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Leica riflescopes chronology



Leica introduced first riflescopes in the early 1950s. The three models that were available at that time offered Leitz feature that offered reticle focusing with group of lenses inside the tube and internal focusing were rugged and resistant to dust and moisture. Riflescopes ceased production after a few years by focusing on development of binoculars and spotting scopes.



In 1990s riflescopes made a brief second generation appearance in the United States together with Leupold of Oregon, but the line soon discontinued with production.


2009 – ER

In 2009 Leica relaunches riflescopes to the market, with two 2.5x-10x-42mm and 3.5x-14x-42mm ER models with extended eye relief. High-quality optical system and five reticle options were available until 2013. You can read more about Leica riflescopes here.

Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS Rifle Scope

Leica ER 6.5-26×56 LRS Rifle Scope


2011 – Magnus

In 2011 Leica introduces new premium Magnus riflescopes with 6.7 zoom factor and high-quality optics with extended field of view and illuminated reticle with adjustable brightness level. At the time of introduction Leica Magnus were among the best hunting rifle scopes on the market. The wide angle model offer widest field of view among all wide angle rifle scopes. At the start, 3 models were available: 1-6.3×24, 1.5-10×42 and 2.4-16×56. Later an additional model with 50mm lens was introduced: 1.8-12×50. In 2016 the entire line was refined with small improvements and all models were from then onwards marked with the letter i.

Leica Magnus Rifle Scope

Leica Magnus Rifle Scope


2013 – ER i

Leica upgraded ER binoculars providing the new ERi series for the European market. “I” stands for “illuminated” with innovative reticle adjustment and illumination suitable for hunting in low-light conditions with automatic power-off function.

Leica ERi L-Ballistic iluuminated Reticle

Leica ERi L-Ballistic iluuminated Reticle

2015 – ER5

Leica took ER riflescopes and upgraded it with advanced optic innovations for the American market. ER5 provides 5x zoom factor and high quality image with absolute precision and excellent durability.

Leica ER5 Reticles

Leica ER5 Reticles


2016 – VISUS i LW

Leica upgraded ERi riflescope with illuminated reticle suitable for low light and day time conditions. Intensity level of the reticle illumination can be powered up to day time brightness. Exceedingly elegant design and glossy surface covers incredibly high-quality optical performance.

Leica Visus i Rifle Scopes

Leica Visus i Rifle Scopes





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    Designed with the users in mind and extensively tested in the lab and in the field, the riflescopes from Leica work with you under every field sport circumstance, every time.

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