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March Genesis 4-40x52

Introduction of March Genesis scopes

March is a well-known company oriented in the production of high-quality target rifle scopes. The wide selection March offers covers the whole range of usage, but most of their scopes products are tactical or sports shooting oriented. March scopes products are used by professionals and many records were set with exactly these Genesis - scopes.

March Genesis 6-60x56 rifle scope (IWA 2019)

On Shot Show 2018, March introduced the first Genesis rifle scope, which is one of a kind rifle scope with incredible 400 MOA of total elevation travel. This March rifle scope has a magnification range 6-60x and a big objective lens of 56 millimeters. This year at IWA Outdoors Classics, whatsoever, March introduced the smaller brother with a lower magnification range – 4-40x52 scope.

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March Genesis 4x-40x5_cta

March Genesis models

One of the March employees told me that many shooters didn't like the big size of the March - Genesis 6-60x56 scope, so March decided to develop the new Genesis 4-40x52 scope. Because this March - Genesis - rifle scope is still in development, not many pieces of information were given.

March Genesis 4-40x52 scopes (IWA 2019)


March Genesis 4-40x52 scopes (IWA 2019)

The new Genesis scope is much shorter than the bigger scope model, and instead of 400 MOA or 114 MIL, it will feature 300 MOA or 89 MIL of total elevation travel. This is still plenty for extreme long-range shooting, and no other rifle scope has that much elevation. Scope will also be lighter in weight and will feature a canted mount which can be clamped directly on a Picatinny rail.

March Genesis 4-40x52 at Shot Show 2020

March Genesis 4-40x52 tactical rifle scopes at Shot Show 2020

Because of the smaller magnification, the field of view on the scope will be bigger, which is great for observations of bigger areas. This March's rifle scope will be available in MIL and MOA, and the reticles will be positioned in the first focal plane. The reticle designs will be the same as in the bigger riflescopes models.

Interested in March Genesis?

March Genesis 4x-40x5_cta


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