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Kahles Helia 42 RF


In the last few years, Kahles has been continuously expanding their offer with many new optical devices. One of the biggest pieces of news had to do with the introduction of Helia RF, laser rangefinding binoculars. The technology in this field gets outdated quickly, so it is important for the manufacturers to release updated versions every couple of years. 2021 has seen many interesting novelties already; Kahles has decided to join the party. They released a new red dot sight of the enclosed type, more about which you can read here, and an updated version of their rangefinding binoculars called Helia 42 RF.

Kahles Helia 42 RF
Kahles Helia 42 RF

Daring looks

Shapewise, the updated model bares a strong resemblance to its predecessor. The dimensions are similar and so is the weight. Kahles decided to go for a more daring look though, adding a few modern features. The most notable ones are the orange stripes, one on each barrel, which indicate Kahles’ new look, introduced a few years ago. One of the buttons on the bridge is now also orange, making the binoculars stand out of the crowd even more. The bridge is slimmer compared to the first-generation model.

Model Range

Two models will be available as of July 2021:

  • 8×42
  • 10×42

Any new functions?

The first-generation model provided the user with distances up to 1500 m. In standard mode, the second-generation model has the same ranging capabilities, but the user can turn on the Long-Range mode, in which the device displays distances up to 4500 m away. Keep in mind, though, that distances beyond 2000 m can only be displayed when ranging highly reflective objects. The measuring accuracy has been increased. One battery can now handle 4000 measurements instead of 3000. On its screen, the binoculars can display ambient air pressure and temperature.

The eyepieces are more durable compared to the first generation, and the optics have been slightly improved (the edge sharpness is better).

Does it have a ballistics calculator?

The EAC function, which was already present with the first generation, allows us to find out the equivalent horizontal component of the distance measured. It has neither a ballistics calculator nor Bluetooth connectivity, which makes us a little bit sad considering plenty of competitive devices already have these features.

Kahles Helia 42 RF
Kahles Helia 42 RF

Other features

The OLED display’s brightness can be set to five levels which allows for an optimal setting regardless of the lighting conditions. The distance can be displayed in meters or yards, and by holding the measuring button, the user turns on the Scan mode in which the distance is displayed continuously. The binoculars operate normally at temperatures down to –10 °C.

Both models are covered by a 10-year warranty period, except for the electronic components which are warranted for 2 years.


We appreciate Kahles’ refreshment of their rangefinding binoculars but hope to see a version with a ballistics calculator and Bluetooth connectivity in the future. Even though Helia 42 RF lacks the most modern of features in the laser rangefinding category, it has all the necessary ones to get you hooked on this type of gadgets. The price for both models is 1700 €.

Kahles Helia 42 RF
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Kahles Helia 42 RF
In the last few years, Kahles has been continuously expanding their offer with many new optical devices. One of the biggest pieces of news had to do with the introduction of Helia RF, laser rangefinding binoculars.
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Optics Info
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  • Hi. I haven’t touched kahles before. Am waiting for the new rangefinder binos to come out. Use is for hunting animals, primarily just on dusk. How is their light gathering abilities? Other option is GPO. Would love Swarovski but budget can’t cope! And am personally happy there’s no ballistic calculators etc. would far rather the value being put into clarity and light gathering.

    • We didn’t receive the first Kahles Helia 42 RF binoculars yet, so we can’t compare their light-gathering abilities to GPO Rangeguide. We can only guess that they are somewhere at the same level.

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