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Kahles K525i tactical rifle scope


Kahles is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality optics, and with their Kahles K624i, they entered the premium class of military-grade rifle scopes. This was their first try to succeed, and we can definitely say that they did. This year on IWA, Kahles finally introduced 2 new rifle scopes, the long-range specialist K525i (5-25×56) and one of the shortest rifle scopes currently on the market with this magnification, the K318i (3.5-18×50).

Kahles K525i


Kahles finally entered the 5-25x magnification range, but there is plenty of competition in this field. The features on this rifle scope are very similar to his older brother, like the ergonomic parallax wheel under the elevation turret, the red pin on the elevation turret which pops out when going in the second revolution and the choice of the windage turret placement. The entirely new feature from Kahles is the Twist Guard wheel on the windage turret, which prevents accidental movement.

Also this rifle scope has a 34mm main tube diameter to withstand the harshest abuse, and for the maximum travel range of the reticle. The field of view on the lowest magnification is 7.1m, at 100 meters, and the optical clarity is on the highest level like we know from Kahles. The elevation turret has a double turn design, with the total elevation range of 29 MIL. With the weight of 970 grams, the new Kahles is very similar to other 5-25×56 rifle scopes on the market.

The new Kahles K525i will be available from August in 2 versions, so you can choose if you want a MIL or MOA rifle scope. Currently they offer 4 MIL style reticles and 1 MOA style reticle.

Kahles K525i


The new Kahles K525i is definitely an eye-catcher, but like I previously mentioned, in this magnification range there a plenty of competitors. The price is also quite high with 3.300€.



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