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Kahles K18i

Introduction of Kahles K18i riflescopes

At IWA 2018, Kahles showed the public its brand-new face. Making changes to the logo and brand colour are always risky, but it couldn’t have gone better for Kahles. The slightly outdated look was replaced with a sporty, dynamic one – the transition enlivened this renowned company. Since then, they have boldly presented new scope optics to the public – they started off with a rangefinding binoculars, continued with their first-ever red dot … This year, too, they won’t leave optics enthusiasts indifferent. They’ve come up with a laser rangefinding monocular (LRF) Helia RF-M and added an upgraded wide-angle tactical rifle scopes with an 8x magnification power to their K series – K18i series of scopes. We went to Kahles’ booth at Shot Show to check these scope devices out.

In this article, we will take a look at K18i scope features.

Interested in K18i scope?

Kahles K18i 1-8x24 SFP_cta

Kahles' booth at Shot Show 2020
Kahles’ scopes booth at Shot Show 2020

New features of K18i riflescopes

K16i has been a successful riflescope since its introduction, but with all the zeal for the increased magnification factor in wide-angle riflescopes, Kahles had to step up its game. The result is K18i, a riflescope perfect for IPSC rifles competition and 3-gun competitions with an 8x magnification factor. To optimize scopes performance, Kahles collaborated with the best shooters in Europe and North America.

Kahles K Series
Kahles K Series scopes
Kahles K18i
Kahles K18i riflescopes

Kahles Max Light

K18i scopes boast excellent optical performance, a generous eye-box and a superb field of view. Wide-angle riflescopes are meant to be used during the day – light extra-bright day can make it difficult to see the illuminated red – dot. This is not the case with K18i; Kahles implemented a feature which they call Kahles Max Light function. Extreme backlight situations will no longer be a problem for K18i scopes users thanks to the ultimately daytime bright illumination. The red illumination adjustment turret has also been redesigned. The lenses are coated with an oleophobic coating to repel dust and water droplets off the surface of scope.

Interested in K18i scope?

Kahles K18i 1-8x24 SFP_cta

Kahles K18i
Kahles K18i scopes with Max light function (max light extra-bright)

For now, two reticle designs, both newly developed, have been shown to the public – IPSC reticle, and 3GR reticle. The name indicates which competition they are made for. In the box, you get two throw levers of different sizes for a swift (and precise) change in magnification should it be needed.

It is important to note that K18i scopes measure 30 cm in length, meaning that they are longer than K16i that measure 27.8 cm. At 555 grams, scopes are roughly 70 grams heavier than K16i scopes.

Kahles K18i
Kahles K18i riflescopes with max light feature

General properties and performance

The tube of this second focal plane product remains unchanged, measuring 30 mm in diameter still. The parallax is fixed at 100 meters, and the eye relief measures 95 mm. The turrets are low-profile and capped. One click equals 0.1 MIL/MRAD. As is the case with most high-quality wide-angle competition rifle scopes, K18i’s front part is reinforced for additional protection against impacts. The riflescope’s red illumination is powered by a CR2032 battery.

Kahles K18i
Kahles K18i riflescopes

The 1x magnification is true, allowing the user to comfortably look through the riflescope with both eyes open without experiencing eye fatigue. Kahles grants their standard, 10-year warranty for K18i (electronic parts are covered by a 2-year warranty).


K is one of Kahles most successful series of scopes and we are thrilled to see them upgrade the wide-angle member of this family. In the recent years, the industry has been aimed towards wide magnification ranges when it comes to this type of rifle scopes – many strive to keep up with this contemporary trend, and we were eagerly awaiting Kahles’ reaction to it. Now that it is here, we can’t wait to test it on the range. K18i scope is going to be available in March 2020, retailing for 2500 €. We are quite sure that Kahles won’t discontinue the K16i scopes series because these two rifle scopes fall into different price ranges.

Interested in K18i scope?

Kahles K18i 1-8x24 SFP_cta

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Kahles K18i Rifle scope - K18i Series
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Kahles K18i Rifle scope - K18i Series
K16i has been a successful riflescope, but with all the zeal for the increased zoom factor in wide-angle riflescopes, Kahles had to step up its game.
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