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MAK novelties 2018


MAK probably had the most new products to show at this year’s IWA 2018. Not only they expanded their mount collection, they also introduced a new riflescope and red dot sights. As regards the mounting solutions, there are quite a few upgrades.

New features

The MasterLock series has been subjected to the biggest upgrade. The main feature of the mounts from this series is that they can be fixed onto the Picatinny rail by simply pressing them against it. When enough pressure is applied, the mount locks onto the rail on its own. Furthermore, there are no protruding parts on the sides of the mount which adds to the appearance. To dismount it, simply press the button on the side and it will unclamp. In this state, it is ready to be mounted again. This system is very reliable – it holds zero like a charm. Because of the innovative design, we believe that it will sell well. We are pretty sure that MAK will continue on expanding the MasterLock series because of its unique, superior locking system.

There are also some innovations in the field of Picatinny rails. As regards the new Picatinny rails for Sako and CZ rifles, the rear base can be moved forward and backward to fit various receiver lengths. MAK also came up with a great solution for Steyr SBS rifles. Up to now, there have been 9 different Picatinny rails on the market, each for a specific receiver length. MAK now has a universal Picatinny rail (we are not yet sure if the rail will fit on all 9 receiver lengths or just a few – we will have to wait until we get it in stock to see). Nevertheless, this is a great upgrade and a welcome one.

MAK also introduced a new mounting solution for AK and SVD. The inclination of both mounts can be set to either 0, 15 or 25 MOA. The top part of the mount can either be designed for the attachment of rings of any diameter or Picatinny rail.



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