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New Kahles K318i tactical rifle scope

Introduction of Kahles K318i

Shot Show 2018 and IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 are coming and all companies from the shooting, hunting and firearms industry will show their new products. One of them is the oldest optics manufacturer of the planet – Kahles. With their K series of rifle scopes, Kahles entered the premium line of tactical rifle scopes. Big thanks for their fame goes to their flagship model Kahles K624i rifle scope. This scope has a totally new designed parallax wheel under the elevation turret, what was a big boom in the world of rifle scopes manufacturers.

Now in 2018, Kahles is introducing a totally new rifle scope with a 6 times zoom factor and a magnification range for short, medium, and even long range target shooting. The new rifle scope is called Kahles K318i, what stays for a magnification range from 3.5x to 18x. The new Kahles scope has an objective lens diameter of 50mm, so it would be usable even in low light situations.

Interested in k318i tactical scope?

KAHLES K318i 3.5-18x50_CTA

K318i Review

When making the review the first thing that we noticed on k318i rifle scope was the size. The total length of the Kahles scope is only 313 millimeters (12.32 inches), which is astonishingly short compared to rifle scopes in this magnification range from other companies. The next interesting information is the small weight, which is only 924 grams or 32.59 ounces. Of course, the reticle is in the first focal plane, like we would expect for a real tactical rifle scope. The reticle is illuminated, and the illumination control is similar to older Kahles K rifle scopes, with a rotating button design on the left side of the rifle scope (when looking from the eyepiece). This illumination control turret can now be opened without any tool, and inside there is now a small Allen key included to zero the scope on the field. Currently, only 2 reticles are predicted, the SKMR3 and the MSR.

New Tactical rifle scope Kahles K318i – Zero stop

The adjustment range for elevation is 3m on 100 meters, or 2.4 meters for windage. This is enough for shooting on extreme ranges, and with an additional inclined mount even much farther. The elevation turret has a double turn design, with a zero stop function so you can’t accidentally go under your zero when you can’t see the turret for example in the night. This turret has also an intelligent turn indicator, which pops out when you come to the second turn, so you have a visual and also a mechanical turn indicator. Kahles announced also that the k318i rifle scope will be at the beginning available only in MIL configurations, so the clicks will be 1 cm at 100 meters. A true tactical MIL/MIL rifle scope.

Like previously mentioned, the new Kahles rifle scope has the patented parallax wheel under the elevation turret. The parallax range on this model is from 25 meters or 27 yards to infinity, and this ring has also marks for distances all the way till 1000 meters. In the past, we also made some reviews on the older model, the Kahles K624i, and we are sure this design is comfortable to use if you are right or left handed, and there is no problem if you wear gloves. Another nice information to mention is the big eye relief of 92mm, so this rifle scope can be securely used even on big caliber rifles.

Interested in k318i tactical scope?

KAHLES K318i 3.5-18x50_CTA

What we are a little bit disappointed is the small field of view. Field of view is only 9.25 meters on 100 meters (27.75 ft on 100 yards) at the smallest magnification, and only 1.95 meters on 100 meters (5.49 ft on 100 yards) on the biggest magnification. What we also want to see is more reticle options, or the Kahles scope in MOA/MOA configurations. We wonder also if Kahles will offer the product with the option of the windage turret on the left side of the scope, like on his big brother the Kahles K624i.

Twist Guard Windage

Kahles k318i has also some new features, like the freely rotating end cover on the windage turret named Twist Guard Windage. Twist Guard Windage end cover is already patented and it prevents accidental movement of the windage turret.

Conclusion on Kahles rifle scope

All in all, k318i is surely a great rifle scope, especially suitable for some AR platforms, short bolt action rifles or even smaller Takedown rifles.



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