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MAKpro 5-25x56i HD


Over the years MAK has established themselves as one of the best manufacturers of mounts for various rifles. At IWA 2018, they introduced the MAKpro 5-25x56i HD riflescope as one of their novelties. MAK has produced riflescope parts for other premium riflescope manufacturers in the past but they have never manufactured it under their own name until now. It's very encouraging to note that both mechanics and housing are made by MAK (made in Germany). Basically, MAKpro 5-25x56i HD is very similar to S&B and other premium tactical riflescopes.


This product has it all. It's designed with mil/mil turret configurations and has both a mechanical turn indicator and double turn type of turrets. However, the only lackluster in this department are the non-lockable turrets. For the windage and elevation compensation, the user has 50 Mrad (2.8 m) of elevation and 25 Mrad (1.4 m) of windage available with this product. One turn equals 10 Mrads. Lenses are made in Japan. At the moment, the scope can be ordered only with the mildot reticle but this is sure going to change in the future as MAK will introduce more options. The same goes for the turret rotation direction, which is only available with the CCW (counter-clockwise) configuration at the moment. We at Optics Trade expect that this riflescope will be available with the CW (clockwise) turret rotation direction configuration in the future. We are also confident MAK will add more options in terms of color choice and other features. MAK covers 10 years of warranty for this product with EU based warranty services. Riflescope has a central tube with 34 mm in diameter and an illuminated reticle with extremely robust housing.


The overall design is very promising and genuine. In the field of optical quality, this product will be very hard to compete with. Quality of optics is easily comparable to riflescopes of other premium European manufacturers. The price of MAKpro is another positive factor from our point of view. The scope will be priced at around 10% less than the other riflescopes competitors (Kahles, Minox, Steiner, S&B). MAK has made a huge step with a move on the market of the sports optics – so far this is their fourth or fifth optical product in their assortment. In our opinion, this is great since the company is extremely innovative and unique in their work. MAK made a clever move with this product, especially if we take the optical quality and design into account.

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