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Holosun HS515GM Circle Dot Sight

Introduction of Holosun HS515GM

Holosun HS515GM can be quickly detached from the rifle because of its QD mount. Holosun red dot sight is equipped with a Killflash filter that eliminates compromising reflections from the objective lens. Clear glass flip-caps help protect the lenses of the sight from abrasion and blows.

Holosun HS515G_cta

Holosun 515GM
Holosun – HS515GM red dot

New features of HS515GM red dot sight

Holosun – HS515GM sight is strikingly similar to Holosun HS515CM sight but does not have a solar cell built in. The red dot is IPX8 certified, meaning that the dot is protected against continual water submersion. Holosun Shake Awake function works like a charm. Holosun red dot sight is made from aluminium with a hard anodized finish. Windage and elevation turrets are shrouded and thus protected from potential blows. HS515GM red dot sight has turrets with 0.5 MOA per click (15 mm at a distance of 100 m).

Holosun 515GM
Holosun 515GM red dot

Conclusion on Holosun red dot

Holosun – HS515GM red dot sight shrouded windage and elevation turrets are a great idea since these parts are very exposed and can get damaged by unexpected blows. Holosun Shake Awake works really well – switching from “sleep mode” to “active mode” happens in an instant. When the red dot sight no longer detects movement, the red dot is put back in “sleep mode” to prevent unnecessary energy loss.

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Holosun HS515GM Circle Dot Sight
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  • Origin of Holosun HS515GM?
    Do you have any red dot sight products made in USA?
    PLEASE Clarify Holosun HS515GM is MADE IN USA?

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