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Noblex Inception Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual



The NOBLEX® inception rifle scopes are outstanding target optics of the latest design. The solid workmanship, high optical performance, attractive design and functional reliability, even under extreme weather conditions, will make your rifle scopes indispensable.

Noblex Inception Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Noblex Inception Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


  • 1x neoprene cover
  • 1x battery CR 2032
  • Operating manual
  • Warranty card
  • NOBLEX optics cleaning cloth


Model 1-6×24 2-12×50 3-18×56 5-30×56
Magnification 1x – 6x 2x – 12x 3x – 18x 5x – 30x
Ø Objective aperture [mm] 24 50 56 56
Ø Central tube [mm] 30
Ø Objective tube [mm] 30 56 62 62
Total length [mm] 282 355 371 410
Weight [g] 525 650 790 816
Ø Exit pupil [mm] 9.6 – 4.0 9.6 – 4.2 11.3- 3.1 11.2 – 1.8
Field of view in m at 100m 39.8 – 6.3 19.3 – 3.1 12.6 – 2.1 7.7 – 1.4
Parallax-free observation distance [m] 100 10 – ∞ 50 – ∞
Eyepoint [mm] 95 86 86 87
Adjustment value of the elevation and windage adjustment [cm at 100 m] ±310 ±140 ±90 ±55
Total elevation and windage adjustment range [cm at 100 m] 620 280 180 110
Eye defect compensation [dpt] ±2.0
Functional temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C
Tightness waterproof 1 m


Insertion of the battery

Unscrew the battery compartment cap (1) first. Then place a CR2032 lithium battery (included in the scope of supply) with the plus side facing upwards into the battery compartment. The labelling of the button cell must be legible.

Removal of the battery

Unscrew the battery compartment cap (1) and remove the button cell. If necessary, use a tool for this.

Switching the reticle illumination on / off

Turn the adjusting wheel (2) upwards in order to switch on the reticle illumination. Turn the adjusting wheel to 0 in order to switch it off.

Brightness control of the reticle illumination

The NOBLEX® inception rifle scopes are equipped with a continuously adjustable illuminated reticle with a brilliant illuminated dot. The intensity is adjusted via the adjusting wheel (2). To increase the lighting intensity, the wheel (2) must be turned upwards from the user´s point of view. To reduce the lighting intensity, the wheel (2) must be turned in the opposite direction.

Furthermore, the numbers 0 to 11 are listed next to the adjusting wheel and symbolise the increasing intensity.

Automatic switch-off

In total, the inception rifle scopes are equipped with two different functions for the automatic switch-off:

1 Automatic switch-off: If no movement is detected within three hours, the LED is switched off automatically.

2 Integrated position sensor: When the weapon is not in use, the integrated position sensor automatically switches off the illuminated dot. The illuminated dot is switched off in the vertical direction at an angle of more than 45° upwards and more than 75° downwards and opposite to the vertical direction at an angle of more than 45°. If you pick up the rifle scope again (within 3 hours), the illumination switches on again automatically.

Noblex Inception Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Noblex Inception Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


NOBLEX® inception rifle scopes have a 30 mm central tube diameter and are designed for a ring mount. The selection of the correct mount is based on the type of weapon. The local gunsmith or specialist dealer will be happy to advise you on the optimum mount variant.


The visual acuity is adjusted by turning the outer eyepiece ring (9). A possible eye defect is compensated if the reticle is seen clearly while looking at it in a relaxed way.

An eye defect compensation of ± 2.0 dioptre is possible.

In principle, focussing should be carried out at the highest magnification, as this is the best way to assess visual acuity due to the maximum resolution.

A subsequent change of the magnification does not change the focus. A rubber ring is provided at the eye-piece holder to protect the user against injuries in the event of a recoil of the weapon.


The reticle is located in the second image plane and therefore always remains equally fine, since it is not magnified when the magnification is changed. As a result, the coverage depends on the magnification Г. An exact breakdown of the magnification-dependent coverage values (reticle 4: A-G, reticle 0: H) at 100m can be found in the table on the rear of the folding side. The coverage values as well as further detailed explanations for reticles of type BDC are listed on an extra supplementary sheet.

The two protective caps (4) are unscrewed from the reticle adjustment domes in order to adjust the reticle. By turning the handle elements underneath, the hit point position is changed, namely at the upper dome for the elevation and at the right dome for the windage.

Elevation adjustment (H) (5)

Turning the handle elements in the direction of the arrow shifts the hit point upwards.

Windage adjustment (R) (6)

Turning the handle elements in the direction of the arrow shifts the hit point to the right.

The end of the adjustment range is noticeable by the end stops. In order to avoid an accidental adjustment of the reticle, the protective caps (4) must always be screwed back onto the two domes. Watertightness is guaranteed even without the protective caps.

The defined steps of the click adjustment, as well as the scale rings (7) for finding the zero point again, enable an exact, reproducible hit point correction. With each click and scale division, the hit point position is changed from 1 cm to 100m.

The adjustment range for the hit point correction is well dimensioned. If the scale division is still not sufficient, we recommend that you have the gunsmith adjust the mount of the rifle scope.


The model 1.2-6×24 is parallax-free at a distance of 100m and thus covers the usual hunting range. At a shooting distance of 100m, the image of the target and the image of the reticle are located exactly in one plane.

The 3 large models of the NOBLEX® inception rifle scope series are equipped with an individually adjustable parallax compensation (3). The marksman can adjust his focusing without interruption during targeting.

The parallax ring (3) can be used to focus on the object, thus compensating for the parallax-related hit point deviation. The range of distance adjustment for the models 2-12×50 and 3-18×56 ranges from 10m to infinity and for the model 5-30×56 from 50m to infinity. The 100m mark is specially marked and is intended for quicker locating and orientation.


Depending on the shooting distance and light conditions, the appropriate magnification can be easily adjusted by turning the varioring (8) by up to 180°. A palpable mark on the circumference of the ribbed ring is useful for better orientation.

For better orientation, the most important magnification values are engraved on the main tube, while any intermediate magnification can also be adjusted continuously with the same image quality, visual acuity and absolutely unchanged hit position.


A battery in the format CR 2032 is included.

The rifle scope is supplied in a neoprene cover in order to protect the outer optical parts.


The device should be protected against greater soiling.

If necessary, the optical surfaces should be carefully cleaned with a soft, clean cloth or hair pencil.

Heavy soiling should be removed with distilled water, otherwise limescale deposits may form on the surfaces. Alcohol or commercially available window cleaning agents can be used to remove grease residues from the lenses.

It should be noted that the removal of permanently mounted parts of the rifle scope can lead to the loss of tightness and nitrogen filling of the device.

In the event of any damage impairing the function of the device, it must be returned to an authorised service workshop.

Notes on the disposal of sighting mechanisms with electronic components

Sighting mechanisms equipped with an illuminated reticle and therefore, have a design-related electronic component, may not be mixed with ordinary household waste after use. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling, take these products to the designated collection points, where they can be collected without charges. The proper disposal of this product at the relevant collection points contributes to protection of the environment and prevention of potential adverse effects on humans and the environment that may result from improper handling of waste.

Notes on the disposal of batteries in sighting mechanisms

Batteries should not be disposed of with household waste. Please dispose of old batteries via the designated return and recycling system. The consumer is legally obligated to return batteries that are dead and no longer usable. They are returned at designated collection points.



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