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Kahles K318i – new configuration options 2019


Kahles introduced its K318i riflescopes at the beginning of 2018. Up to that point, their ‘K’ series had already become well established in the premium tactical riflescope segment. The model that brought this series success is K624i – its popularity is still on a high level, even today.

For 2019, Kahles mostly focused on the launch of Helia RD, their brand-new reflex red dot sight. Even though Kahles had to carefully plan the entry into the world of red dot sights, they haven’t forgotten about their last year’s attention grabber. The user has already been given plenty of options when configuring their riflescope. With 2019, Kahles will be offering a few more.

In this article, new configuration options available on the Kahles K318i riflescopes (2019) will be presented. If you are looking for general information regarding this series of riflescopes, check out the article we wrote last year.

Kahles K318i new configuration options 2019
Kahles K318i new configuration options 2019

New features

Kahles K318i will, from now on, also be available with the TWIST GUARD windage adjustment turret on the left side of the riflescope. This tends to be an ideal position for right-handed shooters. By using such a scope, they are no longer forced to reach over the scope to make windage adjustments while in a shooting position. Consequently, they can fully concentrate on making a perfect shot.

Until now, the K318i scopes were only available with clicks in milliradians. To appease a wider range of customers, Kahles decided to add a ¼ MOA click adjustment version to their offer. This model will feature their famous MOAK reticle.

Kahles K318i new configuration options 2019
Kahles K318i new configuration options 2019


K318i riflescopes are innovative in many ways. Firstly, they are outstandingly short and lightweight. Secondly, they feature a freely rotating cover on the top of elevation and windage turrets called TWIST GUARD which prevents accidental movements to the turret. Finally, the parallax adjustment is located underneath the elevation turret, a great design we haven’t seen before on any other riflescope. Keeping in mind that these riflescopes are packed with functions, they deservedly wear a price tag of 3200 €. These new options that Kahles added are sure to cement K318i’s position in the world of tactical riflescopes of the premium class.

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