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Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescope Series

During our visit to Shot Show 2024, we stopped by the Leupold booth and talked to Nick, who was kind enough to guide us through the fresh releases the company has prepared for this year.

Alongside the new RX-5000 Rangefinder and BX-4 Gen II Binoculars, Leupold introduced an entirely new series of Mark 4HD scopes, which immediately caught our attention, and we were eager to dive into the details of the lineup.

The Whole New Series of Scopes from Leupold

The already familiar Mark 5HD scope series by Leupold has earned a strong positive reputation among users over the years.

Building on the success of the Mark 5HD, this year they have introduced five new scopes in a completely new series named the Mark 4HD. The lineup features a range of scopes with 4x zoom, including models 1-4.5X24, 2.5-10X42, 4.5-18X52, 6-24X52, and 8-32X56, ensuring there’s a scope suitable for virtually any application.

Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series
Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series

Mark 4HD: Leupold’s Response to Customer’s Feedback

Each of the models is available in various configurations, depending on the personal preferences of the customer. Customers can choose between MIL and MOA configurations, both in the first (FFP) or second (SFP) focal plane.

The 2.5-10×42 model comes with a non-illuminated PR1 MOA reticle in the first focal plane (FFP), or the TMR reticles available in both illuminated and non-illuminated forms, in FFP or second focal plane (SFP). The 4.5-18×52 offers illuminated PR1-MIL and non-illuminated PR2-MIL reticles, plus options for illuminated PR1-MOA and non-illuminated PR2-MOA reticles. The 6-24×52 features non-illuminated PR2 reticles in MOA or MIL and a PR3 MIL reticle, all with the same adjustment range for elevation and windage. The largest scope in the series, the 8-32×56, provides the same reticle options as the 6-24×52 model.

Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series
Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series

Leupold has once again prioritized the shooter’s feedback in their design process. While the Mark 5HD was well-received, users expressed a desire for certain modifications. One such update is the introduction of a Zero Lock mechanism on the windage dial. Unlike the Mark 5HD series, which uses 35 mm tubes, the Mark 4HD scopes provide options for both 30 mm and 34 mm main tube configurations. The series also features the same Professional-Grade Optical System that can be found on the Mark 5HD scopes.

Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series
Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series

The 1/10th MIL (M5C3) or 1/4 MOA (M1C3) click windage and elevation turrets provide precise and repeatable dialing with nice visual and tactile indicators to track revolutions without confusion, and the ZeroLock feature to prevent unintended adjustments and reliably return to zero.

Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series
Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series, Source: Leupold

All Mark 4HD scopes are equipped with Motion Sensor Technology, which conserves battery life by turning off illuminated reticles after five minutes of inactivity and reactivating them upon detecting movement. They feature a removable, low-profile throw lever for swift magnification adjustments, accompanied by a thread protector plug for use when the lever is detached. The housing, constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy, maintains Leupold’s standard for fog-proof and waterproof durability.

Pricing and Warranty

The pricing for the Mark 4HD series is another interesting aspect, with scopes expected to range from approximately 1800 € to 2500 € based on configuration which we believe to be more than fair for the quality and the number of choices users get. In the USA, the Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescope is offered with a lifetime warranty, effective as long as the scope remains in production. For the EU market, due to regulatory reasons, the warranty is given in years, likely to be set at 10 years.

Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series
Leupold Mark 4HD riflescope series

We believe that the price point will surely attract many users and are pleased to see that optical quality and performance remain uncompromised, especially compared to the Mark 5HD series. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to this new addition to the Leupold family.

Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescope Series
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Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescope Series
At this year's Shot Show 2024, Leupold introduced an entirely new series of Mark 4HD scopes.
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