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Meprolight flip to side mount

Description of the product

Meprolight introduced quite a few novelties at IWA 2018. One of the novelties is a flip to side mount for a 3x magnifier. At Meprolight‘s stand, the magnifier was mounted on the flip to side mount. The mount works like this: you take hold of the magnifier, pull it back and flip it to the side. Once it is on the side, it is nicely fixed and can’t be moved by mistake. To move it back to its previous position, you have to pull it back again and align it with the red dot sight. The magnifier, mounted on the flip to side mount, works great with Mepro M5 and M21. This combination will be appreciated by those who would like to use a red dot sight to shoot at a bit longer distances.

This mount really does its job well. It is robust an keeps the device fixed at the position where you want it to be. Because of its features, it is not meant just for the IPSC – it will also be used by the military in tactical situations.The mount is extremely reliable and battle worthy. Because of its characteristics, we are sure that the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will use it in the future.



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