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Meprolight Green FT Bullseye


Meprolight is not famous just for their optics – they also sell plenty of sights for pistols. In fact, they are the largest producer of tritium sights. FT Bullseye sights are popular because of their low-profile design and the fact that you can use them both at day and night (fiber optics are used during the day while tritium serves for when it is dark). Up to now, these sights were only available in red colour.


At IWA 2018, Meprolight presented their famous FT Bullseye sights in green. The specialty of the FT Bullseye is that it eliminates the need for the front sight. Once it is mounted on the pistol, the shooter aims by aligning the inner circle of the sight with the outer circle.

Many shooters have reported problems seeing the red colour. Colour blindness is not as uncommon as one would think which is why Meprolight had to come up with a solution to that problem. To make it possible for the shooters that struggle with the red colour to use the Bullseye sights, Meprolight decided to offer them in green.


The FT Bullseye sights made by Meprolight have become very popular among pistol users. We are glad that manufacturers’ upgrades are based on the wishes of the customers (approx. 20 % of those who shoot with pistols have problems seeing the red colour). If these statistics are right, the FT Bullseye in green should sell well.



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