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March-F 1-8×24 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Overview of March-F 1-8×24

In this blog, I’m going to present an in-depth review of the March-F 1-8×24 rifle scope. This top-tier riflescope is tailored for both close and midrange shooting scenarios.

March has gained worldwide recognition for the production of top-notch rifle scopes, which are specially designed to meet the requirements of F-class shooting and benchrest shooting. Additionally, they have recently launched a line specifically tailored towards tactical shooters.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty rifle scope
March-F 1-8×24 rifle scope

Key Features

The March-F 1-8×24 is a scope from the March F series of riflescopes, all of which offer either 8x or 10x zoom magnification. They come either with a first focal plane reticle or a second focal plane reticle, and they all have a 30-millimeter main tube.

The March-F 1-8×24 offers you an adjustable magnification level from one to eight and features a 24mm objective lens. This advanced piece of equipment was first introduced in 2012 and is constructed entirely out of metal for added durability and reliability.

Where are March scopes made?

The Dayon company has been a household name in the Suva region of central Japan since its establishment in 2004. They are famous for their March rifle scopes and only use Japanese-made components. Moreover, the engineers of this renowned company are highly experienced and bring a wealth of knowledge that propels the brand forward in terms of quality and innovation.

March-F 1-8×24 is entirely made in Japan, without any parts sourced from other countries such as Europe, the USA, or China. The glass inside has also been locally crafted to reflect March’s commitment to quality and reliability.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty rifle scope
March-F 1-8×24 rifle scope

Physical properties

Crafted entirely of metal, this scope is reinforced with shockproof tech that can endure any recoil – no matter the caliber. Its level of durability allows it to even withstand the 50 BMG. So you can enjoy long-term use without worrying about compromised performance or replacing parts due to wear and tear.

March F scope is fully waterproof up to four meters, and it has been argon purged so you can be sure that no condensation will build up even in the coldest of climates.

This compact scope measures only 256 millimeters in length and remarkably weighs just 530 grams.

The outer objective diameter is 33 millimeters, which is not a standard. Thus, it is a bit difficult to get a clip-on mount for night vision or thermal attachments.


The reticle is positioned in the first focal plane. Illuminated or not, all reticles are identical – no discrepancies whatsoever. Moreover, all of them use MIL (milliradian) measurement for the markings within the reticle

You can choose from three different reticles:

  1. FMC-1,
  2. FMC-2 and
  3. FMC-3.
FMC-1 reticle
FMC-1 reticle
FMC-2 reticle
FMC-2 reticle
FMC-3 reticle
FMC-3 reticle

The center of a reticle is encompassed by six MIL circles that are essential if you’re using the scope at a one-time magnification. With the reticle in the first focal plane, it becomes so narrow at 1x magnification that you might struggle to determine where to point. For this reason, a circle is necessary around the center of the reticle for improved accuracy and aiming assistance.

FMC-1 reticle

FMC-1 is a pretty standard reticle with a 6 MIL circle in the middle of it. If you choose the illuminated version, only the middle part of the reticle will be illuminated.

FMC-2 reticle

The FMC-2 features a six-MIL circle and a 25-MIL circle in the middle, making target acquisition even easier. With illuminated models, only the middle part of the reticle is illuminated.

FMC-3 reticle

FMC-3 is different from the first and second reticles because it is entirely illuminated, not just the circle around the middle part. Because the reticle is positioned in the first focal plane, you can use it to adjust for bullet drop at any magnification. The reticle allows you to easily identify and read your corrections so that accurate adjustments can be made using the turret.

Illumination system

March-F 1-8×24 is available with or without the illumination system. If you opt for the illuminated version of this riflescope, a rubber button is conveniently located on the right side turret to enable turning the illumination on or off.

A unique ring is placed around the rubberized button, allowing you to easily customize the brightness of your illumination. The illumination system offers six intensity settings, all of which are crafted specifically for bright daylight conditions. The lowest setting may be used in lower light situations; however, this scope was primarily designed to perform optimally during the day.

Despite the illumination’s strong brightness, it can be difficult to make out on 1x magnification during a bright and sunny day. Yet with 8x magnification, you can effortlessly see the illumination even in direct sunlight.

Boasting an auto-shutoff feature, the scope can be set to turn off after just one hour to save battery life. With only a single CR2032 battery required for illumination, you’ll find the conveniently placed battery compartment on its right side turret.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty
March-F 1-8×24 without the illumination system

Parallax adjustment

The parallax adjustment can be found conveniently located on the same turret as the illumination. The parallax range extends from 10 yards or meters up to infinity, with the potential for almost an entire revolution of fine-tuning. This offers you a seamless and effortless way to sharpen your aim on the target. The parallax wheel feels very smooth, as one could expect from such a premium brand as March.

Elevation turret

The turrets on this riflescope are truly remarkable in terms of build quality, offering a 0.1 MIL adjustment per click – translating to one centimeter of movement at 100 meters. Additionally, what sets the scope apart from others is its impressive 56 MIL of elevation travel – that’s equivalent to 5.6 meters at hundred meters.

The elevation turret is designed to rotate multiple times, delivering 10 MIL of travel in each revolution. In one full rotation, you will cover a distance of precisely one meter at 100 meters away.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty
March-F 1-8×24 – turrets

Turn indicator

The elevation turret does not have a mechanical turn indicator; however, underneath the turret are small lines that indicate which revolution one is currently in. In my opinion, this is not the best solution since the small lines are very hard to see. Therefore, a mechanical turn indicator would be an excellent solution.

But this rifle scope is designed for close-range or middle-range shooting. I don’t think anyone will ever use 56 MILs of elevation with such a scope.

The clicks on the elevation turret

The clicks of the March-F 1-8×24 are very tactile and satisfying to use. Every click is clear, loud, and consistent – regardless if you’re incrementing up or down. This isn’t always the case with similar riflescopes on the market today that offer this level of quality at a comparable price.

The clicks are extraordinarily tactile and require a decent amount of force to turn the turret, making it very difficult for an inadvertent adjustment. If you happen to hit somewhere, the turret will stay exactly where it was – no movement whatsoever. I consider this feature perfect as it prevents any possible missteps.

Zeroing the scope

The process of zeroing the scope is very easy. To zero the scope, unscrew the three screws from the elevation turret and carefully rotate the top part of it until you hear no clicks. Rotate the turret so that your desired “zero” is facing forward before firmly tightening each screw back into place.

To ensure that your scope is precisely zeroed, you will receive a handy tool within the packaging. The tool is incredibly convenient to use, as you can easily attach it to your shooting bag or key chain. That way, you will always have the tool with you when headed out for a day of target practice.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty
March-F 1-8×24 – elevation and windage turret

Zero-stop feature

The zero-stop feature of this riflescope is particularly noteworthy since it’s straightforward to set up. Utilizing a coin, unscrew the turret’s internal component. When you reach the zero setting firmly screw it back in place until there is no more movement; your zero-stop is now set.

What is also great about this zero stop is that you can choose how many clicks you want to go below the zero. If you want to set your zero-stop 20 clicks below zero, just go 20 clicks below the zero and screw the inner part of the turret in so that it stops. Your zero stop should be exactly two MILs below the zero, so 20 clicks. This is an ideal solution since everyone can determine if they want the zero to be right at the mark or slightly below it. I think this is a very nice solution.

Windage turret

The clicks on the windage turret have the same sound as those on the elevation turret, which is great. Furthermore, the clicks are fairly stiff, so you need to apply a bit more force.

The windage turret, like the elevation turret, is also of the multi-turn type. I do not care for multi-turn windage turrets, since if you adjust five MILs in either direction, it is hard to remember which way to go back once you want to return the scope’s set to zero. Although there are faint marks under the turret, I find them to be highly inconspicuous.

The windage turret is zeroed in the same way as the elevation turret. Unscrew the three screws, then rotate the turret so that the zeroing is facing forwards, and screw the three screws back in.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty
March-F 1-8×24 – zeroing the windage turret

Optical performance

Featuring 1-8x magnification and an objective lens diameter of 24 millimeters, the March-F 1-8×24 riflescope offers a powerful eight-times zoom ratio.

With one-time magnification, the field of view (FOV) is 34.7 meters at 100 meters, and 4.4 meters at eight times magnification; however, some competitors in the market have FOVs that are up to 40 or more. Therefore this riflescope’s field of view isn’t as wide compared to its competition.

The scope has no tunneling effect and provides generous eye relief. Whether you are close to or far away from the riflescope eyepiece, you can expect a crystal clear view. With an eye relief range of 74-102 millimeters, this is undoubtedly one of the best scopes on the market. Even with the most powerful calibers, you can feel secure and safe when using this scope.

My take on the eye box is that it works well for one-time magnification, however, when you increase it to eight times magnification, it becomes somewhat delicate. Therefore, this isn’t the ideal eye box.

This March riflescope delivers exactly what you’d expect in terms of image quality. At every magnification, the image remains perfectly sharp and colors are precisely depicted. When aiming at a white target, however slight chromatic aberration may be spotted – it’s barely visible but present.

Incorporating parallax adjustment into this rifle scope makes it a superior choice, even at high magnifications. It provides impeccable optical clarity and allows for precise focusing at any distance. This type of setup is not common among riflescopes with such magnification capabilities but offers an exceptional solution.

Magnification ring

The magnification ring is entirely made of metal. It can be adjusted from 1x to 8x magnification with an approximately 180-degree turn.

The riflescope comes with a throw lever, but it’s made of plastic and doesn’t match the quality of the scope. Despite that, it is incredibly easy to attach and makes changing magnification levels fast and effortless. For those that want an accessory worthy of their high-quality rifle, I would suggest replacing this throw lever with one made from aluminum for added durability.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty riflescope - magnification ring
March-F 1-8×24 riflescope – magnification ring
March-F 1-8x24 Shorty  riflescope - with installed throw lever
March-F 1-8×24 riflescope – with installed throw lever


The eyepiece is fully adjustable and rotates effortlessly, providing an added benefit of a counter-locking ring. By turning the locking ring to secure it after you select your setting, the eyepiece remains fixed in place; making sure that no matter where or how it’s transported – whether out of the backpack or if bumped into something – the eyepiece won’t be moved from its selected position.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty - magnification ring
March-F 1-8×24 – eyepiece design with counter-locking ring

Mounting solution

Much like the majority of wide-angle riflescopes, this one also boasts a 30-millimeter main tube. To secure your riflescope to the rifle, you will require 30 millimeters scope mount rings.

March-F 1-8×24 price and warranty

If you’re thinking of purchasing this riflescope, the cost starts at 2300 euros for its basic model. However, if you want a version that includes illumination features then be prepared to pay an additional 260 euros. The scope comes with a 10-year warranty.

Are March scopes worth the money?

I have to say that we have had very good experiences with March riflescopes. We have sold a lot of March riflescopes over the years at Optics Trade, and we haven’t had a single one returned for repair. I think this speaks for itself about the quality of March riflescopes.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty
March-F 1-8×24

Scope of delivery

To ensure optimal protection, the scope includes hard plastic flip-up lens covers. Additionally, a throw lever and zeroing key are included to assist in your accuracy when shooting. Furthermore, the package also contains an instruction manual containing all necessary details such as reticle subtensions and more; plus, you’ll receive a warranty card, and cleaning cloth for maintenance purposes of course.

Interested in more March accessories?

  1. March Fast Lever
  2. March Leather Lens Cover
  3. March Six level Illumination Switch
  4. March Windage Dial
March-F 1-8x24 Shorty  - scope of delivery
March-F 1-8×24 – scope of delivery

Who are the primary competitors within this industry?

The only real competitor I would say in a similar price range is the IOR 1-10×26; it is approximately 300 euros cheaper, but I believe March to be better in almost all features.


This scope boasts some impressive advantages, beginning with its stellar manufacturing quality. Every part on the scope is crafted to perfection and feels incredibly smooth when moved – from the clicks to everything else. You can tell great care has gone into making it.

I like the elevation turret because the clicks are very tactile and audible, and they are quite stiff, which I prefer, especially on such a rifle scope. The zero-stop feature is ideal, as you can adjust it to your exact preferences.

The locking eyepiece is also a great feature. Included throw levers and flip-up covers are also a nice addition. Lastly, I like that this scope has a parallax adjustment; in most cases, it’s not needed, but I still like it because you can more easily shoot with it at longer distances.

Pros summary

  1. great build quality
  2. nice clicks
  3. great zero-stop feature
  4. parallax adjustment
March-F 1-8x24 Shorty  riflescope
March-F 1-8×24 riflescope


Where do I see some room for improvement? First of all, there is no mechanical turn indicator on the elevation turret. This is especially problematic if there are so many revolutions; it would be great if there were some way to see which revolution one is in.

Another downside to this riflescope is the limited field of view—34.7 meters at 100 meters with 1x magnification simply isn’t enough. There are plenty of other scopes on the market that offer much wider fields of view.

Lastly, I do not like that the windage turret is of a multi-turn type. I would prefer that the windage turret can only be turned half a revolution in one direction and half of a revolution in the other direction. In my opinion, this would be the best solution.

Cons summary

  1. no mechanical turn indicator
  2. limited FOV
  3. multi-turn windage turret
March-F 1-8x24 Shorty  riflescope
March-F 1-8×24 riflescope

Final thoughts

The March-F 1-8×24 is an impressive rifle scope that offers a lot of features for the price. It has great build quality, nice clicks, a great zero-stop feature, and even a parallax adjustment. The 10-year warranty that comes with it is also very reassuring.

Despite its strengths though, there are some areas where improvement can be made. There is no mechanical turn indicator on the elevation turret. Additionally, the field of view is quite limited and the windage turret is of a multi-turn type which can be inconvenient.

Overall, I think the March-F 1-8×24 rifle scope provides excellent value for money as it packs plenty of features into an affordable price tag and also comes with most accessories that one would need for optimal protection and accuracy when shooting.

March-F 1-8x24 Shorty  riflescope
March-F 1-8×24 riflescope
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March-F 1-8x24 Shorty riflescope
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