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Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual



The reflex sights are excellent aiming optics devices of up-to-date design.

With their small size and low weight as well as their compact shape without using a tube, they offer various possibilities of use on hunting and sport.

The solid workmanship, the high optical performance, an attractive design and the functional reliability even in case of extreme weather conditions will cause your NOBLEX® sight II plus to become indispensable.

Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual

Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual


  • 2 M3x8 countersunk socket screws (TORX) to fasten to the mounting plate
  • 1 Allen key for tightening the fastening screws
  • 1 T10 hexagon wrench key (TORX) to tighten the fastening screws
  • 1 adjusting wrench with adjusting scale specific for the device
  • 1 protective cap
  • 1 Lithium battery 3 V, CR 2032
  • operating instructions


Magnification 1.07x
Sight window 21 mm x 15 mm
Elevation adjustment range 4 degrees or 720 cm @ 100 m
Windage adjustment range 3 degrees or 540 cm @ 100 m
Set value for one scale division 1 minute of arc or 1 in @ 100 yards with 60 scale divisions per turn
Subtension of the aiming dot depending on the model:
- 3.5 MOA
- 7.0 MOA
- 10 cm / 100 m
- 20 cm / 100 m
Parallax-free sighting distance 40 m
Recoil resistance at least 1000 g
Operating temperature range -25 °C to +55 °C / -10 °F to +130 T
Storage temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to +160 T
Power supply 3 V, CR 2032 lithium coin cell
Dimensions (L x W x H) 46.0 mm x 25.4 mm x 23.7 mm
Weight (without mounting accessories) 0.9 oz / 25 g


The NOBLEX® sight II plus features compact tubeless design and low weight without sacrificing performance.

Due to its small size and mass NOBLEX® sight II plus can be mounted directly on short-barrel guns.

NOBLEX® sight II plus provides the advantage that the sight-to-eye distance is selectable over a wide range. Thus, the NOBLEX® sight II plus is equally suitable for pistols and large-caliber guns.

NOBLEX® sight II plus offers a large field of view due to its low magnification. The sighting direction is not falsified in aiming. NOBLEX® sight II plus is firmly factory-adjusted parallax-free to 40 m. This adjustment ensures that parallax-related aiming errors are minimized over a large distance range.

The sophisticated optical system of the NOBLEX® sight II plus allows highquality imaging.

The optics consists of two firmly connected glass lenses (1). The functionally important coating reflecting the aiming dot is applied to one of the inside surfaces which provides maximum protection against scratches.

Additional the outer surfaces of the lenses are antireflection coated with resistant layers.

All components and mounting elements exposed to mechanical stress are made of high-grade materials, such as stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminium alloys.


NOBLEX® sight II plus is available in two models with different overlaps of the light dots.

Model 3.5 m.o.a overlap hunting ans apecial applications
Model 7.0 m.o.a overlap sports shooting and short-barrel guns


Have the NOBLEX® sight II plus installed and the gun tried out and adjusted by a gunsmith. Attach the cover (2) only after installation.


The sight is powered by one commercially available 3V Lithium battery CR 2032 (included in standard equipment). Operation with two CR 2016 batteries is not possible.

Insert the battery into the battery cavity on the underside of the housing so that the battery label identifying the positive pole is visible. The integrated electronics is, however, protected against wrong polarization of the cell through reverse insertion. To ensure reliable contact, a magnet pulls the cell onto the gold-plated contact plate on the printed-circuit board. Keep the contact surface clean (clean with spirit, if necessary).


For battery replacement, remove the complete device and turn it upside down. Take out the exhausted battery by placing the Allen key (or a screwdriver) in the notch located on the right-hand side as seen from the bottom.

An renewed adjustment is not necessary because of the precision pins.


The device does not contain a separate ON/OFF switch. To operate the electronic circuit in the power-saving mode, attach the cover. Use the thumb to slide the cover off the NOBLEX® sight II plus for use. With your thumb first push down on the cover‘s serrated section and then forward.

You may also store the device in a lightproof box to achieve the same powersaving effect thus allowing operation over a longer period.

Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual

Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual


Installation of the device requires the use of a separate adapter plate.

Obtain the adapter plate for the respective gun from specialist shops. Install the device using the hexagon socket-head screws provided and the Allen key that is also included in the equipment. The underside of the housing contains flat bores for the accommodation of alignment pins providing defined positioning of the device.

Please put the protective cover (2) on your NOBLEX® sight II plus when cleaning your gun. This prevents gun oil aerosols from setting on the lightemitting diode or on the optical surfaces and makes sure that the shape of the dot does not change.


Elevation and windage adjustment

The sighting device contains separate controls for elevation (vertical) (3) and windage (lateral) (4) adjustment. These are arranged on the top and the right side of the sight.

To adjust the sight, turn the slotted screws using the provided adjusting wrench with attached scale and the screwdriver 0.4 x 2.0.

The adjusting controls can be operated independently of each other. The available adjustment range allows both compensation of inaccuracies in mounting the sight and ballistic correction. The windage adjustment (4) mechanism has limit stops at both ends.

Please note that in elevation adjustment (3) the downward stop is available in mounted condition only.

Please note that the adjustment mechanism will be locked if you screw down the other adjusting screw each up to the stop.


(Refer back view-illustration to title)

Before every adjustment of elevation (3) or windage (4), make sure to loosen the lock of the adjustment mechanism (5) to avoid damage to it. For this, turn the spring-loaded thrust and clamp screws on the rear side of the sight a quarter of a turn counter-clockwise away from the limit stop using a screwdriver 0.4 x 2.0. The adjusting controls must be smoothly movable.


Adjust the point of impact using the provided scale disk with integrated screwdriver.

Put the scale disk onto the elevation (3) or windage (4) adjustment screws. The scale disk allows defined elevation and windage adjustment in both senses of rotation. Use any edge on the device as the reference line for the adjustment.

Turning the adjusting screws clockwise results in a downward respectively leftward shift target point. The shift of point of impact follows by turning clockwise upwards respectively to the right, in opposite direction therefore.

The direction of the shift of the point of impact is indicated on the scale disk.

One scale division of this disk corresponds to 1 minute of arc or to 3 cm at 100 m. For other shooting distances this value changes proportionally, for example: 1,5 cm at 50 m or 3 mm at 10 m.

Prior to shooting make sure to fasten the clamp screws (5) on the rear side of the NOBLEX® sight II plus with the enclosed screw driver 0.4 x 2.0 to secure the adjustment by applying little force only.

Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual

Noblex Sight II Plus Instruction Manual


The integrated control circuit adjusts the brightness of the aiming dot to varying light levels in the surroundings.

The brightness sensor (6) on the front side of the sight senses the brightness in target direction. Depending on the detected light level the circuit controls the intensity of the dot so that it will not dazzle you in the dark while being easily visible even at daylight (brightness controlled).

The dot remains visible even in complete darkness. Take care not to obstruct the sensor (6) while the sight is in use. Clean the sensor from dirt, if necessary.


Covering the sensor (6) with your finger will affect the function of the control electronics only slightly. If you want to check its function, it is advisable to cover the sensor with a surface of the protective cover.

To ensure that the device is always ready for use, the circuit is so adjusted that the light-emitting diode will not go out even if it is completely dark.

The energy consumption is so low then that a service life of about 4 years is ensured.


NOBLEX® sight II plus is water-resistant, but not waterproof. NOBLEX® sight II plus remains usable even if it is exposed to moisture. The electronic and mechanical components are so designed that they can be exposed to water.

Such use conditions should however be limited in time, as otherwise the battery will automatically discharge and additionally an electrolytic reaction be started. After exposure to salty or dirty water, rinse the sight with distilled water and dry it subsequently.


To clean the optics, use glasses cleaning clothes. Before doing that, the optics surfaces should be carefully cleaned using a soft and clean cloth or a hair brush where no chemical solvents are to be applied.

Heavy dirt should be removed using distilled water. Otherwise, furrings can occur on the surfaces. In case of possibly function-affecting damages, the device has to be sent to an authorized service workshop.


Due to their specific construction, NOBLEX red-dot reflex sights do not have a diopter compensation unit.

Thus, all individual visual defects of the respective shooter have a direct effect on the contour of the perceived light dot.

Seeming ovality, sickle-shaped distortion, „star clusters“ or a „frayed“ contour of the dot do not mean a defective device, but rather and exclusively mean a physiological change of the eye (astigmatism). Then, it is recommended to use corrective glasses or to have the eyes checked by an ophthalmologist.


We grant a warranty of two years in the following extent:

1. During this period, complaints based on defects in material and workmanship are remedied at no charge. We reserve the right to do such a clearance by repair, by replacement of defective parts or by provision of a similar, perfectly functioning product.

2. If the warranty is claimed, the optical device along with the proof of purchase (with address and signature) as well as the date of selling by your dealer and a description of the present complaint is to be sent to the responsible NOBLEX agency, at your own expense.

3. Claims for warranty performances do not exist in case of improper usage, interventions and repairs by a service provider that is not authorized by our company.

4. Wear and tear, wear parts and miscellaneous accessories are excluded from a warranty. This also applies to diverse damages of the product surface.

We do not assume any liability for further-going direct or indirect damages, irrespective of type and extent. It applies the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt/Main.

Please note when disposing of sighting mechanisms with electronic parts:

Sighting mechanisms equipped with an illuminated reticle, thus design-related containing electronic parts, must not be mixed into general household garbage when used up. Bring the material to the corresponding collection points for proper handling, retrieval and recycling; they will be taken from you without fee. Properly disposing the product at the corresponding collection points conduces to environmental protection, and prevents potential repercussions on humans and environment resulting from incorrect usage of waste.

Please note when disposing of batteries of sighting mechanisms:

Batteries must not be disposed in household garbage. Please dispose spent batteries using the provided retrieval and recycling system. The consumer is legally required to turn in dead and no longer usable batteries.

Retrieval is possible at all marked collection points.



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