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Holosun Paralow Series | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another Optics Trade Debates video. We are currently in the process of explaining everything regarding the Holosun brand. Today we’ll focus on the Paralow series, one out of the 4 red dot series that the company has to offer.

Let’s start with some general features of the Paralow series from Holosun. The first, most obvious one would be the form. We can refer to the old type and size of these products as the micro class (thanks to the famous Swedish company’s model called Micro that still serves as the category benchmark for all the rest). These products are small in size and offer a very compact design with a small tube. The majority of Paralow models comes with 2 mount solutions, either the high mount for the AR platform with the lower ⅓ or absolute cowitness; or the lower mount for Picatinny rail for all other applications and other rifles.

The second general feature of the Paralow series is the option of choosing between 3 different models. In the case of the 403 model, the reticle inside is also the dot. The dot colour comes in the standard red or the green one that is currently only available in certain Holosun Elite models. Then there is the 503 model, which features the circle dot reticle. Many models will offer the multi-dot feature, meaning that the user can switch between the standard dot and the circle dot. So, the 2 MOA in the centre and a 65 MOA circle around it. Moving on to the Paralow 515 model, we can see it’s very similar to the 503 one. It also has the multi-dot feature but with added practicality of flip-up covers and the Honeycomb Killflash on the front lens. Just to emphasize, all models in this series come with 2 MOA dots.

Note that the 515M model can be attached to a Picatinny rail and allows for a quick change of the optics on the rifle (QR mount). The 503G model too, is somewhat of a specialty. It was created in collaboration with Primary Arms and has an ACSS reticle. More specifically, this red dot sight features a unique horseshoe reticle with holdover points that are especially useful in long-range shooting. It’s not hard to see that Holosun is invested in bringing new technology to their target audience at an affordable price.

Some of the Holosun red dot sights can be purchased in different colour options, like the flat dark earth one of the 503GU and 503CU models. In the future, more models could be available in this colour of the housing, especially those primarily mounted on rifles as they too can be purchased in FDE variants.

Most of Paralow models have the Shake Awake function. These red dots come with a motion sensor and will shut down once the user is no longer moving the device around. Conversely, if the slightest motion is detected, the red dot sight will instantly spring into action again. That’s quite practical as it extends the battery life of the red dot sight device.

Now, it’s important to take note of the several acronyms that Holosun uses to denote models’ specifications in their very name. Each one of the 403, 503 and 515 models is available with different features and technologies. Let’s take the 403 model as an example. Users can pick from 403A, 403B, 403C and 403GL variants, each one slightly different from its peers. We already made a separate video in which we explained each acronym but the main difference is in the location of the battery compartment.

Holosun ‘A’ models have their battery compartment placed underneath the mount that has to be removed before accessing the power source. The ‘C’ option means that the battery is inserted onto a tray and there is also a solar panel on top of it. The ‘B’ version features the same battery tray. The ‘G’ model, however, stores the battery in a compartment on the right side of the device, under a round-shaped cover and if the turrets are shrouded for protection from bumps, Holosun additionally marks the model with the letter ‘U’.

Some of these Paralow models can be also purchased in their Elite versions. These are available with green-coloured dots for people who have trouble perceiving the colour red. Holosun even claims that there are up to 20 % of shooters who prefer and perform better using green colour dot variants. Some of the Elite options are also available with a housing made either fully or partially out of titanium. With that, these models are much lighter and durable. Not all of the Elite models guarantee both of these two premium features, though. So check the specifications of each Paralow Elite model before making a purchase.

We believe that this should cover everything there is to know about Holosun Paralow series. If there is anything else you’d like to know, please leave us a comment in the section below. Thank you for your time. Please like and share the video if you found it useful and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more Optics Trade Debates. Bye!

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