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Meprolight Mepro M5 vs. Mepro MOR | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to talk about the differences between the Meprolight Mepro M5 and Mepro MOR.

Meprolight Mepro M5 and Mepro MOR are reflex red dot sights made for tactical use.

The housing is more robust on the Mepro MOR. The housing on the M5 is made from a combination of durable plastics. The MOR is about 150 grams heavier and quite bigger than the M5.

Mepro MOR can house two batteries, while the M5 can house only one. The MOR uses only one battery at a time so that the other one is used as a reserve. If both batteries on the MOR get drained, there is still an inbuilt dot from tritium, which glows in the dark and a passive illumination system is incorporated for the daytime which is made from optical fibers.

The MOR can toggle from active and passive illumination. The intensity of the active illumination can be regulated.

The M5 can regulate the intensity levels but can't switch from passive and active because it only features the active illumination.

The mounting solutions are very similar but a bit more robust solution is featured on the Mepro MOR.

The M5 has a bigger window than the MOR. M5 has a square window, while the MOR has a round window which is very similar to the window of the M21. The MOR also has a bluish tint, just like the M21.

The MOR features two laser pointers which are activated with a switch. One of the laser pointers is red and the other is infrared. The infrared laser pointer is meant to be used with night vision and is not visible to the naked eye.

Both Mepro M5 and MOR use AAA batteries.

In terms of pure optical performance, the M5 is a better device because of the better window that has less tint.

The M5 has 1.8 MOA dot, and several new dot options are coming in the later months of 2018. The ordinary dot and a circled dot are going to be available in red and green. The Mepro MOR has only one type of dot available, a 2.2 MOA circled red dot.

The Mepro M5 has a much clearer view through the sight, but the MOR is packed with additional features, is more professional and can endure a bigger beating.

The Mepro MOR is an overkill for civilian use and is more suitable for the police and the military. The M5 is also more intended for the professional market, but is a bit more common than the MOR among civilians, because it offers one of the best optical performances in the red dot segment.

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