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Illumination Color | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to talk about the illumination color of optical devices.

Red, green and blue illumination

The most common illumination color that can be found in optical devices is red. There are other colors available with certain devices. Only a few years ago, red was the only available color of illumination. Manufacturers started making optical products because some colorblind people can't see the red illumination.

Premium manufacturers produce optics with a green illumination and more affordable manufacturers produce optics with blue illumination. If the user is colorblind and does not see the red illumination correctly, he just switches over to the green or blue illumination.

Illumination in riflescopes

This feature is rare in rifle scopes but is very common in prism scopes. Prism scopes also solve the problem of astigmatism with fast focus on a device which is similar to a red dot.

There are more or less two groups of riflescopes that have different colors of illumination. Affordable scopes in the range of 500 € feature a blue or red illumination and premium tactical MIL/MIL riflescopes which also feature a green illumination. The user can toggle between the colors.

Red dots and reflex sights

Red dots and reflex sights come in green and red but the color can't be switched from one color to another on the sight and is specific for each device.

Holosun has the widest range of red dots with a green illumination. The series that features the green illumination is called Elite.

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Explanation of the term from our website

Illumination color is the color of the dot found in optical devices, red being the most common one. As some of the users are color blind, the manufacturer started to produce optical products with either green or blue illumination.

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