely sure if the batteries are filled or not and it’s always optimal to buy a new pack of batteries for each hunt.

These are some of the reasons why Pulsar provides other options. First of all, to extend the battery life, because the AA batteries provide only 3-4 hours of use. And the normal AA batteries are not rechargeable. That’s where internal power sources come in to play.

One of the alternatives are the DNV battery packs. They look more or less the same as the battery trays you get with a Quantum Lite but the capacity is higher. They are available in packs of two so you can have one on standby. It is really handy, you just put it in and the form of the whole device stays the same.

There are also external power sources like the EPS3i or EPS5 battery pack which have a really long operating time. That means that the battery packs need to be charged every 5 or 6 hunts. The EPS3i comes with a charge indicator so that you don’t get caught off guard.

There is a significant difference between those two power sources. With the EPS3i, you get a Picatinny mount or a Weaver mount and on a Quantum you have a Picatinny/Weaver rail so you can easily mount an external battery on it and put the cable inside the device. It does not look as nice as the device without it but it is quite functional.

On the other hand, EPS5 is much heavier and you are not able to mount it on the device. With the external battery you get a long cable, so you can put the battery in your pocket. It is not that handy but you get around 20 hours of operating time.

There are some advantages and disadvantages but in the end, it depends on how somebody is using it. If you are using it for a few hours in a row then it’s better to have an external battery pack. But if you’re using it for a few minutes at a time, the DNV pack will work great.

Charging times are really important as far as usability is concerned. The EPSi3 charges around 4 hours and the EPS5 around 6 hours. Even the DNV will charge for about 3-4 hours. All these batteries are of the nickel type, and that’s why the charging times are a bit longer.

These power sources really increase the usability of a Quantum device and are quite affordable. The DNV pack costs around 80 €, the EPS3i costs around 90 € and the EPS5 costs around 115 €.

We also have to mention that these power sources also works with other Pulsar devices except the latest generation that has the B pack which is even better.

With the EPS3i and the EPS5, you get a normal wall charger, a socket for your car lighter and with DNV, you get a normal charger for a domestic charger.

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