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Liemke Keiler-PRO thermal optics (IWA 2019)


Liemke, a German manufacturer of high-quality thermal imaging devices introduced 4 new models of their KEILER monoculars at IWA Outdoors Classics 2019. The KEILER monoculars are mainly designed for hunting, for simple observation in total darkness. Here are some specifications of these new devices.

Liemke Keiler-13 PRO at IWA 2019

Liemke Keiler-PRO novelties

KEILER-13 PRO and 18 PRO feature a VOx Ceramic sensor and a display with a resolution of 720 x 540. The smaller model, KEILER-13 PRO has a detector sensor of 240 x 180 pixels and has a fixed magnification of 1.2x. Digital zoom goes up to 2x, and the field of view of 31 meters is quite big. The detection is possible up to 459 meters, and the price of this KEILER will be 1.58€.

KEILER-18 PRO has a better sensor for detection, which features 384 x 288 pixels of resolution. The optical zoom of this model is 1.4x and the digital zoom goes up to 4x. The field of view is even bigger than with KEILER-13 PRO, which provides 34 meters at 100 meters. It can detect warm objects up to 671 meters and will cost 1.675 €.

Liemke Keiler-35 PRO at IWA 2019

KEILER-26 PRO and KEILER-25 PRO are very similar in most specifications. They both feature a VOx sensor for detection with a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels. The display resolution is 1280 x 960 pixels and both have a digital zoom up to 4x.

The KEILER-26 PRO features a 26-millimeter objective lens and has an optical zoom of 2x. The field of view is 26 meters at 100 meters and the detection range is up to 882 meters. The price will be 2.279€.

KEILER-35 PRO has the biggest objective lens diameter of all their new monoculars, and also the biggest optical zoom of 2.5x. It has a smaller field of view with 19 meters at 100 meters, but it can detect warm objects up to 1235 meters. The price will be 2.590 €.

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