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Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

The Leupold Mark 5-HD 2-10×30 is a tactical riflescope introduced at the Shot Show in 2023. It stands out in the market due to its unique combination of magnification and objective lens diameter. Specifically designed for short-barreled sniper rifles or semi-automatic rifles like DMR rifle systems, this scope excels in short to medium-range tactical applications.

The scope is offered in various configurations, providing users with options to suit their preferences. They can select between 0.1 MIL or 1/4 MOA adjustment per click, choose from two different reticles, and opt for either illuminated or non-illuminated models.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30 Riflescope Review
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30

About the Leupold

Leupold is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. With a rich history dating back to 1907, the company remains family-owned, now led by the fifth generation of the Leupold family. Notably, Leupold proudly holds the distinction of being the oldest optics manufacturer in the United States.

The Mark 5 HD series

The Mark 5 HD represents the latest series of rifle scopes crafted by Leupold. These scopes offer a five times zoom factor. Notably, the 2-10×30 model stands out as the rifle scope with the smallest magnification within the entire series.

Maintaining a 35-millimeter main tube diameter, it shares the same features as its larger counterparts. From turrets to other components, the 2-10×30 model remains on par with its counterparts in terms of functionality and performance.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30

Physical Properties

The Leupold Mark 5-HD 2-10×30 is crafted entirely from metal, devoid of any rubberized components. Similar to its larger counterparts in the Mark 5HD series, it boasts a 35-millimeter main tube diameter and features identical turrets.

The objective lens measures 30 millimeters, while the outside diameter is 39.6 millimeters. Therefore, if you intend to use a night vision and thermal clip-on attachment with the rifle scope, which is ideal due to its magnification capabilities, you will need a 40-millimeter mounting ring for the objective.

Just like all Mark 5 riflescopes by Leupold, this particular model is compatible with all calibers. So, whether you’re using a 50 BMG or any other caliber, you can effortlessly utilize this scope without encountering any issues.

The scope is both waterproof and fogproof, making it ideal for use in any weather conditions. Its nitrogen-purged design ensures no internal fogging, even in the coldest of environments.

The riflescope measures 284 millimeters in length and weighs 655 grams without illumination. With illumination, it is estimated to be around 680 grams. Even with the illumination system, it remains a lightweight riflescope.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30

European style eyepiece

The scope is equipped with a European-style eyepiece. Only the rear section of the eyepiece rotates, which I find to be remarkably smooth and sturdy. This is especially advantageous as it prevents unintended modifications when removing the scope from the bag or while carrying it.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30 features European style eyepiece

Magnification Ring

The scope offers a magnification range of 2x to 10x, providing a five-times zoom factor. The magnification ring smoothly rotates nearly 180 degrees, allowing for easy adjustment from the lowest to the highest magnification. Its textured surface offers a comfortable grip, ensuring ease of use even when wearing gloves.

The scope features also a small throw lever which is located directly on the magnification ring. The part on the throw lever, which stands out, can be additionally screwed in or can be taken out. There is also a small cover included, if you don’t like the throw lever, you can put in this cover, so it is closed.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Magnification ring with a small throw lever


The riflescope features a reticle positioned in the first focal plane, with two variations currently available.

  1. TMR reticle
  2. PR1 reticle

The TMR, a MIL reticle, is available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions. On the other hand, the PR1 reticle, based on MOA, is exclusively offered without illumination.

  • TMR Reticle
  • PR1 Reticle

Illumination System

The illumination offers seven intensity settings. The first setting is ideal for night vision devices, making it invisible to the naked eye. At its highest settings, it is not daytime bright. It becomes visible when directed at a black target or something similar, but it may not be visible on a white target or during a bright sunny day.

The illumination system is equipped with an automatic turn-off feature or motion sensor technology. After five minutes of non-usage, the system deactivates itself. As soon as movement is detected, such as picking up or moving the rifle, the reticle illumination instantly reactivates. It resumes at the same intensity setting as before.

The illumination system is positioned on the side turret alongside the parallax adjustment, ensuring convenient access. It operates with just a single CR2032 battery.

NEW Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10×30 Riflescope | IWA 2023 Report

Parallax Adjustment

The parallax adjustment range extends from 40 meters to infinity. On the turret, you’ll find markings starting from 75 meters or yards, all the way to infinity.

The parallax wheel provides a remarkably smooth experience, striking the perfect balance of stiffness. It offers just the right amount of resistance, ensuring it is neither excessively loose nor overly burdensome to adjust.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Parallax adjustment is located on the left side turret


The elevation turret showcases the patented zero lock, which happens to be one of my favorite tactical turrets available. When the turret is set to zero, it remains securely locked. However, when you need to make adjustments, simply press the button and the turret smoothly rotates. Once you return to zero, it locks firmly in place, eliminating any accidental adjustments. This feature is particularly useful during nighttime operations when unintentional movements can occur. With this turret, you can easily reset it to zero and rest assured that it won’t budge without intention. Overall, it’s a fantastic turret with an impeccable design.

The clicks are not only highly audible but also remarkably tactile, allowing you to feel each click with ease. Adjusting the turret requires just the right amount of force – not too heavy, nor too light – resulting in perfect clicks, in my opinion.

Moving on, as you rotate the turret and reach the second revolution, the button, which serves as both the lock and the turn indicator, becomes aligned with the turret. This indicates that we have entered the second revolution of the turret.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
In the second revolution, the button is aligned with the turret

Once you rotate the turret further and reach the third revolution, the button becomes concealed within the turret, indicating that you are now in the third revolution. At this point, direct your attention to the upper numbers on the turret. Similarly, when you find yourself in the second revolution, focus on the middle numbers. As for the first revolution, refer to the bottom numbers on the turret. By following this sequence, you can effectively navigate through the revolutions and interpret the corresponding numbers on the turret.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
In the third revolution, the button becomes concealed within the turret

The turret offers an elevation range of 100 clicks in a single turn, with a total of 300 clicks available. This translates to 3 meters at a distance of 100 meters. Alternatively, using an MOA turret, you get 25 MOA per turn or 75 MOA in 3 complete revolutions.

According to Leupold, the stated internal elevation range is 48 milliradians or 165 MOA. However, upon disassembling the turret, I observed an elevation of 66 milliradians, which is significantly larger. In essence, such a substantial elevation range is unnecessary for a rifle scope of this nature.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Elevation turret on the MIL model

The elevation turret, as mentioned before, is excellent. However, considering the nature of this scope, a low-profile turret with just a single turn might suffice, or perhaps even be preferable due to the sleek profile of the entire rifle scope and rifle system. Another potential benefit of using a low-profile elevation turret is the ability to install a red dot sight, eliminating the requirement for a considerably raised mount. Such a configuration would be particularly advantageous in close-quarters combat (CQB) or when engaging targets at short range.

Resetting The Turret To Zero

Resetting the elevation turret to zero is a straightforward process. Begin by loosening the two screws located on the top of the turret. Next, rotate the turret backward until the zero stop button emerges. Finally, securely fasten the two screws back in place. This adjustment is remarkably simple, easy, and efficient.

Windage Turret

The windage turret is securely protected with an aluminum cap. The MIL model offers an internal windage range of 23 MIL, while the MOA model provides a generous 80 MOA range.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Windage turret is capped

The windage turret adjusts 5 MIL in both directions before reaching a stopping point, preventing a full revolution and eliminating the possibility of an entire revolution error.

What makes it particularly noteworthy is that the windage line is no longer positioned at the center of the scope tube; instead, it is now placed higher, allowing for easier visibility from the shooter’s perspective. Personally, I don’t find it unfavorable, although I still prefer the line to be more centrally located. It would also be helpful if the line extended all the way to the turret, as the current placement creates uncertainty about being in the correct position. However, I acknowledge that this is solely my perspective and opinion.

To reset the windage turret to zero, follow the same steps as with the elevation turret. Start by unscrewing the three screws on the turret and rotate it until the zero lines up. Once aligned, tighten the screws securely. That’s all it takes to complete the reset and be ready to go.

In my opinion, the windage turret would be better if it were half the height, as well as the elevation turret. However, Leupold chose to use the same turrets as on the larger models.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Windage turret on the MIL model

Optical Performance

The magnification range of this riflescope is from 2x to 10x, providing a zoom factor of five times. At two times magnification, the field of view spans 17.6 meters at a distance of 100 meters. On the highest magnification, it reduces to 3.5 meters at the same distance. The expansive field of view at two times magnification makes it particularly well-suited for night vision and thermal attachments.

The scope does not exhibit any tunneling effect, and the eye relief, which refers to the distance between your eye and the scope, ranges from 92 to 95 millimeters. The eye relief remains consistently exceptional across all magnifications.

Similarly, the eye box performs excellently on both the smallest and largest magnification settings. It effortlessly allows you to maintain a clear view through the scope, ensuring remarkable image quality.

The optical quality of the scope is excellent across all magnifications, as one would expect from a premium riflescope of this caliber. The optical performance, in my opinion, is outstanding, particularly in the center where the image is superb and the color accuracy is highly commendable.

At the lowest magnification, there is a slight blur on the edges of the image. However, it’s important to note that this blurriness is minimal and not significant. Beyond three times magnification, this blurriness is no longer visible. So, it’s really only noticeable at 2x magnification, which, in my opinion, is inconsequential. What truly matters, in my view, is a wide field of view, enabling quick target engagement, even if the edges are not perfectly sharp.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30

Price and Warranty

The Mark 5 HD 2-10×30 riflescope, just like every Leupold riflescope, is crafted and assembled in the United States. It is backed by a 10-year warranty.

The cost of this riflescope varies based on whether you prefer it with or without illumination. Without illumination, it is priced at around 2,450 euros. However, if you opt for illumination, the price increases by an additional 500 euros, making it a total of 2,950 euros.

Mounting Solution

The scope features a 35 mm main tube diameter, requiring the use of 35 mm scope mount rings for proper attachment to the rifle.

 Looking for a Scope Mount? Find it right below:

Scope of Delivery

What’s included in the box? Firstly, there are flip-up covers crafted from durable plastic. Next, there’s a sunshade that can be placed in front of the scope. Additionally, you’ll find a Leupold sticker, a small cover for the throw lever on the magnification ring, and a tool for resetting the scope to zero. Lastly, the owner’s manual provides all the necessary information about the scope.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Scope of Delivery

Looking for more accessories? Find them below:


First and foremost, I must highlight the exceptional build quality of this scope. The scope is very robust, which is particularly impressive considering its compact and small design. I appreciate its short and lightweight construction.

Furthermore, the scope is available in both MOA and MIL, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences. The option to choose between an illuminated or non-illuminated version is another advantage, with potential savings of approximately 500 euros for those who don’t require illumination.

Lastly, I must emphasize the quality of the turret on the Mark 5 scopes, which, in my opinion, is one of the finest on the market.

Pros summary:

  1. great build quality
  2. MOA and MIL model
  3. good quality turrets
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30 with flip-up covers


There are a couple of areas where I believe there is room for improvement. Firstly, the lower-profile turret would be a great addition to the rifle scope.

Secondly, the parallax turret could benefit from some refinement. During my preparation for the review, I noticed a slight wobbling on the parallax turret, although it is not significant.

Cons summary:

  1. turrets could be made lower in profile
  2. slight wobbling of the parallax turret
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Mark 5HD 2-10×30 riflescope lives up to the Leupold legacy, offering top-notch build quality, excellent optical performance, and a versatile range of features. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the benefits significantly outweigh the areas of improvement.

Considering its price point, it provides exceptional value and is a worthwhile investment for serious shooters who demand precision and reliability. The scope is an excellent choice for short-barreled sniper rifles or semi-automatic rifles such as DMR rifle systems. It performs exceptionally well in tactical applications ranging from short to medium ranges.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10x30
Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30

Looking for a Leupold Mark 5 HD 2-10×30? Find it below:

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