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Leica HD-B 42 Edition 2200


Leica introduced an updated version of their famous rangefinding Geovid series – HD-B 42 Edition 2200. It is similar to its predecessor – its glass is of top optical quality, and the binoculars are equipped with cutting-edge Perger-Porro prism system which helps produce sharp images with vivid colours.

First impressions

HD-B 42 Edition 2200 comes with an intelligent ballistics calculator (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) that combines stored data with analysis of current parameters (it also takes temperature and pressure into account). The user can store own ballistic parameters on the device with a microSD memory card. The display which is very bright allows legibility of data in various lighting conditions. Ergonomically, the binoculars are absolutely first-rate. The housing is resilient and armoured to withstand heavy blows. Nano structure coating prevents the dust and dirt from accumulating on the lenses and thus facilitates the cleaning procedure.

Leica HD-B Edition 2200
Leica HD-B Edition 2200

New features

The only notable change that the Edition 2200 brings is the ranging capability – the old model can range up to 1825 m, while the newly-introduced model ranges up to 2000 m.


These binoculars are an ideal choice for people who look for rangefinding binoculars of premium optical quality with lots of options. Leica HD-B 42 Edition 2200 is currently in its own quality class since it is the only model that offers a perfected ballistics calculator.

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