Meopta MeoTac Riflescopes Instruction Manual



  • MeoLux
    • Anti-refl ection coating MeoLux ensures extraordinary light permeability.
  • MeoDrop
    • Proprietary Hydrophobic lens coating to repel water, grease, skin oils and lens surface contaminates that can impair clarity.
  • Variable magnification
    • The MeoTac series includes models with variable magnifi cation
  • Nitrogen-fi lled
    • Rifl escopes are hermetically sealed, fi lled with inert gas to prevent condensation.
  • Aluminum tube
    • Light aluminum alloys from the aerospace industry, resistant and durable.
  • Waterproof
    • Rifl escopes are waterproof even when submerged, providing perfect protection against humidity, rain and snow.
  • Various reticles
    • Wide variety of available reticles
  • Anodized surface
    • Special surface fi nish resistant to abrasion, eliminating refl ection
  • Brilliant image
    • Maximum resolution and contrast with actual color reproduction throughout the fi eld of view.
  • Wide correction range
    • Horizontal and vertical correction of the reticle are mutually independent.
  • Shock resistant
    • The mechanical structure ensures maximum resistance to impacts, making the scope suitable for all types of fi rearms.
  • Illumination
    • Smooth without snaps or mechanical stops, fully rotating. Illumination can be easily turned on and off using a button located in the top part. Automatic shutdown after three hours.

“ZEROSTOP” system description

The MeoTac rifl escope features adjustable rectifi ers. Vertical correction can be set to the value obtained at test shooting; it can be restored after every correction adjustment – the “ZEROSTOP” feature. Horizontal correction can be set only to the test shooting value “0” against the mark on the rectifier.

The rectifi cation knob with the “ZEROSTOP” system consists of the following parts:

  • Knob assembly – mechanism with snaps, allows setting diff erent clicks during scope correction. The assembly also has a stop position that is used to set the “ZEROSTOP” system.
  • Adjustable rectifi cation stop – this part is secured on the rectifi cation axis with two screws with an internal hexagon and is used to set the “0” position.
  • Rectifi cation knob – system control. Secured on the axis with two screws with an internal hexagon. The top part contains the relief opening that facilitates handling when removing and mounting the knob.
  • Resistance adjustment knob – allows the user to adjust the pressure of the spring and thus reinforce or weaken the clicking sensation.

ZEROSTOP” system adjustment

After adjusting and testing the fi rearm, loosen the two screws on the circumference of the knob and remove the rectifi cation knob. The screw under the relief opening must be loosened suffi ciently to allow passage of air through the opening. Next, loosen the two screws on the adjustable rectifi cation stop. Position the stop so that it lies on the upper surface of the knob assembly with protrusions facing down and turn it in the direction of screwing in the rectifi er to fi t against the position stop. Tighten the two screws on the adjustable stop. Attach the rectifi cation knob; at this point it is possible to set its rotation and vertical adjustment against the marks on the rectifi cation assembly.

Illumination setting

This feature allows illumination of the reticle both in daylight and low-light conditions. Reticle illumination intensity can be set by turning the sleeve; turning it on and off is done using the button. Illumination turns off automatically after three hours of inactivity

Adjusting the parallax knob – focusing lens

Continuous adjustment with stops at minimum 25 m setting and maximum infi nity setting. The parallax knob is located on the same axis of the central cube as the illumination – under the illumination controls. Its position is indicated by a central point on the central cube.

Diopter correction

The focusing eyepiece allows eye correction in the range –3.5 / +2.5D.

Magnifi cation setting

Variable magnifi cation – ZOOM – easily adjustable. Current magnifi cation level is indicated by the markings directly on the sleeve.

Using the reticle

The reticle is used for accurate aiming. The reticle is located in the fi rst focal plane, which means that the reticle size does not change when magnifi cation is adjusted.

Replacing batteries

Unscrew the illumination cap, insert the battery paying attention to correct polarity and screw the cap back tightly. The standard battery type supplied with the rifl escope is CR 2032 (3V).

Adjusting and testing fi rearms with the riflescope

It is recommended to entrust mounting the rifl escope and testing and adjusting the fi rearm-scope assembly to the manufacturer of the fi rearm or a fi rearm professional off ering these services.

Recommended accessories

Sunshade (not included in standard accessories, can be purchased from authorized Meopta retailers).

  • Sunshade
  • Honeycomb shade
  • Laser fi lter
  • Yellow fi lter

Maintenance and cleaning

All Meopta rifl escopes feature a robust dust-proof and waterproof design but, like any other optical-mechanical devices, require careful handling and protection of optical surfaces against damage. When a rifl escope is not being used, its outer optical surfaces should be protected with the covers supplied. Dust deposited on the mechanical parts of the rifl escope should be removed with a soft cloth;dust on the optical parts should be blown off or wiped off gently with an antistatic cloth supplied with the rifl escope. After using the rifl escope in rain, thorough drying with a soft cloth is recommended. If the product has been left in the rain or submerged in water it is recommended to dry the product with a soft cloth and then let out to air dry. Make sure to store any optical products in a dry, ventilated area, avoiding prolonged storage in extremely humid conditions.

Optical cleaning kit

For even fi ner attention to your products Meopta off ers an optical cleaning kit for purchase.

Magnifi cation 3 12
Optical lens diameter (mm) 50 50
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 14.4 4.1
Exit pupil distance (mm) 90 90
Field of view (°) 6.98 1.77
Field of view (m/100m) 12.2 3.1
Reticle in 1st focal plane 1 1
Eyepiece diopter range (D) -3,5/+2,5 -3,5/+2,5
Rectifi cation range (cm/100m) V 291 / H 160 V 291 / H 160
Rectifi cation step (cm/100m) 1 1
Parallax setting 25m – oo 25m – oo
Weight – without caps (g) 970 970


Meopta MeoTac Riflescopes Instruction Manual

Meopta MeoTac Riflescopes Instruction Manual


A 316
B 149
C 47
D 61
E 58
F 45.5
G 34
H 77
K 90

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