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Holosun Infiniti Series | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another Optics Trade Debates video. We are currently in the process of explaining everything regarding the Holosun brand. Today we’ll focus on the Infiniti series, one out of the 4 red dot series that the company has to offer.

Let us start by discussing some of the general physical properties of the Infiniti series. They are the biggest red dots the company is currently producing. They come with an integrated mount and are of the full-size tube type. Since they already have their own mount, it cannot be interchanged with others. The height is suitable for AR platforms and singular rifles. But they are definitely not meant for any hunting applications, for example. Infiniti models are most used in tactical shooting, either dynamics or IPSC and for professional use.

There are 4 different types of Infiniti red dots. The 401 models have a CR2032 battery on the side of the device. Its laser is available in the standard red colour or in the green version exclusively featured in Elite variants. For better clarity, Holosun marks the colour of the lasers in the very name of the models (e.g. HS401G5 and HS401R5) so note that the letter ‘G’ always stands for green and ‘R’ for red. This model features a 2 MOA dot inside, with all the usual features on top (the plus and minus for the dot inside) and the laser button is placed at the front. Note that only 401 and 501 models feature lasers.

Moving on to the 402 models like HS402D or HS402C. As far as the power source is concerned, these models all use a battery tray and, depending on the acronym in the name of the product, there might also be a solar panel attached on top This model also features the usual 2 MOA dot inside.

The 501 models are very similar to 401 ones in that that they have a laser. Because of the laser compartment, the HS501G5-U is powered by a CR123A battery instead of the CR2032. All 501 red dot sights feature a circle dot reticle. That means that there is a 2 MOA dot in the centre and a 65 MOA circle around it. Also, it lacks the solar panel, which is why this model has buttons for the regulation of illumination intensity on the top of the device instead of on the side. The letter ‘U’ denotes that the turrets are shrouded and thus protected against potential blows.

The 502 models too, come with a circle dot reticle. Their battery tray is placed at the side of the housing and the letter ‘C’ means that the device features a solar panel on top – the red dot sight can work without the battery inserted when there is sufficient lighting.

Let’s talk numbers. If you look closer, the numbers 1 and 2 stand for the battery and the laser specification, respectively. The number 400 means that the red dot sight has a 2 MOA dot and 500 is used to show that the device features a circle dot reticle. These numbers and the letters (the meanings of which we already explained in the text above!) are actually the main differences between the Infiniti models. We explained them all in a separate and more concise Optics Trade Debate video.

The Infiniti series uses the Shake Awake™ function, the option of solar panel tops and plenty of advanced technology. However, for the moment at least, none of the Infiniti models are available in Elite versions. That means they have a single-piece housing made out of aluminum and not titanium. The dots are only available in the standard red colour, while the green option is only available in other Holosun product series like Paralow and Reflex that can be purchased in the Elite versions.

This should not deter you from this series at all, as the Infiniti models have a lot to offer.  All models use the quick-release Picatinny mounts. This is a useful feature that allows for a quick removal of the red dot sight device from the rifle. Another standard here are the flip-up covers.

Regarding the quality of the optics, the Infiniti series is placed at the top of the Holosun repertoire with zero tint or distortion when looking through the lens. Holosun makes sure to offer value at an affordable price, so these models can withstand quite a lot of harsh treatment as well. A fun thing Optics Trade team likes to do at fairs is dropping Holosun red dots into water-filled fish tanks to show their performance afterwards is not affected in any way.

This brings us to the end of this debate. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions left, please leave them in the comment section below. Please like and share this video if you found it informative. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Optics Trade Debates and we’ll see you next time!

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