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Infiray Eye III thermal monoculars

New from Infiray in 2023

At the IWA 2023 event, we had a chance to visit Infiray‘s booth to explore their latest offerings. One of the highlights was the Eye III series of thermal monoculars, which comes with several improvements over the previous generation. In addition, Infiray presented two other products: the TOM-X fusion binoculars and the Zoom ZH50 V2, a new thermal monocular in their Zoom series. In this article, we will focus on the features of the Eye III thermal monoculars and provide an overview.

Infiray Eye III monoculars
Infiray Eye III monoculars

Model range

The Eye III series offers three distinct models, each designed to cater to specific user requirements:

  • E3 Plus:

Featuring a sensor resolution of 384×288 pixels and a 25 mm lens diameter, the E3 Plus provides a base magnification of 3.5x and a detection range of 1300 m. This model is an excellent choice for observing wildlife at feeding grounds up to 100 m away.

  • E3 Max:

Similar to the E3 Plus, the E3 Max has a sensor resolution of 384×288 pixels. However, it differs in lens diameter and base magnification, with a 35 mm lens diameter and 5x base magnification. As a result, the field of view is narrower than that of the E3 Plus. Designed for longer distances, the E3 Max boasts a detection range of 1800 m.

  • E6+:

As the most advanced model in the series, the E6+ offers a 640×480 pixel resolution for high-quality, detailed images. With a 35 mm lens diameter (the same as the E3 Max) and a lower base magnification of 3x, the E6+ has the widest field of view among the three models and a detection range of 1800 m.

All models in the Eye III series feature a 12-micron pixel pitch, a refresh rate of 50 Hz, and are equipped with an OLED display. They have an NETD of < 25mK, enabling them to detect minimal temperature differencesthis is particularly useful in challenging weather conditions such as rain and fog.

A refreshing form factor

The new Eye III series monoculars showcase a refreshing form factor with an ergonomic design that enhances user experience. One standout feature is the multifunctional scroll wheel on the housing, which allows for easy manipulation of digital zoom by turning it left or right and provides quick access to the menu by clicking it. These compact and lightweight devices offer added convenience with an automatic power function: opening the lens cap instantly turns the device on, while closing it prompts a shutdown. This eliminates the need to fumble for the On/Off button in the dark, ensuring you are ready to use the monocular within seconds, even in complete darkness. We are a little bit disappointed that Eye III devices are made of plastic instead of aluminium or magnesium.

Infiray Eye III monoculars
Infiray Eye III monoculars

Other noteworthy features

With the Eye III thermal monoculars, users can capture images and record videos. Furthermore, they can be paired with a smartphone app for enhanced functionality. With an internal memory of 32 GB, there is plenty of space for the users to store the captured images and videos. Charging the device is a breeze thanks to the magnetic charger head which can charge the battery to 90 % in just one hour – a remarkable feat. The battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use, making it perfect for extended outings. However, it is worth noting that a removable battery option would be a welcome addition, enabling users to swap out depleted batteries in a matter of seconds while hunting or during other outdoor activities.

Infiray Eye III monoculars
Infiray Eye III monoculars

A refreshing update

The Eye III series of thermal monoculars by Infiray are already available for purchase, with the E3 Plus priced at approximately 1950 €, the E3 Max at 2150 €, and the top-of-the-line E6+ at 2750 €. While the plastic housing and the absence of a removable battery leave room for improvement, the rapid charging feature is a valuable addition to the third generation of Eye thermal monoculars. Additionally, we are fond of the refreshed form factor and the inclusion of the multifunctional scroll wheel.

Infiray Eye III thermal monoculars
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Infiray Eye III thermal monoculars
One of the highlights of IWA 2023 was the Infiray Eye III series, which comes with several improvements over the previous generation.
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