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Leica AquaDura Coating | Optics Trade Debates

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Once again we answer the most common questions and explain the basics of optics and other products offered on our website. Today we talk about Leica AquaDura coating.


1. What is AquaDura coating

Leica proudly states that almost all their products are protected against water, damage, and dirt.

AquaDura is an external surface coating applied to their products’ lenses which are exposed to external elements.


2. How does it work

The coating raises the surface tension of different materials. In practice, that means that when water comes onto the eyepiece or the objective lens’ surface, it forms bigger droplets than it normally would. Due to the gravitational force, bigger droplets are easier to slide off the lens. Furthermore, if someone exhales onto the lens without AquaDura it fogs up.

With AquaDura it also fogs up, but for a really short amount of time. That allows you to use the binoculars better in adverse conditions.

Also, it prevents water, oil, dirt and other particles from sticking to the surface. It also mildly protects the lenses from scratches.

The coating probably doesn’t suffer from use, but our guess is that it depends on a period of time.


 3. Where do we find AquaDura

All Leica binoculars such as Geovid, Noctivid, Ultravid have AquaDura coating except Trinovid binoculars.

Even some Leica rangefinders (Rangemaster) and spotting scopes (Televid) have it.

In summary, AquaDura is very practical and nice to have, especially in cold mornings.

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