Meopta Optika 6 Riflescopes Instruction Manual


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All optical instruments made and marketed by Meopta – optika, s.r.o. are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and standards to enable the user to enjoy long-term satisfaction when they are used. To ensure a reliable, trouble-free service life, Meopta-optika s.r.o. takes this opportunity to provide detailed manual on the operation, maintenance and safe use of the optical device purchased. Meopta optika, s.r.o. recommends buying a suitable mount at the same time as the optical device to ensure safe attachment of the device. Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the optical device.

MeoPro Optika6

  • AR coatings
    • The special antire-fl ective coatings ensure outstanding light transmission.
  • Hydrophobic coating
    • External optical surfaces have a special hydrophobic coating
  • Nitrogen-fi lled
    • Rifl escopes are sealed with inert Nitrogen gas to provide reliable fogproof performance.
  • Waterproof
    • The rifl escopes are completely waterproof even when fully submerged, and they are fully protected against humidity, rain and snow.
  • Shockproof
    • Mechanical design of the rifl escopes provides maximum shock resistance and is therefore suitable for all common types of weapons.
  • 6-level illumination
    • Six degrees of illumination intensity with switch-off in mid positions
  • Quadratic course of rectifi cation
    • Both horizontal and vertical movements of the reticle during adjustment are mutually independent.
  • Aluminium construction
    • Single piece, aircraft grade aluminium alloy main tube is rugged with a longlasting durability
  • Anodized surface
    • Special abrasion resistant coating to eliminate glare.
  • Brilliant image
    • Maximum resolution and contrast with precise colour representation throughout the entire fi eld of view.
  • Variable magnifi cation
    • The MeoPro Optika6 range of rifl escopes off ers models with adjustable magnification and an exceptional maximum and minimum magnification ratio of six to one.
  • Various focusing reticles
    • Wide range of reticle choices.

Rectification mechanism

The adjustment knobs provide accurate incremental adjustment with excellent repeatability, extended range and maximum accuracy. Distinct, audible clicks allow for accurate adjustment in fi eld conditions.

Illumination adjustment

The illuminator lights up sight markings in day and night conditions. It enables you to set 6 degrees of aiming point illumination intensity according to the scale by turning the illuminator socket with half-click on/off positions.

Locking the vertical and horizontal rectification knob*

Pull out the correction knob with an upward movement. Then the dial can be turned for rectifi cation. To lock again, press the knob downward.


The MeoPro Optika6 rifl e aiming telescope is equipped with adjustable rectifi cation knobs. For vertical rectifi cation, you can use the setting to the desired value by the sight-in, and after each rectifi cation adjustment you can return to that position. This is called the ZEROSTOP function. For horizontal rectifi cation, only setting of sight-in value of “0” to the mark on the rectifi cation knob is possible

The rectifi cation knob with the ZEROSTOP function consists of the following parts:

  • Knob set – this is a snap mechanism to achieve clicks when rectifying the rifl escope. This set also includes a fi xed stop, with which the actual setting is made


  • Adjustable rectifi cation stop – this part is secured with three hexagon socket screws on the rectifi cation axis and is set at the “0” position.
  • Rectifi cation knob – control for the whole system. It is secured to the axis with a screwed top cover, which is designed to be taken off and put on without tools.There is an opening at the top of the knob below the cover that makes it easy to handle when removing and attaching the knob

How to set the ZEROSTOP function

After the weapon is fi red, remove the rectifi cation knob after releasing the knob cover. Then loosen all three screws on the adjustable rectifi cation stop. The rotating stop arrives at the fi xed stop in the rectifi ers screw-in direction. Tighten all three screws on the adjustable stop. Place the rectifi cation knob, making it possible to rotate against the marks on the rectifi cation set.

Control of the parallax knob – focusing the lens

It is continuous, with stops at the minimum and maximum values. The parallax knob is placed on the same axis of the central cube and is integrated with the illuminator knob. Position indication is through a point on the centre block.

Using the lever for quick zoom

The quick zoom lever can be screwed into one of the appropriate holes on the zoom knob. Always cover the other, unused holes with plugs, which come in the package.

Dioptric correction, focusing

The focusing eyepiece allows the user to correct for an eye defect.

Setting the zoom

The variable zoom is easy to set and the current magnifi cation is indicated with the gauge mark.

Using the Reticle

The reticle is used to achieve an accurate aim. In the MeoPro Optika6 rifl escope, the reticle is located either in the fi rst (FFP) or the second (SFP) focal plane (indicated as FFP or SFP on the rifl escope). With the reticle placed in the fi rst focal plane, the subjective size of the reticle changes when zooming in/out. With the reticle placed in the second focal plane, the subjective size of the reticle doesn’t change. For a list of reticles and their use in each of the individual devices, see

Battery replacement*

To replace batteries on MeoPro Optika6 rifl escopes, unscrew the cover (for which a coin groove is provided). Insert a CR2032 3V battery with the polarity pointing in the right direction, and screw the cover of the illuminator back on.

Sighting-in a gun with a scope

It is recommended that all rifl escope mounting and fi rearm – rifl escope sighting-in be completed by the manufacturer of the fi rearm or by a professional facility (gunsmith) specialising in such services.

Recommended Accessories

Sun visor – not included in the package, available from authorized dealers
Quick zoom lever, “Throw lever”, included in package
CR2032 battery (included in package for models with illuminated crosshairs)
Allen wrench (included in package for models with ZEROSTOP function)
Caps for lens and eyepiece – included in package

Maintenance and Cleaning

All MeoPro Optika6 rifl escopes feature a robust dust-proof and water-proof design but, like any other optical mechanical devices, require careful handling and protection of optical surfaces against damage. When a rifl escope is not being used, its outer optical surfaces should be protected with the covers supplied. Dust deposited on the mechanical parts of the rifl escope should be removed with a soft cloth; dust on the optical parts should be blown off or wiped off gently with an antistatic cloth supplied with the rifl escope. After using the rifl escope in rain, thorough drying with a soft cloth is recommended. Make sure to store any optical products in a dry, ventilated area; if stored in extremely humid or tropical conditions, place the product in its case together with a desiccant, e.g. silica gel.

Optical Cleaning Kit

To maintain your optical device in perfect condition we recommend that special Meopta cleaning kit be purchased: 2in1 brush, optical cloth, blowing balloon, cleaning fl uid.

Disposal instructions

When the equipment’s useful life is over, remove the battery and take it to a collection location. The other devices may be handled as O-category waste – catalogue number 200301 – mixed community waste.

Specifi cations

1-6×24 RD
2,5-15×44 RD
3-18×50 RD
3-18×56 RD
4,5-27×50 RD
1-6×24 FFP
1-6×24 RD FFP
3-18×50 FFP
3-18×50 RD FFP
3-18×56 FFP
3-18×56 RD FFP
4,5-27×50 FFP
4,5-27×50 RD FFP
Magnifi cation 1x-6x 2,5x-15x 3x-18x 3x-18x 4,5x-27x 1x-6x 3x-18x 3x-18x 4,5x-27x
Optical diameter of lens (mm) 24,0 44,0 50,0 56,0 50,0 24,0 50,0 56,0 50,0
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 10,0-4,0 11,0-2,9 9,5-2,8 9,5-3,1 9,5-1,9 10,0-4,0 9,5-2,8 9,5-3,1 9,5-1,9
Eye relief (mm) 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Field of view (°) 20,7-3,6 7,6-1,3 6,4-1,1 6,3-1,1 4,2-0,7 19-3,6 6,4-1,1 6,3-1,1 4,2-0,7
Field of view (m/100m) 36,5-6,3 13,3-2,3 11,2-1,9 11,1-1,9 7,3-1,2 33,5-6,3 11,2-1,9 11,1-1,9 7,3-1,2
Position of reticle 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1
Dioptric correction (D) +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2 +2/-2
Light transmission (%) 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91
Windage and elevation adjustment range (cm/100 m) 349 204 262 262 244 349 262 262 244
Impact per click (cm @ 100 m) 1,5 0,7 0,7 0,7 0,7 1,5 0,7 0,7 0,7
Parallax correction (yd) 10 – oo 10 – oo 10 – oo 25 – oo 10 – oo 10 – oo 25 – oo
Weight (g) 578/628 772/822 850/900 865/915 885/935 578/628 850/900 865/915 885/935
A 256 355 371 368 361 256 371 368 361
B 159 136 142 138 136 159 142 138 136
C 72 45 47 44 54 72 48 45 55
D 47 52 56 55 43 47 58 56 45
E 30 51,5 58 64 58 30 58 64 58
F 47 44 44 44 44 47 44 44 4430
G 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
H 113 119 120 120 119 120 120
K 96 106 110 110 105 96 110 110 105

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