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Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars

Each year, the IWA fair in Nuremberg, Germany, attracts thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the globe. As usual, our Optics Trade team attended to discover the latest market novelties and share them with our readers. We visited the InfiRay booth, which seems to be growing larger each year and were met with a usual hustle and bustle. Quinten from InfiRay was very helpful, allowing us to learn about the newest additions to their range. One of the latest products we looked at with him and Andraž was the new Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars.

Infiray Gemini Technical Features

Recently, there’s been a noticeable trend among leading manufacturers of thermal imaging sporting devices moving towards the binoculars spectrum. With devices like Pulsar’s Merger and HIKMICRO’s Habrok making their mark, it’s great to see InfiRay joining the game with their latest Gemini multi-spectrum binoculars.

Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars

Holding the device for the first time, it was clear that InfiRay aimed for a classic binoculars design that wouldn’t feel too bulky. The handling of the device is quite comfortable actually, thanks to its compact form factor and the nice rubberized grip on the sides. At the top of the housing, there are six control buttons placed individually and ergonomically, making them easily accessible with the fingers of both hands.

The new Gemini boasts some impressive specifications. It features a sensor with a 640×512 resolution, @12-micron pitch, and a NETD of under 25 millikelvins. Equipped with a 50Hz infrared chip, the binoculars support target identification up to 2600 m and offer 4x digital zoom. Additionally, the device includes a laser rangefinder capable of measuring distances up to 1200 m. The binoculars are fitted with both thermal and night-vision sensors, allowing for clear object detection day and night. The highlighting and edging modes, driven by InfiRay’s advanced image processing system, help in enhancing visibility and detail discernment in various conditions. Images are displayed on internal OLED screens with a resolution of 1024×768, and the interpupillary distance on the device is adjustable between 61 mm and 72 mm.

Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars

The binoculars run on two rechargeable standard 18650 lithium-ion batteries, providing around 6 hours of usage as per the manufacturer. Additionally, an integrated battery ensures the device remains powered during the swap of removable batteries. In line with expectations for a high-end multi-spectrum device, the binoculars offer a selection of color palettes, a PIP (picture-in-picture) mode, and a Wi-Fi connection through InfiRay Outdoor, enabling smartphone connectivity. The device has an operating temperature range from -55/+55°C, supports photo taking and video recording and is IP66 resistant which means it will be dust-tight and protected against powerful waterjets.

Package Contents and Price

In the box, users will find InfiRay’s shockproof carrying case, a neck strap, a type-C USB cable, an adapter brick, an 18650 battery charger, 2x 18650 batteries, an IR illuminator, a flashlight connector ring, a tripod adapter, a lens cleaning cloth, a battery compartment cover strap, and a user manual.

Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars

When considering the purchase of high-end devices like the Gemini binoculars, the price is often a decisive factor for many customers. It’s always good news when a company decides to adjust the pricing in favor of affordability without compromising on quality. Originally set at 4499 €, InfiRay made a welcome announcement at IWA to reduce the price of the Gemini binoculars to 4099 €. This adjustment positions the Gemini as very competitively priced, especially in comparison to its well-known competitors in the market. If InfiRay maintains this pricing, the series is likely to attract a considerable number of satisfied new users.

Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars
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Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars
We explored the new Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectrum Binoculars at this year's IWA 2024.
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