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Minox NV 351 Instruction Manual

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Product: Minox NV 351

Minox NV 351 Instruction Manual

Minox NV 351 Instruction Manual


  • Introduction Page
  • Get familiar with your Night-Vision scope Page
  • Control elements Page
  • General information Page
  • Operating instructions Page
  • Use in daylight Page
    - Inserting batteries Page
    - Switching on Page
    - Switching off Page
  • Use at night Page
    - Switching on Page
    - Adjusting Page
    - Infra-red illuminator Page
    - Switching off Page
  • Safe keeping Page
  • Important information Page
  • Advice on care Page
  • Troubleshooting Page
  • Technical Data Page
  • Customer Service Page
  • Conditions of warranty Page


Dear MINOX Customer,

Congratulations on your purchase of this MINOX Night-Vision scope.

You have chosen a product that boasts highest optical quality and precision mechanics. This
User’s Manual will advise you on how to obtain the best performance results from your MINOX Night-Vision scope.

We hope this MINOX Night-Vision scope will give you a great deal of pleasure and always keep you perfectly in the picture!

Get familiar with your Night-Vision scope

Control elements

1. Objective lens
2. Objective focusing
3. LED display
4. Eyepiece focusing
5. Battery compartment
6. Main power switch
7. Infra-red illuminator power switch
8. Infra-red illuminator
9. Tripod thread

Minox NV 351 Instruction Manual

Minox NV 351 Instruction Manual

General Notes

This top quality optical-electronic product is fitted with a Generation 1+ residual light amplifier. The field of use exclusively includes observation and orientation aid in twilight, moonlight, starlight or darkness (in combination with the infra-red illuminator).

The temperature range is from –30 to +50 °C. (storage temperature range is from 0 °C to +60 °C). With its compact dimensions it is easy to handle and ready for use at any time.

When used and cared for correctly this NightVision scope guarantees satisfactory operation for many years.

Operating instructions

For use in daylight

Inserting the battery

Please ensure that the lens of your Night-Vision scope is covered by the lens cap. Remove the battery compartment lid and insert the battery (1 x CR 123A). Always observe correct poling. Fully close the battery compartment again.

Switching on Attention:

To protect the sensitive image tube against irreparable damage, never remove the lens cap in daylight. Actuate the main switch (ON). The green LED display lights up. When you look through the eyepiece you will see a bright, green, fluorescing image.

Switching off

Actuate the main switch (ON). When you look through the eyepiece you will still see the green image for a few minutes, before it disappears. This is normal and not a fault, because the Night-Vision scope always switches off gradually.

For use at night

Switching on

Remove the lens cap. Actuate the main switch (ON). The green LED lights up. When you look through the eyepiece you will see a green, fluorescing image.


Aim at an object situated at a distance of 22 - 33 yards (20 - 30 meters). Turn the focusing ring on the eyepiece to get a sharp image. Then turn the front focusing ring to make the image sharper still. Repeat this procedure if necessary.

Infrared illuminator

The infra-red illuminator provides you with an improved imaging result under inadequate light conditions. After actuating the infra-red illuminator switch the image appears brighter.

Switching off

Actuate the main switch. When you look through the eyepiece the green image remains visible for a few more minutes, before it disappears. This is normal and not a fault, because the Night-Vision scope always switches off gradually.

Important note:

For longer battery service life we recommend you not to leave the Night-Vision scope switched on continuously. It is better to switch it off every now and again.

Safe keeping

To protect the lens always fit the lens cap before putting the Night-Vision scope away in the every-ready case.

Important information

To avoid irreparable damage to your NightVision scope, please always observe the following instructions:

- If you wish to use the device in daylight, never remove the lens cap. The small opening in the center of the cap is adequately dimensioned for using the device in daylight.
- Never disassemble the scope.
- Always insert the batteries as specified and observe correct poling.
- Do not use an external power supply.
- Remove the batteries from the battery compartment if the device is not being used for a prolonged period.
- Always cover the lens with the lens cap when not in use.
- Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.
- Do not keep the device under extremely low or high temperatures.
- Do not keep the device in damp, dusty or dirty areas.
- Keep the device safe from any external influence.
- Never subject the device to knocks or impact.
- Never mount the NV 351 to a gun, as the recoil of the gun may damage the NV 351.

Advice on care

Protect the Night-Vision scope against falling, damp, dirt and extreme temperatures. Protect all optical surfaces against damp and abrasive agents. These may otherwise damage the antireflection coating. Only remove dust and dirt from the lens using a soft, dry cloth. For safety reasons please remove the batteries!

Always transport the scope in the provided ever-ready case.

Lens and eyepiece cleaning

Dust, salt and the oil left from fingerprint smudges impairs your binoculars’ picture sharpness and contrast and should never be allowed to remain on the lenses because they can harm the multi-coating applied to the lens surfaces.

Loose dust and debris should be removed by blowing the debris off, using an optical lens cleaning bush or compressed air. If fingerprints or smudges remain on the lens, use optical lens tissue and lens cleaner solution to clean the lenses. We therefore would like to recommend our MINOX Cleaning Set (Art. no. 69731). Follow the instructions on the lens cleaning tissue and cleaner. Lens cleaning supplies are also available from sporting goods or all camera or optical stores.


The Night-Vision scope does not switch on

Check that the batteries are correctly installed.
Check the performance of the batteries.

No image appears

Aim at an object. Turn the eyepiece adjustment until you get a sharp image. Then turn the lens focusing ring to improve the sharpness further. Repeat this procedure if necessary.


During the first two minutes after switching on the scope, flashes may occur. If this flashing continues the surrounding area may be too bright. This can occur even with mounted lens cap. In darker surroundings the flash occurrence will become less or cease completely.

The device fogs up

If the device is used at low temperatures and is then suddenly exposed to a warmer ambient temperature, condensation may develop on the cold surface of the device. It can take a while before the scope has acclimatized to the ambient temperature.

The image diminishes or disappears

Excessive light (moonlight, spotlights or projectors) can lead to faulty imaging. Move the scope away from the light source immediately. The image will be restored within a period of two minutes. Imaging results can also only be achieved at short distances if there is severe fog, haze or under extremely dark conditions.

Black dots in the visual field

When you view the image of your Night-Vision scope through the eyepiece you may perceive small black dots. This is not a quality fault but a typical feature of night-vision equipment of this type.

Technical Data

Optical magnification 2.5 x
Lens diameter 1.57 inch / 40 mm
Focus range F 1.2
Tube type Gen 1+
Field of view 197 - 262 ft / 60 - 80 m
Focus range 3.28 ft / 1 m to infinity
Eye relief 0.6 inch / 15 mm
Diopter compensation ±4 dpt
Dimensions 6.68 x 3.11 x 1.97 inch

170 x 79 x 50 mm

Weight 11.8 oz / 335 g
Battery 1x lithium CR 123A
Operating time without IR up to 60 hours
Operating time with IR up to 25 hours
Functional temperature -22 to +122° F

-30 to 50° C

Storage temperature 32 to 140° F

0 to 60° C

Moisture proof IPX4
Relative humidity up to 93 %
Infrared illuminator yes
Tripod thread yes
Order number 62410


Customer Service

You can reach our Customer Service under the following address, where they will be pleased to help you:

Walter-Zapp-Str. 4
D-35578 Wetzlar / Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 6441 / 917-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6441 / 917-612

Conditions of warranty

With the purchase of this MINOX night vision device you have acquired a product which has been manufactured and checked to special quality standards. For this product the MINOX GmbH provides warranty of 2 years. The period commences on the date of purchase from an authorized dealer and the warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1) During the warranty period we shall deal with complaints based on faulty manufacture (free of charge) by repair, replacement of defective parts or replacement by an identical flawless product at our own discretion. Consequential claims, no matter what kind of what legal argument in connection with this warranty, cannot be accepted.

2) Claims under warranty are null and void, if the defect has been caused by improper handling which also can include the use of non-MINOX accessories – if the MINOX product is serviced by unauthorized persons or workshops, or if the serial number has been obliterated.

3) Warranty claims can only be made by submission of the typewritten sales slip of an authorized dealer.

4) When submitting claims under warranty please return the MINOX product together with the typewritten sales slip and a description of the claim to the MINOX GmbH or MINOX agency.

5) Tourists may, if required, make use of the Agency of the country in which they are travelling (within the terms of the Warranty of the MINOX GmbH) by presenting the typewritten sales slip.


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