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Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 reticle subtensions


Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 Rifle Scope
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 Rifle Scope


The Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 made quite an impact on the market in 2011 when it was first presented; due to the unbelievable light transmission for a super zoom scope, rated at 91%. With its 56mm objective lens and such a light transmission rate it is a true lowlight specialist in the Leica Magnus series of riflescopes. Astonishing light transmission rate in a scope with 6.7x zoom ratio however, was not the only strong point of the Magnus 2.4-16×56. Stray light suppression, high level of resolution and vivid colors were all on the top-level expected from a brand with such a high reputation.


Leica also created a new benchmark with 2.4-16×56 riflescope in the terms of wide field of view. At 2.4x magnification the Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 is offering an impressive figure of 17m / 100m. No other scope with 2.4x or 2.5x magnification offers this much field of view.


Another thing which is also immediately noticeable when using this scope is how easy and how effortless it is to look through it. The Leica 2.4-16×56 is as undemanding as it gets at eye position and the user gets the perfect picture even if their eye is not perfectly aligned with the scope axis or their eye relief is not exactly 90mm as stated by Leica. The eye box size is big which is one of the main advantages of the Magnus 2.4-16×56 riflescopes when used in real world situations. If you will look carefully at the photos below you will also see that the circular image through the scope is bigger with the Magnus 2.4-16×56 than with any other scope we tested.


Since this Magnus was designed for lowlight use, with its big entry lens, it is also a great choice for long- range shooting. With parallax adjustment and high magnification the image can be zoomed in and because of Leica Optics, all the details are crisp and sharp. Magnus riflescope also features an advanced ballistic elevation turret called Leica BDC (previously called Leica ASV), Leica BDC turrets have 100 clicks (1cm/100m) in one single turn and can be locked into position. With an elevation range of 10 mrad this is a true long-range scope and with its locking function perfect for hunting, even when stalking in dense forest or bushes. Leica also produces 12 different rings for their BDC turret, which have engraved values for 12 different ballistic curves. These curves cover almost all common calibers and enable the user to easily dial the correct elevation correction for any distances. These custom BDC rings are named EU1 to EU12 and have marks like this: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and so on for the corresponding distances 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 meters. Long-range shooting while hunting has never before this easy and precise.

Leica BDC turret
Leica BDC turret


Secure mounting of riflescopes is a crucial component of any rifle and the popularity of rail mounting scopes has been gaining momentum in the last couple of years. Added robustness, reliability, absence of ring marks and tension free mounting are all big advantages over the usual ring mounting. This is why Magnus scopes are all produced with the possibility of rail mounting or “track” mounting as Leica names them. Leica uses a well-established Zeiss ZM/VM rail standard on their Magnus riflescopes and also on their ERi riflescopes. Mounts for this rail are produced by EAW, Recknagel, MAK, Henneberger, Rusan, Kozap and Blaser.

Leica rail / track for mounting
Leica rail / track for mounting



Leica Magnus scopes have only illuminated reticles and no non-illuminated reticles available at the moment. The system for controlling the illumination is located on top of the eyepiece in the form of a round button (powered by a CR2032 battery). The illumination system has 60 degrees of intensity settings which are controlled using this button. The button can be turned either in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction for the basic choice of daytime or lowlight intensity presetting. Fine tuning of intensity is another capability actioned by pressing on the left and right side of the button. No matter how challenging the light situation may be the illuminated reticle in the Magnus 2.4-16×56 can be set to the most appropriate intensity level, even if the user is wearing gloves.

One of the most unpleasant situations while hunting in lowlight that can happen is that the battery dies just at the moment when you need reticle illumination. To prevent such situations Leica developed a special system that automatically turns off illumination if the Magnus riflescope is tilted sideways or is pointed directly up to the sky or down to the earth. Automatic switch off also works if you don’t use the rifle for an extended period of time and forget to manually turn off the illumination. With all these features battery life is extended up to the maximum possible period of time. A video review of this system can be viewed in this video.


Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 scope is offered with 3 different reticles and these are:

  • • 4a
  • • Plex
  • • Ballistik

The official Leica Catalog gives reticle subtensions data that are displayed below.

Leica Magnus 4a i reticle
Leica Magnus 4a i reticle
Leica Magnus Plex reticle
Leica Magnus Plex reticle
Leica Magnus Ballistik reticle
Leica Magnus Ballistik reticle
Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 Reticle Subtensions datasheet
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 Reticle Subtensions datasheet

To get an even better impression about the reticle subtensions and actual field of view, we have been taking photographs and video recordings through riflescopes. The target is placed exactly 100 meters away with the target dimensions as shown on the picture below.

Optics Trade Deer Target
Optics Trade Deer Target


Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 reticle 4a at 2.4x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 reticle 4a at 2.4x

Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 reticle 4a at 6x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 reticle 4a at 6x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 reticle 4a at 9x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 reticle 4a at 9x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 reticle 4a at 12x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 reticle 4a at 12x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 reticle 4a at 16x
Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 reticle 4a at 16x



With this blog post I hope you have a good understanding and impression about what the Magnus 2.4-16×56 riflescopes and its reticle options can do for you. This representation also gives a clear idea of how wide the field of view is, when using Leica Magnus scopes.
If you have any comments, suggestions or other remarks please use the comments below. I would also appreciate you sharing the article if you liked it on G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media sites you frequent, thank you!



  • I have recently purchased 2.4-16×56 magnus scope from Swillington Shooting Supplies. They were unable to advise me on which ballistic ring i needed for my bullet type. .223 55 grain. They tried to enquire from LEICA website, as i also have spent doing but got nowhere. Swillington advised me to ring EDGAR BROS.. They told they were unable to help as they were no longer Leica agents but suggested i ring Leica in MAYFAIR, which i did. I got through to Leica but a few minutes passed i was cut off. This happened several times. leca Mayfair website gave me their e-mail address which i tried twice but advised address was incorrect or did not exist. Are you able to help? maybe i chose wrong scope? Perhaps i should purchase 12 ring set and work it for myself. Expensive!

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