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Integrix iX8 1-8×28 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Leaper’s brand has introduced a new tactical wide-angle riflescope called the Integrix iX8 1-8×28. Currently, there is only one configuration available. The scope features 0.5 MOA adjustment per click and an A1 reticle positioned in the first focal plane.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28

About the Integrix brand

Integrix is a new brand that originated from Leapers Incorporated and was presented at the Shot Show in 2023. Leapers is a well-established and renowned company in the shooting sports industry, recognized for their UTG and UTG PRO brands. These two brands offer scope mounts, riflescopes, red dots, bipods, and other accessories.

Leapers is a company that has been operating since 1992 in Michigan, USA. With their extensive experience in the industry, they have recently launched a new brand called Integrix, which represents their 30 years of expertise and progress. Integrix is their premier line of riflescopes.

Looking for Integrix iX8?

Integrix iX8 1-8x28

There are five rifle scope models available at present:

  1. Integrix iX6 2-12×36
  2. Integrix iX6 3-18×44
  3. Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56
  4. Integrix iX4 3-12×50
  5. Integrix iX8 1-8×28

With the Integrix series, Leapers offers rifle scopes for both short and long-range shooting that feature MOA clicks. The exception is the largest model, the 4.5-27×56, which comes with MIL clicks instead.

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Physical Properties of Integrix iX8 1-8×28

Integrix iX8 1-8×28 is a type of optics called LVPO or low-power variable optics. It has a magnification range of one to eight and a 28mm objective lens. The scope is entirely made of metal without any rubberized parts.

The scope can handle the recoil of at least a .338 Lapua Magnum. Anything less than that is not a concern, and it may even be able to withstand stronger recoil rifles.

IX8 1-8×28 has a broad operating temperature range from minus 40 to plus 70 degrees Celsius. It’s nitrogen purged, meaning you can use it in extremely cold environments without experiencing internal fogging. Additionally, it has an IPX 7 waterproof rating and can withstand submersion in water up to approximately one meter deep.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28

The scope’s length is 277 millimeters, making it relatively short, but it weighs 716 grams. Compared to similar riflescopes from other brands, it is on the heavier side.

The scope has a 34-millimeter main tube which makes it highly durable. Its outer objective diameter is 35 millimeters, which is important to note if you plan on attaching a thermal clip-on or night vision accessory. Due to its magnification range, the scope can be effectively used in combination with thermal or night vision attachments.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28 has 35mm objective diameter
Integrix iX8 1-8×28 has 35mm outer objective diameter


Integrix iX8 1-8×28 features an A1 MOA reticle, which is positioned in the first focal plane. There is only one variation available at the moment. The reticle is well-suited for the magnification of the riflescope.

At low magnification, the reticle appears small with a lit-up center. When you increase the magnification to the highest level, a large circle surrounds the reticle, and a clear MOA reticle is visible in the middle.

Integrix A1 reticle
Integrix A1 reticle

Illumination System

To adjust the brightness of the illumination on this scope, use the left-side turret. You can choose from 10 different levels of intensity for both red and green illumination.

The “off” position can be found at the start of the illumination setting and on the opposite side of the turret. You can switch between the highest and lowest illumination settings quickly and easily.

Illumination system is located on the left side turret
Illumination system is located on the left side turret

The battery compartment is located on the same turret as the illumination system. To operate, you only need one CR 2032 battery, which can be found under the turret cap. The illumination is equipped with an automatic turnoff function. To save battery, the illumination will automatically turn off 12 hours after the last adjustment unless there are new adjustments made within that time.

The brightness of the illumination is quite good, but I feel that it could be even brighter. Specifically, the circle around the middle part needs to be brighter since it is the only visible part when on the smallest magnification. Just as an observation, when looking at a very bright target on a sunny day at the smallest magnification, the illumination is not visible. Therefore, I suggest making the illumination even stronger.

Battery compartment on Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Battery compartment on Integrix iX8 1-8×28

Fixed Parallax

The scope’s parallax is set at 100 yards or 91 meters, which is perfectly suitable for a low magnification scope.


The turrets on this riflescope feature a locking feature with a push-and-pull design.

If you want to make the adjustments, you have to pull the turret up and then you can adjust it. The clicks are nice; they’re very audible and crisp, and also very tactile. The turrets require a significant amount of force to be adjusted properly.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28 features tactical turrets
Integrix iX8 1-8×28 features tactical turrets

Elevation Turret

Integrix iX1-8×28 riflescope features a 0.5 MOA adjustment per click, which is equal to 14 millimeters at a distance of 100 meters. The scope provides 50 MOA of elevation travel in one rotation, and it has a total internal elevation travel of 100 MOA. The turret features a turn indicator in the form of fine white lines located beneath the elevation turret.

Turn indicator in the form of fine white lines under the elevation turret
Turn indicator in the form of fine white lines under the elevation turret

No Zero-Stop Feature

Integrix iX8 1-8×28 does not feature a zero-stop function, which I think the scope in this price range should have. But you can create a makeshift one when you reset the turret to zero.

To reset the turret to zero, follow these steps: loosen the two screws located at the top of the turret. This will allow the turret to rotate freely. Next, rotate the turret all the way down and then back up for a few turns until the zero is facing forward.

When you tighten the screws back in, the turret goes under “zero” only for a few clicks; in this case, 15 MOA. So, you don’t have a perfect zero-stop, but you still can’t make an error of a whole revolution. I think the zero-stop feature, which you could adjust, would be a much better solution. I believe that this solution is easy to handle and eliminates the possibility of making an error.

The longer middle line on the elevation turret represents mechanical zero. This indicates that the inner tube of the scope is centered perfectly within the outer tube, providing the highest image quality. Generally, image quality can decrease when the elevation or windage is adjusted to extreme levels on any rifle scope.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28 features tactical turrets

Windage turret

In my opinion, the clicks on the windage turret are excellent. They are audible and tactile, and you have 25 MOA of travel in each direction. You can also increase it to 35 MOA in both directions, but what’s great is that it doesn’t allow for a full revolution. This means you can’t mistakenly turn the turret all the way back to zero in the opposite direction. It’s perfect, in my opinion.

To reset the windage turret to zero, follow the same steps as with the elevation turret. First, loosen the two screws at the top of the turret, then adjust it so that the zero is facing forwards.

Resetting the windage turret to zero
Resetting the windage turret to zero

Optical properties

I must admit that the Integrix iX8 1-8×28 riflescope truly excels in this regard. Its optical properties are exceptional, thanks to the integration of German SCHOTT and Japanese O’Hara glass elements. The scope provides great image quality, resolution, edge-to-edge clarity, and excellent color accuracy.

The scope has no tunneling effect, and the light transmission is more than 92 percent.

It should be noted that when using the scope, the edges of the image are barely visible. This gives the impression that the image is beyond the scope, making it very comfortable to use. This is true even at the highest magnification setting, where the minimal edge ensures a clear and enjoyable viewing experience.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28

Field of View

The scope features magnification from 1x to 8x (an eight-times zoom factor) and a 28-millimeter objective lens diameter. At one-time magnification, a field of view is 38.5 meters at 100 meters. At eight times magnification, it is 4.7 meters at 100 meters.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

The eye relief, the distance from your eye, is 95 millimeters, making it suitable for strong recoiling calibers. The eye relief is forgiving at all magnifications, meaning you can move your head closer or further away from the scope and still get a clear image.

The same is true for the eye box. At one-time magnification, of course, it is better than at eight times, but it is still very forgiving and easy to use.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28


The scope has a European-style eyepiece that requires some force to adjust due to its stiffness. This stiffness is actually a desirable feature because once you adjust it, the settings remain secure even when taking the scope from the bag or during other handling.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28 features European-style eyepiece
Integrix iX8 1-8×28 features European-style eyepiece

Magnification Ring

The magnification ring has a smooth surface finish that provides a good grip. To transition from the smallest to the largest magnification, an approximately 180-degree turn is required.

Magnification ring with integrated smal throw lever
Magnification ring with integrated smal throw lever

The scope has a small throw lever on the magnification ring, and it also comes with a bigger throw lever extension that can be conveniently attached with a small screw. This larger throw lever provides a better and quicker grip on the scope, which is a nice feature.

Magnification ring with bigger throw lever
Magnification ring with bigger throw lever extension

Integrix iX8 1-8×28 Price and Warranty

The price of the Integrix iX8 1-8×28 is quite high in my opinion, especially considering that it is a brand-new product. The scope costs 1700 euros. However, Integrix has clearly put in a lot of effort to develop this product, as evidenced by the remarkable optical performance of the scope.

The scope is made in Taiwan, and it comes with a 10-year warranty

Mounting solution

The Integrix iX8 1-8×28 features a 34mm main tube, meaning that for mounting the scope to the rifle, you will need 34mm scope mount rings.

Need help to correctly mount your riflescope?

Scope of delivery

What comes in the box? You will receive flip-up covers made of hard plastic, a user manual with information about the scope, a cleaning cloth, Integrix’s sticker, and a registration card for your purchase. Additionally, the box includes a throw lever extension, a small screw for it, and two hex wrenches for zeroing and applying the extension.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery


To start with the positives, this riflescope has great optical properties. Additionally, the overall build quality is good. One feature that I appreciate is the locking turrets, which are also easy to reset to zero. Another feature I like is that the scope comes with red and green illumination.

Pros Summary:

  1. great optical properties
  2. great build quality
  3. red and green illumination
Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28 with flip-up covers


I believe there is room for improvement with this scope. Firstly, the scope could be improved by offering a MIL version in addition to the current MOA version. Additionally, considering its high price, I think it should have a zero-stop feature integrated into it.

716 grams is quite heavy; however, it is in a range where other 34-millimeter main tube rifle scopes are.

Lastly, I think the illumination should be brighter because it is a low-power magnification riflescope. Therefore, at one-time magnification, it would be nice to be able to easily see the illumination during the day.

Cons Summary:

  1. no MIL model
  2. high price
  3. illumination could be brighter
Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28 and throw lever extension

Which riflescope competes with the Integrix iX8 1-8×28?

Integrix iX8 1-8×28 competes with the old versions of the Primary Arms PLX8 Platinum 1-8×24 and the IOR Ghost 1-10×26.

The IOR is even more expensive than Integrix. I do think that, if you compare Integrix to IOR and Primary Arms, it is the best in this price range. It also has the biggest field of view and is the lightest in weight at 716 grams. Lastly, I believe optically it is the best among these scopes.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28

Final Thoughts on Integrix iX8 1-8×28

The Integrix iX8 1-8×28 scope is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality scope with great optical performance and superb durability. It comes with SCHOTT and Japanese O’Hara glass elements that provide outstanding image quality, resolution, edge-to-edge clarity, and excellent color accuracy. The light transmission is more than 92 percent, and the eye relief and eye box are both very forgiving. Additionally, it features red and green illumination.

However, considering its fairly high price of 1700 euros and its lack of a MIL version and zero-stop feature, some buyers may be reluctant to invest in this scope. Additionally, the illumination could be brighter as it is a low-power magnification riflescope; however, the optical performance outweighs these flaws.

Integrix iX8 1-8x28
Integrix iX8 1-8×28

Interested in Integrix iX8?

Integrix iX8 1-8x28

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