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Perger Porro prisms | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Today, we are going to be talking about prisms. We will be discussing a very unique form of prisms, used by Leica, called the Perger Porro prisms.

We have other videos discussing the differences between Schmidt-Peckham, Abbe Koenig, and Porro prisms. However, there are not many debates on Perger Porro prisms, as they are so rare. However, we do still receive questions from costumers inquiring about the prism. The Perger Porro Prism was first introduced on the market at IWA in 2013, around the time they released the HD-B models, the new Geovids.

The most common feature or the first one you see is the shape – the traditional Porro prism binoculars are very distinctive when it comes to their looks. With Perger Porro, the binoculars have a “banana-shaped” housing, which is, ergonomically pleasing, and simple to use. Another advantage is that it has a higher light transmission rate than Schmidt-Peckham roof prisms, and it offers a better recognition of the depth of field – usually, people say that Porro prism binoculars have more of a 3D sensation, and it is easier to see your surroundings through them.

This prism can be found only with Geovids – only top-quality binoculars from Leica have this feature. It would, however, be interesting to see a model with this type of prism, without the integrated laser rangefinder. Nobody else apart from Leica is using this prism – Leica is the first one who introduced it in 2013 and so far, no other manufacturer has decided to go for this type of prism.

Leica being the only company to produce Perger Porro prisms is quite interesting, because many other great manufacturers produce binoculars; such as Swarovski, Zeiss, and many others, but they lack these prisms in their construction, which is quite interesting. Abbe Koenig, which is also rare, is used by Zeiss, Swarovski, Noblex, etc. But Perger Porro is used only by Leica – which was a bold move – to do something no one else has done before.

In fact, Geovid as a whole was a bold move because they were the first rangefinding binoculars with all the ballistics integrated. On top of that, it has a prism used by nobody else before. We also have to say that they implemented it with class – the shape is something else, and the optical performance is outstanding. Most laser rangefinding binoculars have problems with Optical performance, but not the Geovids.

We hope to see a similar spirit and quality by Leica in the future. To wrap up, we hope we covered most of the questions. If you have any additional ones, feel free to leave a comment, or just send us an e-mail. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Take care until next time. Bye.

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