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Holosun Tube HS406 vs. HS506 | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Today, we’re here to talk about and compare two Holosun models of the Tube series. Namely, Holosun Tube HS406 (A/C) and HS506.

There is only one crucial difference between the two Tube models and it lies in the formation of the reticle.

With the Holosun Tube HS406 model, the customer can only use the standard, 2 MOA dot. That means about 6 centimetres of coverage on 100 meters.

Now, compare that to the HS506 model. All Holosun models that feature the number ‘500’ in their name have the multi-reticle option.

The customer can easily make a switch between the standard 2 MOA reticle and the circle dot (that is, a 2 MOA dot with the 65 MOA circle around it.

Note that when making a purchase in the ‘406’ model family, Holosun customers have the option of choosing between the classic A and the 406C model that features a solar panel.

However, that might change in the near future because Holosun is known to constantly update its sales catalogue and adding new model variants.

Holosun uses the same nomenclature across all red dot series (Infiniti, Paralow, Reflex and Tube).

Making a choice among the plethora of Holosun red dot models is made easier once you realize that all models with the number ‘400’ in their name only offer the standard 2 MOA dot, while those with the ‘500’ designation all feature the multi-reticle setting.

This is everything we had in mind for this debate. Thank you for your attention.

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