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Hikmicro Raptor

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

The Hikmicro Raptor RQ50L thermal binoculars offer cutting-edge technology in the field of thermal imaging and night vision. These binoculars feature a dual imaging system that combines a thermal imaging sensor with a day and night vision optical sensor, as well as an integrated laser rangefinder. With an impressive sensitivity of sub 20 mK NETD and a 640×512 12-micron sensor, the Hikmicro Raptor RQ50L thermal binoculars provide a detection range of up to 2600 m. Additionally, the device features an F0.9 aperture 50 mm lens system, which offers an unrivaled ability to transmit the thermal signal, ensuring that more of the detail reaches the sensor. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications, including hunting, surveillance, and search and rescue operations.

Hikmicro Raptor

Hand-Held Thermal and Digital Night Vision Binoculars

The device offers 3.4x optical magnification, a 2560×1440 low illumination optical sensor with built-in adjustable IR illumination with a wavelength of 850 nm, and a precision-built laser rangefinder with a measuring distance of up to 1000 m. One of the standout features of these binoculars is the excellent image quality they provide in adverse weather conditions. The binoculars’ OLED display has a resolution of 1024 x 768.

Built-in Image Stabilization, Laser Rangefinder, Compass, and GPS

In addition to the thermal imaging capabilities, the Raptor also has a high-quality day and night optical camera built in. During daylight hours, users can access detailed full-color images to help identify heat sources. In the dark, the camera switches to night mode and the built-in IR allows for visibility of up to 400 m. The built-in image stabilization reduces handshake, allowing for clear images even at high magnification. The integrated laser rangefinder can measure distances of targets up to 1000 m away and is accurate to ±1 m. The Raptor also has a compass and GPS built-in for detailed location information.

Hikmicro Raptor

Ergonomic Design, Intuitive Controls, and Comfortable Use for Long Periods with Dual Eyepiece and inbuilt sensor

The ergonomic chassis is designed for comfortable use over a long period, and all major controls are easily accessible. The focus knob for the thermal image is located on the bridge of the binoculars, between the eyepieces. Each of the buttons is intuitive to use, even in the dark. The Raptor is powered by three 18650 batteries, providing a run time of 8 hours, and the detachable battery compartment makes it easy to replace the batteries. The dual eyepieces deliver information to both eyes at the same time, which aids detection and makes for more comfortable use over a long period. The Raptor can be adjusted to comfortably fit your eyes, with the interpupillary distance being adjustable from 60 mm to 70 mm, providing an excellent view of the HD OLED display. Additionally, an inbuilt sensor can detect when the binoculars are removed from the face and automatically switches off the displays to eliminate any light spill that may illuminate the user in the dark.

A Tool for Professionals and Enthusiasts Alike

In conclusion, the Hikmicro Raptor RQ50L Thermal Binoculars are a top-of-the-line device that offers a wide range of features and capabilities to make observations more efficient and accurate. At the time of writing there are no products with all of these features included available from the competition. Of course, this is reflected in the price, which equals 5,199.00 € for the RQ50L model and 4,009.00 € for the RH50L model. The price difference lies in the lower sensor resolution of the RH50L model. With its powerful thermal imaging sensor, high-performance day and night vision camera, and integrated laser rangefinder, it’s the perfect tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike who need to see in the dark or in adverse weather conditions. Whether you’re hunting, conducting surveillance, or involved in search and rescue operations, the Raptor will be the perfect fit. The ergonomic design, easy-to-use interface, and long battery life make it a reliable and convenient choice for any user.

Hikmicro Raptor
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Hikmicro Raptor
The Hikmicro Raptor RQ50L Thermal Binoculars offer cutting-edge technology in the field of thermal imaging and night vision.
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