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Holosun Models - Standard vs. Elite | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. We continue on our way through Holosun red dot sights. Today, we’re here to explain the difference between the standard Holosun red dot sights and the new Elite versions of the same models.

Holosun uses the Elite name for the products that feature:

  • green-illuminated dot and/or
  • are made out of titanium.

That means that the product can either have both of the two elite features or just one.

Check out our video explaining the differences between Standard and Elite models

Holosun Elite models

Many Elite models feature a green-illuminated dot. The reasoning behind this feature is that a notable percentage of people (around 20%, according to Holosun) is colour blind, meaning that they cannot see the colour red correctly. This problem is easily solved with a change in the colour of illumination.

The other characteristic of some Elite models is that they are made out of titanium. Either they only feature a titanium cover or the entire housing is made out of titanium.

The Holosun HE512T-RD Elite model is made out of titanium and has a red dot inside, while the and HE503CU Elite don’t have titanium housing but feature a green-illuminated dot. All of these are considered Elite models.

It’s a little bit confusing, really. So it is important to point out that Elite models can either have both elite features (titanium housing and green-illuminated dot) or just one to be marked as such.

Holosun Elite videos

Need more information about Holosun products?

We strongly suggest that you watch our Holosun videos where we explain the features of each Elite model in every series that the company has to offer (Paralow, Infiniti, Reflex and Tube).

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