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Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 Review – Optics Trade Reviews

In 2019, Leupold & Stevens, Inc. added to its successful Mark 5HD riflescope family by releasing models with a 7-35x magnification range. These 7-35 models come with either milliradian or MOA adjustments and reticles.

With the introduction of the Mark 5HD line, Leupold has designed a scope that provides unrivalled levels of accuracy and precision within a rugged and reliable build. The 7-35×56 model takes those features one step further with an extended magnification range, perfect for even the most dedicated long-range shooter.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 riflescope

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Leupold Optics

Leupold & Stevens, Inc. is an acclaimed company, particularly in the United States where its headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon. What’s more, every product designed and manufactured by Leupold is assembled at their facility in Beaverton.

With the expansion of the market, Leupold has found new customer bases worldwide. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to its attention to detail and level of quality control.

Leupold Mark 5HD Series

Leupold’s Mark 5HD series is the latest in their line of extended long-range rifle scopes. What distinguishes Leupold Mark 5HD rifle scopes from others is their 5x zoom factor. They are more lightweight and compact than other brands’ similar magnification models.

Mark 5 HD scopes have a 35-millimetre main tube, a diameter that is rare for American brands and almost non-existent among European manufacturers. One of the biggest draws of the Leupold Mark 5HDS series is the newly designed zero-stop elevation turret with a lock-release button that also works as a mechanical turn indicator.

Physical Properties

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 riflescope with a magnification range from 7x to 35x and has a 56 millimetre objective lens. 

The outside diameter of the 56mm objective is 64.6 millimetres. We often mention this measurement because you’ll need it when purchasing clip-on devices, sunshades, and other extras. But due to the big minimal magnification of 7x, we don’t recommend clip-on attachment with this riflescope.  

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Recoil and Temperature Resistance

This scope is fully purged with argon gas, allowing you to use it in frigid weather conditions without internal fogging on the lenses. In addition, it is completely waterproof and can withstand even the strongest calibres of ammunition, such as .50 BMG.

Size and Weight

The scope is 936 grams, which is much lighter than most 5-25×56 scopes. In fact, this scope is only 85 grams heavier than the Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25×56 model. The aluminium monotube has 398 millimetres in length, so it’s not too short or too long for this magnification.

Need Quality 35mm Scope Mounts?

The main tube’s diameter is 35 millimetres, which gives the scope a lot of elevation (30 MIL). This unfortunately limits your mounting options because not many in Europe can fit such a big main tube. However, the upside is that this reinforced 35mm material can take more impact than average.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 feature 35 mm main tube

Magnification Ring

The magnification power ring is very smooth to manoeuvre. Thanks to the easy-grip knurled design, you’ll be able to operate the magnification ring just as easily with or without gloves. It comes with a throw lever for fast changes in the field.

When you first take the Leupold Mark 5HD scope out of the packaging, the magnification ring has a throw lever already built-in. This is a really nice feature considering the wide range of magnification (7-35x) this scope provides. The lever can be removed per personal preference. To protect the uncovered threaded screw, Leupold supplies a small screw-in cap in the box with the product.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 with built-in throw lever


The side parallax adjustment on this scope goes from 50 yards out to infinity. The numbers on the turret are generously spaced out–we really appreciate that because it makes it easier to see and use. The marks for approximate distance to the target are also big and easy to see, which is helpful when you’re trying to take a shot.

Some scopes have nice parallax up 200 meters or more but the markings are so close together that it’s difficult to make an accurate adjustment. This is not the case with Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56. The adjustments are just as easy at 600m, 800m, and infinity.

We would also like to see the parallax be more finely adjustable at a super-close range, from 10 meters. The 7-35×56 model’s 50m starting point is already too far away for some shooters that want precise shots at short-range targets. The combination of parallax adjustment from 10 meters and 35x maximum magnification would be a dream combination for detailed target assessment.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 side parallax adjustment
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 side parallax adjustment

Elevation Turret

This Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 riflescope is available in two click options:

  1. 1/4 MOA or
  2. 0.1 MIL.

The scope variant we tested most for this review is the MIL-MIL model with PR-2 reticle. The accuracy of Mark 5HD clicks is on point – 1 click moves the reticle for exactly 1 centimetre at 100 meters.

The innovative Mark 5HD elevation turret has an outstanding design. It has a push button that locks the turret on the zero and works as a mechanical turn indicator at the same time.

As far as the maximum vertical reticle travel possible is concerned, note that the Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 scope has 30 MILs on the turret and an internal elevation adjustment of 30 MILs. Really top-notch engineering work from Leupold.

The elevation turret can be operated by simply pressing the lock-release turret button on the inside. As you unlock the turret, click adjustments can easily be made with an audible and satisfying clicking noise that provides feedback for each movement. There’s no skipping with these clicks.

This multi-turn M5C3 elevation turret can make 3 revolutions. One complete turret rotation provides 10.5 MILs of travel, which is highly unusual. However, what makes this so advantageous is that the numbers on the turret are printed diagonally opposed to one above the other. With diagonal alignment, you can read the numbers significantly faster and more accurately.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 elevation turret
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 elevation turret

Mechanical Turn Indicator

The design of the new Mark 5HD elevation turret is excellent. To help the user not get lost between the 3 elevation turret revolutions, Leupold Optics implemented the aforementioned built-in locking button that also functions as a mechanical turn indicator. The way this button works is both innovative and effective.

The 1st time you fully rotate the turret, the lock-release button sticks out from the side. On the next full turret turn, you can see that the button is now level with the housing. This lets you know visually and mechanically that you’ve reached the 2nd revolution of elevation. You can also feel these changes with your fingers, which is essential in dim light.

On the third revolution, the button will disappear back inside the turret. There will be a hole in the turret side from the shooter’s perspective. In addition, you’ll notice a silver pin popping out of the top of the turret.

We love it because the design is simplistic and easy to use—even in complete darkness. You can feel which revolution you’re on, and when you come back to zero, the release button pops out automatically and locks the turret in place.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Built-in locking button: 1st revolution VS 2nd revolution VS 3rd revolution

Sub-Zero Clicks

The elevation turret goes a few clicks below zero. This wiggle room is very useful if you mount a thermal or night vision attachment in front of the scope because sometimes small adjustments have to be made to perfectly align the two devices’ POI. 

Another example where this would be useful is if you sight in your Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56  scope at different temperatures than it’s used. In these situations, a few clicks below can be a lifesaver.

Windage Turret

The capped windage turret has a lower profile than the elevation turret. Under the aluminium cover is a typical tactical turret. Since the turret design is completely watertight and dustproof, you can use the scope with or without the cap screwed in.

The windage clicks are very audible and very tactile. So you can make every single click and hear it. Now the windage turret goes 5 MIL left and 5 MIL right. You can’t rotate beyond 5L or 5R. This is a great solution – the dead stop prevents you from misdialing past 5R and ending up at 1L, for example.

If you made more than 45 clicks and you forgot to turn it back the next time using the scope, you don’t know in which revolution you have to go back for the zero. Because of that, you could easily make an error with the scope of an entire revolution. With such a design, this cannot happen.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 windage turret
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 windage turret with aluminium cover

Visual Indicator

The white windage line on the main tube is your visual indicator of which turret click position you’re in. The line is printed closer to the top surface of the tube, which makes it easier to see from the shooter’s perspective behind the ocular.

While the visual turn indicator is a plus, we would prefer if this white line went closer to click numbers. The space between the end of the line and the turret is wide enough to still make a mistake of 1 or 2 clicks. This is a small design oversight that could be improved on Leupold Mark 5HD windage turrets.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 with visual indicator on the windage turret
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 with visual indicator on the windage turret

Setting the Zero on Turrets

To zero the turret, unscrew the three screws on the side of the turret and the one screw that is vertical and aligned with the zero marker line on the main tube. Rotate the dial so that your zero is in line with the white (witness) mark on the main tube.

The steps are the same with the elevation and the windage turret.

Optical Properties

The Mark 5HD 7-35x outperforms other models in its class by providing unmatched light transmission and glare reduction. This enables you to have a clear image in any lighting condition, whether it’s direct sunlight or low light.

In addition, the resolution and clarity are some of the best on the market, making it a favourite among professional guides and shooters. This scope has a fast-focus eyepiece with plenty of adjustment.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 eyepiece design
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 eyepiece design

Eye relief and Eyebox

The eye relief of the scope is 91-96.5 mm, which makes it easier to shoot with rifles that have strong recoil, like the 50 BMG. The eye box is also very good at 7x magnification; while it’s of course better on smaller magnifications, it’s still easy to look through at 35x.

Field of View

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 has a pretty big field of view. At 7x magnification, you get 4.9 meters of FOV at 100 meters and at 35x you get exactly 1 meter at 100 meters. Although this might not seem like much, it is actually quite substantial when considering the high level of magnification.

Image Quality

There is no tunnelling effect with this scope, and the image quality is excellent. The colours are accurate, and the image is crisp from edge to edge. You can still see very clearly even when you’re looking at objects with the elevation turret maxed out.


All Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 reticles are positioned in the first focal plane. The first focal plane means that the size of the reticle remains constant no matter what power the scope is on. This is advantageous for tactical shooters and hunters who often switch between different magnification settings. With other types of reticles, the reticle would become smaller or disappear as you increase magnification. A first focal plane reticle ensures that your aiming point is always precise.

There are 2 reticle options available for the scope with Illumination. If you’re looking at Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56  models without an illumination system, you can choose between 8 reticle designs. Not many producers have such a wide selection of reticles available.

Reticles with illumination:

  • TMR
  • Tremor 3
  • TMR illuminated reticle
  • Tremor 3 illuminated reticle

Reticles without illumination:

  • CCH
  • H59
  • PR2-MIL
  • PR2-MOA
  • TMOA Plus
  • TMR
  • Tremor 3
  • CCH reticle
  • H59 reticle
  • PR2-MIL reticle
  • PR2-MOA reticle
  • TMOA Plus reticle
  • TMR reticle
  • Tremor 3 reticle

Reticle Illumination

The illumination control is on the side turret. There are 7 brightness settings in total, 2 of which are low intensity and night vision friendly. The battery compartment is hidden under the turret; only one CR 2032 battery is needed to power the red light.

The Mark HD5 series of rifle scopes feature Leupold motion sensor technology which conserves battery power. If the scope does not detect movement for 5 minutes, the illumination will automatically turn off. When it does detect movement again, it will revert to the last-used intensity setting.

Scope of Delivery

The Leupold Mark 5HD riflescopes come with the following accessories: a thread-protecting screw as a replacement for the pre-installed throw lever, plastic flip-up caps, a hex key for turret zeroing, and a Leupold Alumina sunshade.

In addition to that, the user also gets some Leupold logo stickers and, more importantly, a manual booklet with basic instructions and Mark 5HD line technical specs.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 scope of delivery
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 scope of delivery

Interested in More Leupold Mark 5HD Accessories?


There are several things we like about the scope. First, the quality is excellent–machined well and all parts assembled nicely. Second, the turrets might be some of the best on the market right now. They have audible clicks so you can easily hear every single click, but they aren’t too firm so you don’t need a lot of force for adjustment.

The travel on one turret rotation is 10.5 MILs, which is atypical. However, the diagonal alignment of the numbers allows for better and faster reading comprehension. The elevation of 30 MIL is designed for extended long-range shooting. 

The scope’s image is clear and sharp, and the colours are true-to-life. The lens coating eliminates glare, and the addition of a dedicated sunshade to the product box is a welcomed bonus. You won’t experience any ‘tunnelling’ effects at max or min vertical reticle adjustment positions.

Leupold offers a variety of reticles to choose from with the Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56. You’ll surely find one that fits just what you need from the scope. Not only that, but reticle selection can also be cost-effective. You’ll spend much less on a model with a reticle that is not illuminated or has a design that is not patented. The price difference will surprise you.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56

Pros Summary:

  • rugged construction
  • hard recoil resistance (up t .50 BMG)
  • innovative Mark 5HD elevation turret
  • sub-zero clicks
  • hard stop on windage turret
  • many reticle options
  • motion sensor illumination
  • no tunnelling effect


Now, where do I see some room for improvement? The visual click indicator makes it easy to keep track of your click. It’s nice that the white line is positioned closer to the top of the scope. But we would also prefer if the line would go closer to the dial, so it would be easier to see the correct number. Take March Genesis scopes, for example. The visual turn indicator on Genesis turrets nearly touches the white click dashes, eliminating the chance of misdial.

We love the Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 parallax because it has plenty of room for adjustment beyond 300m (unlike the majority of tactical parallaxes). That said, we wish that Leupold would reconfigure the parallax dial to include shorter distances too. For precise shots and a detailed view of the target at close engagements (at 7x magnification), it would be awesome if the Leupold 5HD parallax had even fewer meters as an option.

Lastly, which we don’t think is a downside because you have more elevation is the 35 millimetres main tube. Because there are currently not so many mounts available for this scope. But, the elevation adjustment is another benefit if you have a bigger main tube.

There are not many manufacturers that make 35mm scope mounts. This can be a disadvantage for users who want to purchase a Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 riflescope since it’s built around a 35-millimetre tube.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56

Cons Summary:

  • windage visual turn indicator
  • parallax starts at 50m
  • uncommon 35mm tube diameter

Where is Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 Made?

The company’s mottos “designed, machined, assembled in the USA” and “American to the core” are a reflection of Leupold’s commitment to home turf. Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 is indeed manufactured in Oregon, USA.

The only parts that are not made from raw materials at Leupold’s Beaverton facility are the glass components. These arrive milled into lens form from OEM vendors (as it’s the norm with all major optical manufacturers, not just Leupold). Leupold also adds the final touches like true tone colour coating, anti-glare varnish, etc.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 Warranty

Leupold offers a 10-year warranty on their Mark 5HD 7-35×56 riflescope. This warranty covers all mechanical parts of the scope, including the lens, turrets, and body. The 2-year warranty on the illumination system is separate. A shorter guarantee on electronic components is what you get from any manufacturer, not just Leupold.

If anything on your scope should malfunction or break, Leupold will repair or replace it free of charge (unless the issue arose from mishandling). Leupold’s post-sales service is also carried out in Beaverton, Oregon. As of 2022, Leupold doesn’t have any repair centres in Europe.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 Price

The price of Mark 5 7-35×56 HD models starts at €2929. This is how much you’ll spend on an MOA or MIL model with a non-illuminated reticle like PR-2. Slightly pricier options are TMR and TMOA Plus reticle designs, which cost an additional €100.

The Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 CCH model costs €3129. Out of all reticles, licensed designs like Horus H59 and Tremor 3 are the most expensive. For those two, you’ll need to splurge €400 more than the cheapest option (PR-2 MOA/MIL).

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 price caps off at €3829. This is what you’ll need to splurge on 0.1 MIL-MIL scopes with Tremor 3 reticle and illumination system. If you want the MIL-MIL model with a light-up reticle but save a few bucks, the same model with a TMR3 design can be yours for €3529.

Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56

Final Thoughts on Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56

The Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 is an excellent riflescope that offers many features and benefits. Some of its pros include the excellent parallax adjustment, 30 MIL elevation, and illuminated reticle. Additionally, it is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty.

While there are some areas for improvement, such as the visual turn indicator or shorter distance on the parallax dial, the Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 is still a great scope that offers superior performance.

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Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56
Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56
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