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March High Master 10-60×56 SFP Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

The March-X 10-60×56 SFP High Master is the latest offering from March Optics, a company known for their high quality and innovative rifle scopes. This scope is designed to provide accurate and reliable performance in tactical and target competitions.

From the 10-60x magnification range, 56mm objective lens diameter, side focus parallax adjustment system, SFP reticles, and more … let’s take a closer look at this rifle scope to see how it performs on the range!

Interested in this 10-60×56 scope?

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

March Optics

All March riflescopes are made in Japan by the company Deon Optical Design, located in Central Japan. It was established in 2004. For over 16 years, Deon Optical Design has been crafting superior-quality March riflescopes. Their impressive history of producing top-tier optics means you can rest assured that the rifle scope you choose is reliable and built to last.

NOTE: Although it isn’t a 10x but 6x zoom scope, March promotes this 10-60×56 scope as part of the March-X High Master rifle scope series. Depending on the turret style, you’ll often see it sold as March High Master Target 10-60×56 SFP or the March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP model.

Physical Properties

With a power-packed diameter of 56mm, the objective lens is bolstered by an outer circumference of 64 millimeters. This powerful scope stands on a sturdy 34-millimeter main tube that has an additional 4mm wall thickness throughout – meaning this device can endure even the most challenging conditions and heaviest recoiling rounds. In short, you can use this scope with .50 BMG and be confident.

Need 34mm Scope Rings?

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

This scope is entirely constructed of metal and contains no external rubber components whatsoever. Argon-purged, it can readily endure extreme cold without any internal fogging or leakage even down to 4 meters underwater. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a waterproof and reliable optic device.

The scope is a bit long at 413 millimeters. It has 925 grams. For a scope like this, this is a bit of a downside because there are some competitions like F-Class target rifle shooting where your weight is limited to 8.2 kilos. Such a heavy scope in addition to the mount and the rifle puts you quickly over this weight limit. You’ll get the most out of March High Master 10-60×56 mounted on an F-Class open rifle.

Parallax Adjustment

Located on the side of the scope, you will find a parallax adjustment turret. This side focus offers an extensive range from 10 meters all the way to infinity for maximum precision in distance corrections. Additionally, when making these adjustments you will be able to make almost one complete revolution with its excellent travel that allows for effortless accuracy.

Showcasing great craftsmanship, March’s parallax wheels are perfect for field target and air rifle competitions. To attach the wheel securely to your scope, you’ll need a smaller ring– which goes in between this ring and a parallax wheel- as well as zip ties to fasten them together. With these simple steps, you can enjoy enhanced accuracy during competition.

Interested in a focus wheel for your March?

When participating in certain shooting competitions, such as field target or air rifle events, the distance to your target must be accurately gauged. A parallax wheel used along with a cable tie allows you to measure and estimate distances from any given viewing perspective when the target is properly in focus. With meticulous precision comes success.

However, we must bear in mind that this accessory is crafted from plastic. We would much prefer if they used something of higher quality since plastic attached to a cable tie does not quite match up to the build excellence of this scope.


The eyepiece rotates. That is, not just the eyepiece thread but the whole ocular housing bell. The rotation is smooth. You can easily and precisely adjust the eyebox to your eyes. This ensures a sharp reticle despite the perhaps imperfect eyesight of the user. 

March has constructed a counter ring that keeps the eyepiece adjustment in position, so you never have to worry about changing your settings when transporting or utilizing the scope. It’s an excellent remedy and certainly makes shooting more comfortable.

Magnification Ring

The next feature to discuss is the magnifying ring: it’s smooth and feels luxuriously crafted. From its smallest to largest magnification, you can achieve a full 180-degree turn in one swift motion.

throw lever is included. It is made out of plastic, so this is a piece that does not match the high quality of the scope. As an additional purchase, you can get a higher-quality aluminum lever. 

On the positive side, the throw lever can easily be mounted. It’s made of two pieces. Attach the lever to the raised fin on the magnification ring that is integrated. The two pieces of the extra throw lever click into place. Once the throw lever is mounted the first impression is improved. The lever is nice and firm, completely flush with the housing. No wobbling there.  

  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Throw Lever
  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Magnification Ring
  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Plastic Throw Lever

Windage and Elevation Turrets

This scope offers two different turret styles: tactical and capped sport-style turrets. We evaluated the version with tactical turrets, but you can get the same specifications in a capped sports style as well. You just have to remove the metal cap before accessing the adjustable turret underneath.

The adjustable clicks are not only audible but also tactile, allowing you to precisely measure the amount of movement. Every click is 1/8 MOA for perfect accuracy; however, marks on the turret represent 1/4 MOA intervals. This makes it easy to distinguish between lines when viewing from a shooter’s perspective, enabling precise adjustments with no fear of accidentally making two or three clicks while attempting one.

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

Elevation Turret

The elevation turret is a multi-turn dial, equivalent in tuning to the windage adjustments. It offers an impressive 60 MOA of internal elevation, providing 6 full turns of adjustment.

Regrettably, the only visual reference for revolution is a white line beneath the turret. There is no mechanical turn indicator. Unfortunately, you can’t tell which revolution your rifle has rotated to from the visual indicator alone; making any minor mistake in target practice can be troublesome and leave one feeling discouraged. To avoid errors it’s best to reset back to zero each time before shooting again so as not to miscount revolutions during your session.

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

The turret is equipped with a remarkable zero-stop ring for effortless utilization. You can simply turn it up to the turret until it reaches its stop, and then you are all set. What’s fantastic about this feature is that you have complete control over where your zero stop lies – whether you want it exactly on zero or just a few clicks below. To secure the ring, you just have to tighten the 2 screws with the included key. It is simple and effective.

Setting the zero on the elevation turret is easy. When you adjust the turret on the range, unscrew the top screw and simply take the turret down. Rotate until the zero is facing forward. Push the turret down and screw the screw back in. You are set in a matter of a few minutes.

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Setting the Zero
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP – Setting the Zero

Windage Turret

The clicks are audible and tactile. They don’t skip. You can easily make one click without making more clicks at once. In one revolution, you get 10 MOA of travel. For the windage turret, there are small lines that indicate in which revolution you are.

What I don’t like about this turret is that there is no hard stop when you come all around. So you can easily make a whole revolution of an error. But because this is a riflescope for F-Class and not for hunting or tactical shooting, it’s not a big deal. Normally, you can take multiple shots for zeroing in before the real competition starts. So you can always check if the zero is there where you need it.

Let’s take a look at the visual design of the windage turret dial. On the turret, there are bigger numbers that go in the left direction. But if you rotate the turret in the right direction, you have to look at the smaller numbers. It is easy to see in which direction you have to go.

Zeroing is the same as on the elevation turret with the middle screw. Take it out, adjust the zero and screw it back in. In a matter of minutes, you are already set.

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - 56mm Objective Lens
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP – 56mm Objective Lens

Optical Performance

Now onto the optics. What is the image quality like? I honestly believe that this is one of the best riflescopes available right now for F-Class shooting. In particular, what stands out to me is the clarity in the middle region around the reticle.

By transitioning from the outdated ED lenses to more advanced Super ED lenses, March was able to acquire a higher level of image quality through its scope. This resulted in more precise hues and significantly reduced chromatic aberration compared to traditional ED lenses.

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

10-60x Image Magnification

March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP has a powerful magnification. This model goes from 10 all the way to 60. This is a true 6x zoom scope. The resolution is just perfect. There are not many riflescopes on the market, which come close to the high quality of this scope.

The eyebox is generous. It is extremely good at 10x, and surprisingly good at 60x magnification. 

Field of View

The field of view at the lowest magnification of 10x is 3.4 meters at 100 meters. On 60x magnification, the FOV is 0.57 meters at 100 meters.

There is no tunneling effect in this rescope, and it has a big eye relief. The eye relief goes from 80 to 107 millimeters, which is a lot. It’s safe to shoot even with strong-recoiling calibers. You have a lot of space, so nothing can happen.

See the VIDEO REVIEW of this March 10-60×56 Scope!

March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Modifier Disc

With this disc, simply screw it into the objective thread and you can reduce incoming light by about 40%, resulting in a greater depth of field for your scope. Additionally, cutting back on mirages is also possible due to its ability to control lighting conditions. Thanks to this simple accessory, images will come out clearer than ever before,

But there’s one thing to note. This ring is perfect only for great light conditions. If the weather is overcast, you will have to take the ring out because the image gets darker. You have less light coming through the scope, so you will notice that right away if the conditions are not perfect.

  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Objective with Modifier Disc
  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Modifier Disc

SFP Reticle

Positioning the reticle in the second focal plane is essential for honing precision long-range shots like those taken during F-class competitions. To ensure perfect aim, the reticle must be thin enough to see exactly where your bullet lands, without obscuring a large portion of the target.

We conducted extensive testing with the March-X model with the 1/16 MOA reticle, which is a perfect choice for competitions. March has truly outdone itself by offering users the opportunity to pick from a variety of high-quality reticles that are tailored to their individual shooting needs and preferences.

Reticle Illumination

With 6 illuminated reticles and 11 non-illuminated options, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect reticle for your needs. All MOA-configured MTRs come with an extensive array of substensions. Additionally, only one model – the MTR-5 – has a single center dot illuminated; all other models are entirely illuminated.

There are 6 red light intensity settings. The illumination can be easily operated with a push of the soft-touch rubber button placed inside the parallax turret. The illumination is powered by a single CR2032 battery. The battery compartment is inside the parallax turret.

The illumination system has an automatic shut-off feature. After one hour, the illumination goes off automatically, so you save battery life.

Scope of Delivery

When you receive your package, it will include protective covers meant only for transportation that can be discarded when in the field. Additionally, there are flip-up covers made of durable plastic and a sunshade to protect against glare as well as a zeroing tool and cleaning cloth included with your purchase.

This user manual provides you with all the necessary knowledge for operating your scope, as well as how to mount it without creating any damage or tube alteration. The included specifications sheet and warranty card ensure that in case of an issue, you’ll be covered. We’ve sold countless March scopes and thus far, there hasn’t been a single one returned to the Optics Trade store due to a manufacturer defect.

  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Scope of Delivery
  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Accessories Included
  • March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP - Product Box

Looking for more March-X 10-60×56 accessories?

  1. March Large Scope Focus Wheel
  2. March Middle Focus Wheel
  3. March Leather Lens Cover
  4. CR2032 Battery


Let’s have a brief synopsis of all things good about this March-X tactical model. First and foremost, I’m quite impressed with the excellent build quality of this scope; when you take it out of its packaging everything is neatly machined and all moving components are incredibly smooth, offering perfect clicks.

The extensive reticle choices also allow every shooter to find the ideal reticle for their preferences. The clicks are absolutely perfect, delivering audible and tactile feedback so that you can sense each click. With such a variety of features, this scope is sure to become popular among all types of shooters.

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

The optical quality is unrivaled, and you get a generous amount of accessories in the box. We were especially pleased to see that flip-ups and sunshade are included in the package so there’s no need for any additional purchases right off the bat.

Also worth noting is that customers who buy this scope can also choose between illuminated or non-illuminated models at different price points; €3500 for non-illuminated versions and €3750 for an illuminated reticle variant respectively. An opportunity to save some bucks if you love this scope but find light-up reticles redundant.

Pros Summary:

  1. optical quality
  2. well-machined
  3. many reticle options
  4. 6x zoom
  5. plenty of accessories

March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP


Now, where do I see some room for improvement? I don’t have anything bad to say except for the non-existent mechanical turn indicator on the windage and elevation turrets. There should be at least some lines under the turret for easier operation. But it is an F-Class riflescope, so it’s not a problem if you don’t make the first shot. You have time to correct your POI before the competition begins.

This March-X 10-60×56 SFP High Master scope is relatively heavy at 925 grams compared to similar options on the market. While it may not be an issue in most cases, serious competitors should consider other scopes if they have strict weight restrictions. And while the turrets offer precise clicks, there could be more indication around the turret base for easier operation.

Cons Summary:

  1. no mechanical turn indicator
  2. plastic throw lever
  3. heavy
March High Master Tactical 10-60x56 SFP
March High Master Tactical 10-60×56 SFP

10-Year March Warranty

The scope has 10 years of warranty. In all the years of selling March scopes, we haven’t had a single warranty case. It’s unlikely you will have any issues with your March riflescope but it’s always good to have the peace of mind that a long warranty provides.

March 10-60×56 SFP High Master Price

This particular scope is available without or with an illuminated reticle. The price of this March is €3659 for a model without illumination. The models with the March-X illumination system are 250 euros pricier, costing approximately €3719.

Interested in this 10-60×56 scope?

Final Thoughts on March-X 10-60×56 SFP High Master

With its competitive pricing among other high-end scopes and its solid warranty coverage, serious shooters should definitely consider this March-X 10-60×56 SFP High Master model when making their purchase decision. We think it offers the best optical performance of all F-Class scopes.

It’s well-built, has plenty of accessories included to get you started right away and provides clear images without issues such as mirages or glare in varying light conditions, thanks to the modifier disc.

Overall, the March-X 10-60×56 SFP High Master is a great option for those looking for a reliable riflescope with plenty of features to improve accuracy.

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