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Holosun Reflex red dot sights

Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. In this episode, we are talking about Holosun Reflex red dot sights. The Reflex series is one of four series of red dot sights made by Holosun and it is really popular. Red dot sights found in this category are commonly referred to as open reflex sights.

The Reflex series was introduced along with Holosun’s Paralow, Infinity and Tube series. They come in two form factors – a smaller and bigger one. The smaller red dots are designed for mounting on a pistol and come with a fixed picatinny mount, while bigger red dots are more suitable for rifles/bigger firearms and have a quick-detachable picatinny mount.

There are a lot of models currently (in 2019) in this series, because they are divided by illumination colour as well.
Holosun offers a ‘400’ series and a ‘500’ series. The difference is that the 500 series models allow the user to switch between a dot, circle dot, and circle only, whereas the 400 series models only offer a dot reticle.

The first model is 407C, the most basic one and then there is 507C, which is the same as 407C, but as said, 507C has a switchable reticle, so you can switch among 2 MOA dot; 2 MOA dot surrounded by a 32 MOA circle; and 32 MOA circle only. The next model which is new in 2019 is 508T-RD, which has a similar form factor as the previous two, with the difference that 508T is made out of titanium. All these three models are available in red for now, but the prototypes shown at SHOT Show indicate that they will also be available in green and gold illumination, which should be released soon.
A similar model to 508T was also shown at SHOT Show, but has not yet been released – the 509T model. It is of the enclosed type (it has a glass that grants additional protection against rain and snow).

There are 3 models that feature a bigger form factor. The 510C is already available in green and red illumination. The green illumination is referred to as elite. There is also a 512 model in titanium (they will also releas it in aluminum).

As seen in 2019, there are 4 models that feature the smaller form factor and 3 models that come in the bigger form factor.

All models are equipped with a solar panel on top of the lens frame, so we can use them even with no batteries.
All of them have an adjustable illuminated dot. There are 12 illumination intensity levels and 2 of the lowest ones are night-vision compatible.
All of the reflex sights have a little bit of blueish tint in the upper part of the lens.
All the models produce clicks when windage and elevation screws are rotated, so you don’t need any additional tools.

All of Holosun Reflex red dot sights are manufactured in China. It is fair to say that Holosun is without a doubt one of the most innovative companies in the field of red dot sights, because no other offers so many colors, solar panels on the housing, titanium housings and more.

510C dot is the most popular dot for PCC competition in AR- platforms for the 9-mm pistol caliber on the market at the moment.

509T (which is not yet released) and 512 are enclosed reflex sights, others are open.

They all come with a  mounting solution for Picatinny rails. The smaller models use a Trijicon RMR footprint, whereas bigger models have a unique solution and no known footprints.

On 512, the mount is an integral part of the whole housing so you cannot remove it.

These reflex red dot sights have an unlimited field of view (you can use them with both eyes open and still see everything normal) and an unlimited eye relief.

The whole series offers a lot for the money.

The price range of all models goes from 300 € to 600 €. For example, the 407C costs somewhere above 300 €, whereas the most expensive model is 512T (made of titanium), which costs around 500-600 €.

Holosun offers a standard and elite warranty. The standard warranty is 5 years on the material and 3 years on the electronics, whereas the elite warranty is 10 years on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the material.

The advantages of these models are that they are robust and durable (even smaller models have a strong frame). The 510C model even comes with an additional shield around the window.

The disadvantages of the smaller models are a small window and a blue tint on the lens. If you want to remove the battery, you have to remove the adapter first and use a special tool to remove tha battery. They have small buttons which are difficult to press.

This is everything for today. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, feel free to send us an email or leave a comment in the section below. We love to help. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content. See you next time!

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