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Levenhuk Broadway Binoculars Instruction Manual


Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses

Levenhuk Broadway Binoculars Instruction Manual

Levenhuk Broadway Binoculars Instruction Manual

  1. lorgnette handle locking screw
  2. battery compartmenty

Caution: Never look directly at the Sun through this device, as this may cause permanent eye damage and even blindness.

Levenhuk Broadway are elegant and stylish opera glasses with advanced optics delivering perfect image quality. The series includes theater lorgnettes with a telescopic handle and binoculars with a thin metal chain. Several models feature an LED light.
Lorgnette handle adjustment: Loosen the locking screw (1) to adjust the handle position, extend the handle and tighten the screw. To fix the lorgnette on the handle vertically, quickly tug the handle down.
Models with LED light (325F, 325N): Press and hold the LED light button to use the light. Battery replacement: 2 LR41 batteries to power the the LED light are included. To replace them, remove the screw at the battery compartment (2) with a precision screwdriver, remove old batteries and install new ones with regard to polarity. Close the battery compartment and fix it with the screw.

The kit includes: binoculars, cleaning cloth, pouch, batteries (325F, 325N), user manual and warranty.
Warranty: lifetime. For further details, please visit our web site:
The detailed user manual is available for download at
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product range and specifications without prior notice.



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