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Holosun “R” Red Dot Models – Holosun 403R and Holosun 503R

Holosun optics red dot at SHOT Show 2019

Holosun is a relative newcomer in the world of optics, only starting out as a stand-alone brand in 2013 after years OEM production but the company quickly established itself as one of the top sellers of red dot sights. The Chinese company had itself quite a busy showing at SHOT Show 2019. Among other products like the HM3X magnifier, 2 new titanium-built red dots and the new gold reticle, Holosun also premiered 4 brand new red dot sights with the letter ‘R’ in their name. Let’s take a closer look at the individual product models bearing this new Holosun nomenclature to see what it means in practice.

Holosun HS503R GD
Holosun HS503R GD MOA red dot

Holosun 403R New Models

The new HS403R model MOA dot is a typical Holosun product. It has a single 2 MOA dot reticle and offers only one colour of the LED emitter – the standard red. Both HS403R dot and it’s Holosun Elite variant HE403R dot are made of a robust aluminium housing. The difference between the two optics red dot is that HE403R dot reticle illumination comes in either the very popular green colour or the brand new gold option. These two are a great solution for people with colour blindness and other users whose preferences lie outside of the norm.

Need more information about HS403R?

Holosun Paralow HS403R-RD_cta

Holosun HS403R Red Dot Sight
Holosun HS403R Red Dot Sight

Interested in HE403R?

Holosun Paralow HE403R-GD Elite_cta

Want to know more about Footprint on Holosun 403R?

footprint 403r

Holosun 503R New Models

The 503R models are much more interesting. For starters, they feature the multi-reticle system (MRS). The user can have their pick between the standard 2 MOA dot, a circle dot (as in, a 65 MOA circle with the 2 MOA dot in its centre) or just the 65 MOA circle. That’s 3 different options, a remarkable feature when you consider the affordable prices of Holosun products.

Check out Holosun HS503R

Holosun Paralow HS503R-RD_cta

Holosun HS503R GD
Holosun HS503R GD sights red dot

Want to know more about HE503R?

Holosun Paralow HE503R-GD Elite_cta

Want to know more about Footprint on Holosun 503R?

footprint 403r

Parts and accessories

Still, the company made another step-up from the previous Holosun product. With those, the user had to hold down one of the control buttons in order to switch between the reticle settings. Now the switches between the reticles can be done much faster and intuitively thanks to the new rotating turret that arguably contributes to better ergonomics. It really comes down to user preference. While some will miss the classic controls in form of buttons, others are pleased with the change. This new rotating turret also comes into play when adjusting the brightness settings holosun of the new R dot product models.

Holosun Golden Reticle
Holosun red dot Golden Reticle

Physical details and accessories

Physical appearance-wise, the two models are very similar. Both are made of CNC milled 6061 aluminium housing, a slight upgrade from the 403R models and use a 22 mm diametre lens. The standard HS503R sight model uses only red LED emitter. Compare that to the Elite sight version HE503R where the users can switch between green or gold reticle. Both models are powered by a CR2032 battery.

Technical parameters operating

As always, Holosun promises 50.000 hours of smooth sailing before the battery has to be changed for the first time. Interestingly enough, all the R red dot sight models come without the famous Shake Awake technology. Some more details and data – these dots are small but sturdy and with the waterproof rating of IP67, there isn’t much to worry about. All 4 models feature a ½ MOA windage and elevation set adjustment per click.

Holosun booth at SHOT Show 2019
Holosun booth at SHOT Show 2019 – dot sights red

Holosun MOA red dot and the Future

You can watch our video on New Holosun R models below

This year’s SHOT Show has once again proven that Holosun has not yet run out of ideas on how to diversify the red dot product market, constantly adding new models, updating the features of older ones and adding new accessories. It’s a real wonder that the company pledges to stay focused solely on red dot sights, only minutely expanding their catalogue to laser products and nothing else.

The Chinese company’s products are a great compromise between the customer-friendly price and a decent performance so we’re really looking forward to what the innovative heads at Holosun will think of next.

Holosun "R" Red Dot Models - Holosun 403R and Holosun 503R
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Holosun "R" Red Dot Models - Holosun 403R and Holosun 503R
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