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InfiRay Mate MAH50R Thermal Clip-On

This year, our sales and marketing teams attended the IWA 2024 fair in Nuremberg, Germany, dedicating the end of the week to exploring new developments in the outdoor industry. The fair is known for its extensive array of products and services offered by both national and international exhibitors. Witnessing such a vast number of exhibitors and attendees was genuinely exciting and among the many manufacturers, the InfiRay booth stood out and attracted considerable attention. We took the opportunity to speak with their team and learn more about their 2024 product lineup. Among the innovations presented was their second-generation thermal clip-on device, the Mate MAH50R.

Mate MAH50R Specifications

Those already familiar with InfiRay’s products will know that the Mate name has been part of the lineup for some time. The company launched the first generation of the Mate thermal attachment a while back. It was one of the first devices to have a detachable button section for remotely controlling the device, which was magnetically connected to the top of the device’s body. Now, the company is releasing the second generation of this named clip-on device, the Mate MAH50R, which includes major updates.

Infiray Mate MAH50 Gen II Thermal Clip-On

We were pleased to see InfiRay continue with the removable controls design from the first generation, which we found both useful and well-conceived. The new second generation now also includes an integrated laser rangefinder capable of measuring distances up to 1200 m, removing the need for a separate external LRF unit although InfiRay will also offer a version without the LRF.

Infiray Mate MAH50 Gen II Thermal Clip-On

The device boasts a 5 mm lens and a thermal sensor from InfiRay with a 640×512 resolution, a 12-micron pixel pitch, and a NETD under 18 millikelvins, resulting in exceptionally clear image. The MAH50R features an AMOLED display with 1024×768 resolution and can detect targets up to 2600 m away, assuming a target size of 1.7 m x 0.5 m. Additionally, the device supports photo and video recording, saving the files on its 32GB internal storage.

Another key improvement over the first generation is the placement of the battery pack, which was initially located at the bottom of the housing. The device operates on an internal 1500mAh Li-ion battery, but now there’s also the option to attach a magnetic rechargeable IBP-6 battery pack atop the device, in place of the remote control. This addition can extend the device’s operating time to up to 5 hours, with the capability to charge the batteries directly through the device.

Infiray Mate MAH50 Gen II Thermal Clip-On

The housing of the MAH50R is made from magnesium alloy, providing a durable yet exceptionally light build. This second generation of the Mate series is IP67 rated, ensuring it is dust and waterproof, and it operates effectively in a temperature range from -20°C to +50°C.

Wrap-Up and Expectations

The bustling InfiRay booth was a clear indicator of the company’s rising popularity this year, and the new Mate MAH50R surely drew its share of attention. We appreciated the design choice to integrate the laser rangefinder directly into the device, in contrast to the external units of past models.

Infiray Mate MAH50 Gen II Thermal Clip-On

Maintaining small details, like the popular Dedal M52x0.75 thread-type mounting standard from the first generation of Mate devices, is another positive aspect making life much easier for the end customer. From what we gathered at the booth, the model without the LRF is expected to retail for 3300 €, while the version with LRF is anticipated to be around 3700 €. Notably, for the second generation, this represents a slight price reduction for the non-LRF model. The devices are expected to come with the standard 2-year warranty.

Infiray Mate MAH50 Gen II Thermal Clip-On

Seeing InfiRay evolve its devices based on customer feedback is promising, as it likely will further enhance the brand’s recognition and the popularity of its products. We are looking forward to see what the future holds for the company and how competition responds.

InfiRay Mate MAH50R Thermal Clip-On
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InfiRay Mate MAH50R Thermal Clip-On
Infiray unveiled their second-generation thermal clip-on, the Mate MAH50R, at IWA 2024.
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