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Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual



Dear customer,

we wish you a great deal of enjoyment and every success with your new Leica product.

Please read this manual to familiarize yourself with the full scope of functions your product has to offer. Please use this product only as described in this manual. Only then can safe and easy operation be guaranteed. Your Leica Camera AG Please read the chapters “Safety Remarks” and “Important Information” before using the product for the first time. Knowledge of the content will prevent inadvertent damage to the product, possible injuries and other risks.




All rights reserved. All text, images and graphics are subject to copyright and other laws to protect intellectual property. They must not be copied, modified or used for any purpose including trade purposes.


Product changes with regards to the product or services may have occurred after the editorial deadline. The manufacturer reserves the right to effect structural or shape changes, color deviations and changes to the scope of delivery or service, where these changes or deviations are reasonably acceptable for the customer, while taking into consideration the interests of Leica Camera AG. In that respect, Leica Camera AG reserves the right to changes and errors. The images in this manual may depict accessory, special features or other items that are not part of the standard scope of
delivery or service. Some pages may contain model types and services, which are not offered in specific countries.


The brand names and logos used in this documented are protected trademarks. These brands or logos must not be used without prior approval by Leica Camera AG.


Leica Camera AG intends to provide you with innovative and informative documentation. Due to the amount of creativity that has gone into its design, we ask for your understanding that Leica
Camera AG must protect its intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyrights and that possession of the documentation does not infer any licensing rights of the intellectual property of Leica Camera AG.


You will find the manufacturing date of your product on the stickers on the packaging. The date format is year/month/day.


(Applies within the EU and for other European countries with segregated waste collection systems.)

This device contains electric and/or electronic components which must not be disposed of in general household waste! Make sure to bring this device to a local disposal collection point for recycling. This service is free of charge. Any standard or rechargeable batteries used in this device must be removed and disposed of separately in accordance with local regulations. Please contact your local authorities, waste disposal collection point or the retailer, from whom you purchased the device for more information on correct waste disposal.



Non-compliance with the following points may result in serious injury or death.


  • Keep the device out of the reach of small children.
  • Do not use the device while walking! You might trip and fall.


  • Only the battery type stated and described in this manual must be used. Any improper use of the batteries or the use of unapproved battery types may result in an explosion!
  • Do not expose the battery to sunlight, heat, humidity or moisture for prolonged periods of time. It must not be placed in a microwave oven or a high-pressure container as this would pose
    a fire or explosion hazard!
  • Never dispose of batteries in fire and never attempt to heat, recharge, dismantle or break open a battery.
  • Batteries must always be stored out of the reach of children. Do not leave batteries lying around, as they could be swallowed by children or pets.


Non-compliance with the following points may result in personal injury or damage to the device.


  • Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the device; exposing the internal electronics may cause damage, injury or electric shock.
  • The rifle scope should be mounted with the eye relief distance provided to prevent injury to the brow from the recoil of the eyepiece (see technical information for measurements).



  • Damaged sealing rings must be replaced.
  • Do not attempt to take the device apart yourself. Repairs must only be carried out in authorized workshops.
  • Protect the device against any kind of shocks that are not caused by the weapon.
  • Do not use excessive force when making adjustments via the setting turrets.• Do not touch the glass surfaces with your fingers, especially if you have previously applied hand cream, insect repellent, etc. These substances may contain chemicals that damage or destroy the coatings on the glass surfaces.
  • Make a note of the serial number of your device, as this information will be extremely important in case of loss.


  • Low temperatures impair battery performance. Carry the device close to the body in cold conditions and use a fresh battery.
  • Make sure to store the batteries in a cool, dry place.
  • Depleted batteries must never be disposed of in household waste as they contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment. Battery collection points are provided at most
    large retail outlets; alternatively, you can dispose of old batteries at a local special waste collection point to ensure correct recycling.


  • An eyepiece can have the effect of a magnifying glass when exposed to direct frontal sunlight. The device must therefore be protected against extended exposure to direct sunlight. Storing
    the device in the shade or ideally in its case will help prevent damage to the device interior.


In addition to your statutory warranty rights with regards to the seller, Leica Camera AG offers a 10-year warranty for the optics and housing of this Leica rifle scope, as well as a 2-year warranty
for the electronics as stated in the conditions below. The Leica warranty does not impact on any statutory consumer rights in accordance with relevant national law or any consumer rights
vis-a-vis the retailer arising from the purchase contract concluded between them.


By purchasing this Leica accessory, you have acquired a rifle scope that is manufactured in compliance with special quality standards, and which was thoroughly tested at each individual production step by experienced specialists. Our ten-year warranty for this product commences on the date of sale by an authorized retailer under the following conditions:

  1. In case of a complaint due to a manufacturing fault, we will assume all material costs during the warranty period. We will additionally cover all required labor costs during the first five
    years. We shall decide at our own discretion to repair the faulty product, to replace faulty parts or to replace the entire product with a faultless product of the same type. All other claims of any kind and on whatever legal basis shall not be accepted in connection with this warranty.
  2. Wear parts like eyecups, leather details, armoring, carry straps and accessories are exempt from the warranty. The same applies for surface damage.
  3. Any warranty claims become void if the defect in question is a result of improper handling – which also includes the use of third-party accessories – or if the product was manipulated by
    unauthorized persons or workshops or if the serial number of the product was rendered illegible.
  4. Warranty claims can be submitted only in conjunction with the original proof of purchase – complete with the date of purchase, as well as the address and signature of an authorized retailer.
    5. In case of a warranty claim, please send the Leica product, the original proof of purchase and a description of the fault to Leica Camera AG Customer Care or a Leica regional subsidiary.


(Applies for EU only)

We will organize the shipping of your device to our Customer Care department if you should notice a problem with your device during the warranty period. Please contact our service hotline to make the necessary arrangements (+49 (0)6441 2080 189). Our pick-up service will collect your Leica product at the agreed time from your premises free of charge and transport it to our Customer Care location for evaluation.


Definition of the various categories of information found in this manual


  • Additional Information


  • Non-compliance may result in damage to the device and accessories
  • Non-compliance may result in personal injury


  • Non-compliance may result in serious injury or death


The rifle scope comes equipped with excellent optics. These optics deliver a clear, bright image even in difficult conditions or less than optimal lighting for a reliable reticule and a relevantly accurate and professional shot. The shooter can rely on this additional accuracy for narrow clearances or in difficult terrain. Its particularly rugged product design makes the Leica rifle scope a reliable companion for all types of hunting.

The rifle scopes with a 42 mm lens diameter or higher are optionally available with rapid reticle adjustment (Leica BDC). Leica BDC is the perfect solution to allow the intuitive aim you are used to, while compensating for any relevant point of impact compensation (see p. 20 for functional scope and operation).


The standard scope of delivery* contains the following:

  • Rifle scope
  • Transport cover
  • Test certificate
  • 1 lithium coin battery (CR 2032)
  • Lens cloth
  • Safety information
  • Accessory brochure “Hunting


Contact Leica Customer Care or your specialist Leica retailer for details on the latest spare parts/accessory range:

Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


The first prerequisite for a robust point of impact is the correct mounting of the rifle scope on the weapon. A wide selection of mounting parts are available from specialist retailers. We
recommend using only high-quality parts from renowned manufacturers that match the quality characteristics of your Leica rifle scope.

You can mount the device yourself, but you will have to ensure a perfectly aligned and tension-free structure. Leica strongly recommends contracting a specialist workshop.

• We recommend gluing the lower mounting ring to prevent any travel of the rifle scope within the ring mount.


The viewfinder has a diopter setting function with a range between -3 and +2 diopter to allow glasses wearers the use of the Leica rifle scope without eyeglasses (diopter compensation).

Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual



  • Turn the magnification adjustment ring 4
    -higher magnification = to the right
    -lower magnification = to theleft


Reticle illumination is switched On or Off via the adjustment ring 8. The brightness of the illuminated dot can be adjusted in multiple increments.

Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


A calibration of the reticle to the weapon will be required in case of an offset of the point of impact. The procedure is the same on both setting turrets (elevation: 5, lateral 6).

Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


The procedure is the same on both setting turrets (elevation: 5, Page 6).

  • Adjust the point of impact (see p. 17)
  • Remove the cover over the setting turret 5d/6b
  • Lift the knurled wheel 5a/6a
  • Turn 0 positions back to index
  • Push down gently on the knurled wheel 5a/6a until it clicks into place
  • Replace the cover of the ballistic turret 5d/6b


  • Once you have done your adjustments on knurled wheels, you can get back to the basic setting for the firing distance after any change to the point of impact by simply going back to the
    0positions, without having to remember or note down anything.


Leica rifle scopes with a maximum magnification of 12x are adjusted parallax-free up to a range of 100 m, so that you can see the reticle and the target at the chosen distance in perfect focus

Any deviations in the point of impact with the eye not perfectly centered are generally negligible. 9 With larger magnifications, however, these deviations must be taken
into consideration. That is why rifle scopes with magnification ranges above 12x have parallax compensation.

  • Turn the adjustment ring 9 until the image of the target appears in perfect focus

-We recommend using the highest magnification for the most accurate settings.

-An optimum adjustment is achieved when reticle and image no longer move relative to one another when you change the position of your eye over the eyepiece.

Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


(optional accessory)

The Leica fast reticle adjustment BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) is an optional accessory you can add to your Leica rifle scope.


-Fast reticle adjustment BDC (BDC unit)

-Hex key SW 1.5 mm


  • Possible deviations from the product images do not influence the basic functions and handling of the product.
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


Upon delivery, the reticle of the Leica rifle scope is set to the mechanical midpoint of the total adjustment track.


  • Mounting the rifle scope (see p. 14)
    • Ensure the best possible parallelism of the rifle scope and weapon, so that the adjustment range for zeroing compensation is minimal.


  • Align the weapon so that the center of the target is visible centrally when looking through the barrel
    • The system lock must be removed.
  • Look through the attached rifle scope and correct the offset of the target marker to the center of the target by turning the elevation and/or lateral adjustment
    • Do not change the position of the weapon while doing so.
  • Check again, whether the target marker and the center of the barrel are aligned and can be seen congruently on the target.
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


  • Depending on the mounting type, there may be a limited adjustment track available in use after zeroing. You can use a relevantly tilted downward mounting if the total adjustment track
    is too short.
  • We recommend use of a mounting tilted forward by around 10MOA. This mounting gives you an additional approx. 29cm per 100m adjustment track.


  • Make sure that the rifle scope and weapon are zeroed in
  • Remove cover 5d
  • Slide the knurled wheel with scale 5a/5b up and off and replace in the desired position
  • Replace cover 5d


  • The scale ring must be held in place while the knurled wheel is removed and then replaced to prevent inadvertent setting changes.


Zero Stop is a freely definable height adjustment stop, with which the adjustment range can be limited. It offers a palpable stop without having to take your eye off the lens. Zero Stop is deactivated ex works.

Setting the Zero Stop
(Fig. A—C)

  • Turn the elevation adjustment turret 5d in anti-clockwise direction
  • Slide off the knurled wheel with scale 5a/5b
  • Use the hex key to release the three attachment screws
  • Push down the Zero Stop 12
  • Turn in anti-clockwise direction to the stop (Make sure that the two cams fit seamlessly together.)
  • Use the hex key to tighten the three attachment screws (Don’t use too much force!)
  • Replace the knurled wheel with scale 5a/5b in the desired position
  • Turn the elevation adjustment turret 5d in clockwise direction and tighten it to secure the setting


  • Ensure that the three attachment screws are sufficiently tightened to prevent accidental changes to the setting. Don’t use too much force!
  • Once the zero stop is set, a downward calibration of the point of impact of the BDC is no longer possible.
  • The knurled wheel with scale must be held in place while the cover of the elevation adjustment turret is removed or replaced to prevent inadvertent setting changes.
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


We recommend using the Leica Ballistic Calculator to take full advantage of the reticle quick adjustment. Taking into account relevant parameters like firing distance, line of sight height, temperature and elevation, the Leica Ballistic Calculator can calculate the trajectory for virtually any ammunition.

The Ballistic Calculator can be found here:

Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


  • Your Leica product requires no special care.
  • Coarse dirt particles like sand can be removed with a soft brush or simply blown off.
  • Fingerprints, etc. on front lenses and eyepiece lenses can be pre-cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped dry with a clean leather or lint-free cloth.
  • Do not use alcohol or chemical cleaning solutions on the optics or housing.
  • Do not use excessive force when cleaning a severely soiled lens surface. The coating is abrasion resistant, but not impervious to sand or salt crystals.
  • The housing should be cleaned using a damp leather cloth only. Using a dry cloth may cause friction, which may result in a static discharge.
  • Always rinse off any traces of salt water! Dried salt crystals could damage the surfaces.
  • The device should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry and cool place to prevent fungal growth (particularly important in humid climates).
  • Remove the battery from the housing if you will not be using the product for an extended period of time.


You can create and store your personal ballistics profiles with the Leica Hunting app. You will have to install the Leica Hunting app on a mobile device.

  • Scan the following QR code with the mobile device
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Leica Amplus 6 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


  • The app is available from Apple App Store™/Google Play Store™


Please contact Leica Camera AG Customer Care for the maintenance of your Leica equipment and for help and advice regarding Leica products and how to order them. You can also contact the
Customer Care department or the repair service provided by your regional Leica subsidiary for repairs or warranty claims.

Leica Camera AG

Leica Customer Care

Am Leitz-Park 5

35578 Wetzlar


Phone: +49 (0)6441 2080-189

Fax: +49 (0)6441 2080-339

Email: [email protected]



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